Poster picture

I got told at the presentation that I missed a picture that could tell a little of what was going on without having text with it. I don’t know if this picture is good enough, but I at least think it fits under the name Gravity Unlimited.

I plan on trying to colour this in photoshop, and that will be my last work for this assigment, the painting is done, and I found out it would take too long time to try and make the 3D studio task in time. But I will also post a brief summary of the story for the game.


2nd presentation

As I understood, this time we are going to show our work for the group, then the group have ten minutes to say something about it, before I have five minutes to protect my work. To make it go fast I will post links to all my pictures here, together with the names of the work.


The world

Castle of memories

1st try on Cian and Ryuunosuke




Cian falling

The end of the world, and you stand alone

Cian portrait

3d studio max:

Finished body

Face start

This is what I have gotten done so far, but I also plan on make a lot more drawings, and I will do my best in setting the story together before the task is done.

Cian and Cain

I have already made a lot of pictures of Cian, and I made one of Cain too, but I weren’t happy with it, so I have used a little time now to make a picture that I could accept.

My idea of Cain is that he is an older version of Cian, so I tried my best to draw them a little similar. Other than that I wanted to draw him kind of pretty in the same way that I drew Cian kind of cute.

Cain 2nd try:

I had some problems with where to put the hands but I think it turned out ok in the end, I loved that shirt part from under the vest, it is a longer version of the shirt that Cian has out from under his vest.

Then I decided to draw a picture from the end of the game, where Cian has to face up to the sins he commited as Cain. Even thou the pain can’t hurt Cain, who can’t see the bad in killing, it is strong enough to destroy an innocent as Cian.

To explain the difference between Cian and Cain, it is the childhood that is the key. Imagine a person that has grown up with death and that sees humans as nothing but lower beings he can do what he wants with. And then, if that person got a second chance, a second childhood, where he got brought up with love and care, would he then be a different person?

This is Cain and Cian, the same person created from two possible directions. One living his life as a vampire, seeing humans as food and nothing more. While Cian was brought up by the faceless ones, learning to love from the creatures Cain looked at as food and servants.

But in the end, is Cian’s few years with love enough to keep him above Cain’s hundred year old life with death and murder? And in the end, will Cian be alone to face the comming punishment?

The end of the world, and you stand alone: