Back home after summer ^-^

I have been visiting my mother for a while now, and have gotten back home now, and as usual, I had to clean a lot when I got back. But this time I cleaned a lot, and also packed my old computer away, as it is only collecting dust. But after taking it away, I finally got enough space to make my own working space!





I got some pictures up on the wall, and sorted my scrapbooking, sewing, quilting and drawing stuff a little. My plan is to try and make some christmas gifts now that I have the time for it, but so far I have only finished some stuff for myself.

IMG_1165 IMG_1166 IMG_1169





It is a simple tablecloth that I have been working on for a while, but I didn’t get the time to get it together before now. I also tried some stitchery from a old Norwegian series named Flåklypa, because I really really loved the christmas movie XD. I am packing it away now, and going to put it under my TV for Christmas, with some pretty christmas lights on =).

IMG_1170 IMG_1171Then I finished up a filt poncho I started before I went to stay at my moms. It is a pattern from a christmas themed Tilda book, and when I finally got it done, I decided to make a hat too, since I had a lot of filt left. I might have a small problem with that I didn’t get to iron it down inside, but I found out that ironing burns the fabric away, so it is a little bulky.

Now I am going to make dinner, and life is good =w=. Now Halloween and christmas can come.


Tired XD

I’m tired nowadays XD I have my final exams in one week now, and I have been reading non stop for exams for about one month more or less. I have had to read, and have to read, around 50-60 pages each day for exams to finish in time. But right now it seems like I will be able to do it=) I have read all I have to for the first exam, and just have two books left for the second one=)

Other than that I have my own sewing machine now=) My awsome and kind mother bought it for my birthday=)

It is a Singer Promise, and it is just a basic machine, but I don’t really need anything else than that=) This far I haven’t used it much, but I have learned the skill of setting the machine XD And I have used it for the aida in cross stitching and I have also started on a shirt from the newest Burda style magazines:

But since it is exam times, and I am supposed to study, I have started to do everything else once again, so I am also working on other stuff!XD I have started to do more patchwork, and I am working on my first log cabin blanket!:

It is in a lot of colors, with violet stars in the middle, and color teams on the side=) I am still a newbie, and I suck at making it all become the same size XD I’m not good at being accurate XD

I still work on cross stitches as well, and I have gotten longer on my beautiful Halloween cross stitch:

But since it isn’t halloween times anymore, and I wanted to have a summer cross stitch, I brought this to work with for the time before exams XD.

I really love this cross stitch, and it remind me a lot of some Norwegian fairytales, as well as the crime book written by Andre Bjerke “Lake of the dead”. So this is perfect for my summer XD.

Other than that I am now a proud scanlator and loved on the net XD. Waiting for any releases here? Keep waiting XD Since I post none-worksafe doujinshies most of the time, so I won’t share it, so haha XD. I have translated around four Bleach doujishies now, and because of exams I have to wait a little before I can translate more.

I also draw still, and am working on coloring a character from my story, and I hope that I for once will get done with one of my coloring jobs XD.

I am also wondering about starting to work on my visual novel again, and wondering if the smartest thing would be to get someone to do the drawings for me? then I could focus on doing the scripting? But the best thing would be if I also got someone to do the sound and music, but I still want to do this without putting money into it XD I just want to have fun with this and make it happen, I have time, not money XD.

Also, saw the Avengers XD I sort of want to see it again just for all the fun and epic XD. You have to have done a movie franchise well, when I, the nut over norse mythology actually overlooks the faults you have in your mythology XD. No world, Loki and Thor is not brothers, Loki and Odin IS brothers through blood mixing :P. But still love it all XD And I have a fun game for all of you: look through all the Marvel movies leading up to this movie and see if you find a wild Stan Lee XD We did, and found him in all of them,

Screw moderating hobbies and just focusing on school!!!

PS: Would anyone read if I put up any chapters of my stories on this blog?

The great flood of 2011 :P

Here in Gubrandsdalen we have just had a terrible rainstorm, it has cleared up today, but the roads and campings are under water around here. At Otta, the water has even reached the shopping mall!

I am at Dombås today, and me and my mother drove here trough the storm last night and it was really scary! I have never been in a car when you almost can’t see a thing because of the rain! It was slippery and the trucks that drove past hit us with all the water they had!

But now we might be stranded here in Dombås, since the river is blocking all the bridges over to the other side XD.

I took a few pictures, and I will post some of them here ^-^















My summer so far XD

I travelled back to my hometown the beginning of this month, and I were even smart enough to take the plane so I wouldn’t have to take a nine hours bus ride. But it didn’t go as planned, as my mother, my brother’s girlfriend and their two children got into a car accident when they were comming to get me… They were all fine, but the car was not drivable afterwards. First I waited at Gardermoen for a while, before I took the train to Eidsvoll verk, where we were supposed to take the train from. But then I find out my mother sent me to the wrong place, so we couldn’t make the train.

After that we went to my cousins place and spent the day there until the next train left, and we had a good time there so it wasn’t that bad. But the train trip was about 3-4 hours, and the kids were tired so it was a little sad to see them almost pass out on their seats, and in the start we almost had to leave my mother standing in the hallway and we sat on our luggage in the conductors room. But luckily we all got room after a little and everything was ok=).

Then I got home, and my little brother is as moody as ever XD. I have been trying to figure out something fun to do for the vacation, but I don’t think I will do anything special before after we have been spending two weeks at my brother and his girlfriends place. (We are getting tossed out by my big brother since his wife’s mother is comming over XD)

I have been taking some pictures for my visual novel, since there is a running scene in the start that I thought could be made up by real photos with some effekt on them, like Umineko.
















So, just some random XD. I will give away life signs when I have the chance ^.^

Generator Gawl

I was still in high school when I got hooked on this one, but the weirdest thing is that I don’t think I even watched the anime for at least two years later or something XD.

It was the time before the great and gracious network appeared for us normal poor mortals, and I just saw this clip on one of my brother’s DVD’s, I think it was Neon genesis XD. I went to the library to find information because I thought the anime looked cool! And I got together some information on it. But it was also then that I started a really weird hobby XD I couldn’t get the anime, and really wanted to know what happened, so I decided to write it myself!! I have around four five note books stacked away somewhere that I wrote this thing in XD.

I knew so little about characters and everything that I could probably just change the names and it would easily sell as an entirely new series all together XD. The only other time I have done this is with Kingdom Hearts, I were looking so forward to the game that I wrote my own story while I waited. I even read it to my little brother as goodnight storiesXD I felt so proud each time he started crying because he thought it was sad. That just means I did something right! Later I put on the Destati song together with the reading and he complained to our mother because it became too scary for him ^-^.

But each summer I go to Oslo to shop and use all my money on anime and manga! (That was before, now I live in Bergen and have a Outland where I can spend money all the time XD) And I acctually found the entire series there, that was made up of four vol. (I bought three first, and found out later it was one in between, but then it was in the sales bin, so: lucky!)

And I could finally watch it myself! Woho! Time travel mind fuck all over the place!

It is about three friends. (I don’t remember if they are brothers, but without spoiling the ending I will say that they probably are at least half brothers XD) that has been exerimented on by a evil company that creates things called Generators, humans that can change into giant monsters. The three of them want to stop this from happening, as they themselves has been made into generators. There is a few twists as the story goes on, and I still wonder about the fact that since they are sure that if that company had never been created, they would never have been born. So if they destroy that company before they are born, wouldn’t it just end up being a impossible circle? They travel back in time and destroy it, and thus they can never themselves be created, but then, who will travel back in time and stop the company XD?

It is a long time since I saw it last, but I remember that I didn’t understand the ending at all! XD My DVD’s are back home, so maybe I will watch it again when I get back there after exams?=)


Since it is summer vacation soon I am in a nostalgic mood, and I get a urge to watch a lot of anime! Since summer is my anime and manga time XD.I thought that when I have the time I should share my summer memories on the blog ^-^, something like a song or anime/manga a day. Exept from the days that I don’t have time, like if I get too tired after exams or something like that.

Now I have come to D.Gray-man, that I acctually did watch a lot before, until the anime ended and the manga went on a hiatus while one of my favorites were in mortal danger!!!!*rage*

Allen Walker is a 15 year old exorcist that haunts Akuma, creatures that is created by the mysterious Millenium Earl by the souls of the dearly departed.

A Akuma is made when someone eager to return a loved one to the living is fooled by the Millenium Earl to call their loved one back, the soul will then inhabit a shell made by the Earl, and it will kill and wear the form of it’s loved one.

Set in a alternate Victorian world, the fight between the black order and the Noah wages, and Allen is between as he works for the order, but at the same time he is also one of the ones cursed by signing a deal with the Millenium Earl. Allen lives to free the Akuma from their cursed state, and on the way he finds new reasons to live in the form of his new friends in the order.

His right hand is for his friends, and his left hand is for the salvation of Akuma.

————-Warning, here there be spoilers————————

I liked the story from the start, since it was sort of gothic. I love a lot of the characters, at least Krory that is the worlds most adorable vampire XD

I have come to the point where I love most of the bad guys too T.T, the Millenium Earl is awsome in his own weird way, and lately now he had started to show up in a human form. (While Road is a doll…) I think it is adorable now that he seems to genuinly care for his 14th brother that even once betrayed him, the Earl even went as far as to say that he just wanted him by his side, and he even cries in his sleep XD.

But my favorite in the series is of course Allen, he is adorable XD, and after being taught the ways of cheating from his master he also has a dark gambler side to him XD, and so far I think Kanda is the only one who has gotten a really dark side out of Allen XD It is pure hate ^-^.

But it seems that the drawing style of the manga has changed lately, from the nice and delicate style it was before, to a little harder style. It is ok, but I sort of liked the feel the old one had too.

But after I started again now, I sort of love the way this story is going XD And I also love that the fact that you can see that Allen is the 14th is because the Noah genes apperantly brings natural currlier hair XD.(Does that mean Gin can be a NoahXD? It can explain his sweet tooth XD)

And Noah Allen is smexy XP. And maybe also a little mental XD I do think he is a good guy, and just wants to stop his brother from doing wrong things, but the way this is going he could be either a good guy or a bad guy.

I also love the way the Noah now and again sort of seems de-monified now, like when Tiki and Allen comes jumping in together and uses the Earl as a landing spot, or when Allen uses the Earl as leverage when tossing Kanda off with Alma XD, and the most genius thing is that the Earl seems quite pleased about it each time he is used like that XD He even talks with hearts when Allen tries to smash his head in! It is said that the Millenium Earl is based on a person that was alive, and that just adds to the awsome XD

I also love that he sent Tiki and Road to save Allen when he sensed he were in danger, if that isn’t brotherly love I don’t know what is.

I doubt Allen will join the Noah, but he won’t return to the Order either now, so I just want the next chapter so I can see where he is going!!! *rage!!*

And I miss Cross… he was like a manly version of Grell! The world would be doomed if the two of them ever met! But his last words to Allen, about the fact that if he became the 14th he would have to kill the ones he loved, I thought first it meant his friends in the order, but if the 14th is like the rest of the Noah, I guess they love each other a lot, so the loved ones he will have to kill is probably them… T.T

Love this song!!!LA

Now I leave you with pages of brotherly love!: