Once upon a time – chapter 1

This is the story that I mentiones earlier that I write on my iPad, I will post more if people like it ^.^ It is a little slow start, but it will start up a little in the next chapter XD The prologue is first, then follow the cut for the 1st chapter.




What was the first fairytale you ever read or heard? All parents tell them to their children when they grow up.

It is mostly brutal stories.  Some of them have moral, while some just tell of how cruel life can be. What is really amusing is that some of the fairytales can get twice as brutal as the things kids see on TV and in games these days, but it seems that parents finds it ok as long as it is considered culture.

It was in late winter that it all started to change, and the countdown to the day the world’s view of fairytales would change forever started.

Enter the small town of Noelle, a small town a long way from everything else. Most of the stuff that happened first happened here. Not to say that weird stuff didn’t happened other places at this time, but if all of it should be covered in this story and to the same detail, we would never get this over with.

Noelle has an elementary school, but above that the children have to leave the town to get to their schools, but at least they had some good contact with the outside world.

This story starts off in the late of winter, just some time after Christmas. The weather had been really bad for a long time already, and the people of the town were trying to cope with it as good as they could.

First the temperature dropped to a low that had never been witnessed in that town since it was founded in the early 1880s. Then the snow came, and even school was cancelled for the time being. People had to stay inside, and there was an increase in deaths of the elderly that was unable to get protected enough from the cold outside.

Then it all happened. Over one night the entire town’s fate was changed as it for one night completely faded away.

For one night the town was gone from our world. A family that had been out of town for the night and just came back could swear that it had been gone when they came back. In panic they alerted the next town, but when the police finally listened to them and came to inspect it, the town was there again.

The people in the town had been sleeping and it seemed that all of them had fallen asleep at the same time, and woken up at the same time.

But some things were not the same.

Some people were still missing, while some of the ones still there could vaguely remember things that happened when they were asleep.

And the only thing to show that the town had been gone was that the houses looked thorn and old when they returned. And even though the town was in the deep snow and in the biting cold, roses had started growing over the entire town, like it had been in a warmer place for a long time.

The mysteries of this day are hidden from all of them, and many people left the town after this for their own safety. But the ones that remained to figure out the mysteries of this day, will not be disappointed.

But the truth might change their lives even further than living in Noelle already has.

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What I am doing now?

Well, I am still just doing all I can to have fun when I should really just be reading japanese grammar each passing second -.-

I don’t know if I mentioned it earlier, but I fell and hit my knee… T.T It was owie… I would share a picture with you, but I am not evil -.- I had to spend almost a entire week home because my knee burned, and my other foot was not good to walk on.

But i am better now, and doing stupid things again ^.^

I am working harder on my japanese now, since I have applied for a japanese University for the next two semesters. But I didn’t get my first choice so I am a little nervous, since Hokkaido that I came into the line for, has the classes in japanese… But I really hope I can go! Together with my roommate!

But it all is a little scarier now, and the day I got the call that I was in line for Hokkaido was the same day that the earthquake and tsunami hit… It has all seemed a little dark after that, and I hope it will go well for Japan, and the ones in my class that was supposed to leave this month and the next but are not allowed.


I also bought a keyboard for my iPad! It is really useful! But now I have the problem that when I start to write on my computer I always push my finger at the screen afterward and hope it will work XD I have the manuscript on this, and I have started a whole new story to write on the iPad! It is a story set in a small town in a mordern world, but the backdrop of it is old fairy tales with some extreme dark twists! (I mean it… my hanzel and Grethel didn’t seem that bad until I wrote down for my friend what just happened O.o…)

The story starts off as the town of Noelle suddenly one day dissapears. For one entire day the whole town and the people that lived there were gone. The next day the town is back, and also most of the people living in it. But some are gone, and the lives of the ones that returned will never again be the same. No one remembers what happened, and the town itself suddenly looked like it had been gone for a lot more time than one day. And all around the town, blood red roses grows trough the cold snow.

So far I have three chapters, and the first one starts off around 4-6 years later, as most of the people have gone back to their own lives. First chapter is just a little start off, and the main characters are introduced.

Second chapter is Hanzel and Grethel, and the third is little red riding hood. I have also plans of having Sleeping beauty, and I want a Bluebeard version where Bluebeard wins in the end XD (Or sort of XD) I will also use other fairytales as I go, and if there is any good ideas out there I want to know! Please tell me your favorite fairy tale! Just be warned that I am a sick sick person and it might be turned darker than your wildest imagination XD


Other than that… WAI!!!!!!!!! The trailer for the DVD release of Marchen has come!! WA!!! I want it so much and I want it now!!!

Oh God I will die laughing off the scene where Jimang is dressed up as a woman XD There is just something about that image that is priceless ^-^

But when the movie is done in the 3d theaters in Japan and finally is released, I will buy it! And I will post about it! ^-^

——————-spoilers for Kuroshitsuji manga beyond here!——————————

And the last I want to write about now… OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG

I just read chapter 55 of Kuroshitsuji, that just came out, and if it wasn’t awsome enough with Ronald, Lizzie’s family, Snake and a Titanic like ship with zombie and Undertaker on, guess what just jumped on from a iceberg!

*Tries to find words to express the awsome that just made Anki’s head implode on itself*

Wah!! Grell is back!! And the real one this time!! Not the comic relief Grell clone that the anime made us look forward to!! I have a reason to live again!! (Other than waiting for the Grell and Will OVA… if it hasn’t come out yet…?) What I am looking forward to now is to see Grell being awsome! I am already happily suprised to see that Ronald as not as stupid as he seemed in the anime, this Ronald is awsome! And he kicks zombie butts like there is no tomorrow! And he has extra weapons! And he can mock Sebastian too!

I’m so happy now T.T

And I don’t own any of the scans here, they are scanlated over at the Bleach Asylum I think, go there and download if you want to read it all ^.^

And I am looking forward to see how all will go, how Grell and Ronald interact, and also how Sebastian and Ciel will take it if they do meet Grell again XD But since Lizzie is there it might go a little like the anime and they agree to work together since Ciel would work with anyone if he could protect Lizzie ^.^

Well… school tomorrow, and long post is long XP

Gravity Unlimited: gameplay and story

This is also the answer on a comment from Amanda=)

Acctually I found both names on a site for baby names=)
I tend to use sites like that when comming up with names, or I just tend to use the names I have used before. I didn’t use the names for culture really, just to find names that could mean something according to the character.

The reason Ryuunosuke’s face is crumbling is that he is unlike the others, it started happening before he found Cian. While the others is content with the life they lead, Ryuunosuke is curious to know if there is more outside the barrier of their town, and it is his curiosity that leads him to find the sleeping Cian.
Ryuunosuke reaches for a identity more than the others, and the more he reach, the more it is reganied, something that makes him a outsider for the others, but not for Cian who also want to know where he came from.
And even though Cian and Ryuunosuke don’t know, their pasts are linked together.

The lord of that world is the one who feared dying, and he saw that his only way out was to retreat completely into a shell. His fear mixed with his powers created a mental prison for himself and the people around him, creating the world where none other than he himself remembers what once happened. But what is left of him is just a darkened spirit, that would rather take everyone down with himself than to die alone.
But when the crumbling world was created, he split into two, the other part contaning the purer side of him. This part is the Cian the player controls, the innocent mind that don’t remember anything of what he once were.
And as the other one tries to forget all that had happened in the past, the unknowing part tries to wake it all up again by remembering, resulting in the crumbling of the world speeding up.

There is a person in the story that can be looked at as a phenomenon, the woman that I drew in the picture of the inside of the castle. She is a mystery to even the Lord, he does not know where she is from.
But she is the giant bird that acts as that world’s sun. At day time she lights the world, and at night she wander it in the form of a woman, searching for a way in entering the castle.
She is a reaper, come to claim the soul of the lord, who has escaped it for too long, and taken so many with him into his own madness.

I look at the events of this game to be more like part for part, you start of as Ryuunosuke leaves the shield to search for answers in the old mansion outside their town. Here he will have to fight of creatures that has set up nests there, and by accident he falls trough the floor, finding the sleeping Cian. That he wakes up by making too much noise when falling.
After this there is a time with Cian slowly getting accepted into the town, people understanding that his magic powers can help them keep the creatures that now knew they were there away.
Then Cian wants to know where he is from, and curiosity drives him to the castle at the other side of the gravity force between the worlds.
It is from this point that the game gets more serious, he and Ryuunosuke is caught in the gravity field, but for some reason wakes up unhurt at the other side. From here they have to enter the castle, and each floor holds the memories of the lord, and Cian starts to slowly understand that it is his memories also.
Rooms decorated with the sins and feelings of a tyrant with no compassion for others, memories that holds nothing but pain, hate and fear.
Each room allows the player to enter a new world, living trough parts of the memories and sometimes you can make them lighter. Instead of Cian living trough what the lord once went trough, he can make his own reality, and make a bright future for himself and his new friends.
But if you don’t succeed in making things better, you might get a different ending.
In between you can also enter the small town again, and do various small quests for the village people, that will be rewarded in items, or things you can use later to clear one of the stages in a better way to gain better memories.
At the end a lot happens, Ryuunosuke’s mask is destroyed, Cian will be able to choose which memories he will keep, and the battle against the Lord is of course the last boss fight.
And how it all ends, is decided by how good memories you were able to make for Cian.

I will think over conditions for making bright memories for the next post=)