The (miss)fashion of Shiki

Yeah! I am pointing at you Tatsumi!!

I loved the Shiki anime, even the ending wasn’t a problem for me(Like it was for my brother) I liked it, and I still think for myself that dynamite isn’t as strong as it looked like!

But since Shiki is such a brutal anime, I guess that they wanted to have a sort of childish drawing style, like with the hair and stuff like that. To illustrate that, I will add this picture to show it:

Like you can see from this… the hairstyles of Shiki is really something. But I have a feeling that after a little they knew people would get used to it, so they had to put in something in the slaughter and terrible murders to make people laugh again. In my case, I cried more than laughed! Each time I looked at Tatsumi in the last episodes I felt like I died inside!

Let us start! First we have Megumi, but her fashion sense is acctually a little normal if you think about the modern fashion in the big cities now, she is just in the wrong place.

Then we have Sunako, but she just looks cute, so I won’t complain about that. I will let Chizuru be too, since she is less dressed and more barely covered. And I like her too XD

Then we get to Natsuno, he was normally dressed in the start, and I swear that somewhere I have the same pair of pants as he had in one episode XD But… *spolier alert* after his almost death and return as a Werewolf, his fashion suddenly changes. *spoiler end*

First we have the clothes he has first, and I love them! But they were more colorfull in the anime than in the original manga it seems, I thought the jacket would be more… bluish or brown XD

You don’t see it in the picture, but he has pink tight and also pink shoes XD I love this guy!

One of my theories of these clothes that Natsuno suddenly has, is that he has a dark past in the big city or something like that XD And he and his family had to move to give him a new start or something. I can imagine Natsuno as a gang leader or something XD.

Then later, he has some new clothes, that looked a little worse in the artwork. But I think the design was only made for a event, and was never in the manga, but when the anime was made, they wanted to put those clothes on him:

I love these clothes!! The pants was worse in the artwork, and it did look like he needed to empty them soon… but they sized them down for the anime, and I love these clothes!! ^.^

After this Natsuno uses normal clothes, and that is it for his weird clothes ride.

I wonder what reason you had for biting Seishiro, Natsuno 😛

Then we are starting on Tatsumi… this is the big one people… the big fashion scandal of this century! And I don’t even think of fashion! This change in Tatsumi’s clothes acctaully hurt me mentally! I watched it again yesterday, and even then I cried over it!

First we have these clothes, what we saw him in the first night when he came there and looked really cute, nervous and innocent:

Then he had normal clothes for a while, and also a butler outfit for serving in the castle. But when commander Tatsumi starts to command his ranks of Shiki, he is going one piece and Hell’s angels on us!

But it all goes downhill from there… first we have him stalking Natsuno in his biker black biker clothes, and I swear! When he saw Natsuno in his new clothes, he wanted to match him or something, so when he then comes back to talk to him, he looks like this:

O.o <— me first time I saw this…

Not enough with the fact that from here his glasses looks like they are heartshaped, but he … he… God! Did he raid Chizuru’s closet?! I swear that with that cleavege it can be her clothes! It is not nice to raid your mistress’ closet you werewolf bastard! Next time you raid it jump into the closet yourself!! (For the record… I love Tatsumi XD And I shipp Tatsumi and Natsuno XP)

I saw this and really didn’t think it could get worse… oh… I were so wrong… so wrong! the next episode, we have this:


The first time I saw this I just saw the top, and it looked ok, then I looked down, and I saw his legs O.o… oh God, did we have to see his legs and other parts of his body in really tight hot pants? Was there ever a fanbase out there that demanded this?! And I swear that this is still something from poor Shizuru’s closet!!

So, for two weeks now we kept getting worse and worse clothes on him, first we had the biker one piece from color hell, and then we had the tight hot pants from stripper heaven for old middle aged women… what could we get next?

I want to die now… what the hell is wrong with your fashion Tatsumi?! Did you think that these clothes would give you a advantage in a get-away?! you fail in camoflage!!! And thus you will fail at life! A Magnenta colored barbeque suit?! Seriously?!

Gah! Thank God that they probably burned up all the closets the castle had!

You and your fashion sense must die!!!

Sigh… I want more Shiki…

update: Should I make a support group for characters from Shiki with impossible hair cuts and bad fashion sense? Would anyone join?

iPad! ^-^ and my first death threat XD

Well, I should feel ashamed over this, but I am not! I just think of it as money well spent that one day will result in a funny story to tell XD (Not talking about buying the iPad! Will come to it later XD)

I thought that for 40 NKR extra I would get a inscription, so I looked over the net to look for a good quote or something to use. I ended up with a quote from Good Omens said by Death: DON’T THINK OF IT AS DYING, said Death. JUST THINK OF IT AS LEAVING EARLY TO AVOID THE RUSH.

For a quote on the back of the iPad I thought it would be really good looking, but I wasn’t sure, so either I would get it on the iPad, or I would get the best death threath EVER!





I got the best Death threath ever XD I want to see the face of the people that put all this together! A gift wrapping of a iPad with a really scary quote that can suggest that someone is dying before a lot of others XD I hope I won’t get special squads at my door or something XD

I have acctually never seen a iPad in real life, so I didn’t think it was this big XD I love it! I saw the size on the outside of the box, and with shaking hands I pulled it up and hoped it would be as big as it looked!

And It was!! Yay ^-^. I will use this thing for so much! Read (normal and rated XD) I will write on it! Draw when I get my pogo stylus from ebay. I will try a few games on it, but I think I will mostly listen to music and play games on the iPod still ^.^And I will try to find good ways of study my Japanese on it ^.^

Everything is fun now!! Just have to restart my computer so I can start putting things over on it ^.^

Back in Bergen!

Got back to Bergen last evening. I had to sit in a train for almost 13 hours from home to Bergen, it was a long… long trip!

Then I got home and could hug Hanne again! ^-^ All is well that ends well XD

Today I got a sudden urge to clean my room and stuff, but I had to go to the shop, and each time I want to clean and then do something else, I loose the drive to do it. But I did something smart this time! I took all in one of my bookshelves out and threw it unto the floor! Then I had to clean it XD

So now my room is cleaned, and I even looked through my manga and movies! Now I have in my shelves, and everything is ok ^.^


Other than that I have now ordered a iPad XD It is a little weird, I am really happy and am looking forward to it arriving, but when I got my Ipod, I were just really happy, and now that I am waiting for a Ipad, I acctually feel a little guilty XD I feel my dignity die a little each time I buy a apple product XP.

I also ordered a pongo stylus, and will use it to draw on my new ipad when it comes ^.^ I will buy a Dagi Stylus and try that when I get more money again XD Now I am taking good care of the rest of my money ^-^

First school day tomorrow, but just a information meeting, after that I won’t start before monday, so I will try my best again from then =)

Oh, if I didn’t do it wrong, I will have a inscription on the back of my iPad XD I’ll screencap it later XD


Gift:Sound Horizon – Märchen (limited edition first release)

I got the gift from my great and cool big brother and his wife today, and I got the awsome first press release of the newest Sound Horizon CD Märchen, that is based on German fairytales like snow white and sleeping beauty ^.^

I love fairytales from before, and have loved manga like Ludwig Kakumei because of the use of Grimm fairytales (And Yuki Kaori’s ability to make even the worst sort of persons at least a little likeable).

I love Disney’s versions of Sleeping beauty, Cinderella and Snow White, but I love the original and darker stories a lot more! Like how Snow White made  her stephmother dance to her death in iron shoes right from the fires.

But enough about that for now, let us start looking at what I got in this limited first press edition!

I had first decided to go for the normal edition, because I did like the cover more, and really didn’t think that the extra stuff really could be that special. So I sent my brother a link to the normal edition cd, and thought I would get that one, but then he goes out of his way to buy this for me, and I have to say that I am happy he did! This box set has a lot of awsome things in it!

First when you take it out of the box and open it out, you see great illustrations of each of the fairytales. All of them are done great, and I really love the dark and eerie look it all gives.

I will go into what sort of songs is on the Cd in a little, just go trough a little more pictures first, and of course we have the main attraction!:

The first press has a illustrated fairytale book in it, it is japanese, and it has the lyrics for all the texts. It is really nicely made, and it will be fun when I can read a little more of it XD I rule in Hiragana and Katakana but not so much in kanji yet ^.^

Now for a little overlook over the songs, with my badly taken pictures from the box:

The Song of Dawn

The Witch at the Stake

The Dark Landlady’s Inn

The Girl That Sleeps in the Coffin of Glass

The Old and Unused Well of the Boundary That Separates Life and Death

The Girl That Sleeps in the Tower of Roses

The Blue Marquis’ Castle

The Cruxified Saint

The Song of Dusk

The first and the last song are both original stories that continues from the single “Ido e itaru Mori e itaru Ido “, that was a prolouge single to this album. I loved the first song “The fairytale of light and darkness” that they also made a wonderful PV for, but for some reason, what I love the most is the ending of the song “The reason why she became a witch” I’m not sure what happens, but a woman lost her child, and I am not sure if it is the same woman from the first song whose son falls down the well, when she is captured by two men. But the end of the song when she is on the stake is really gripping:

“To honour the lord we must show him our affection! The heretics must be punsihed! Now my folks, watch as we bring the hammer of punishment upon the witch!”

Look! Yes, look at this comedy…
If this is how it’s going to be,
then I will turn into a real witch cursing the world…

I’m not sure about everything, but I think the boy who fell down the well in Ido is the same as the man that tells the stories and that the doll he has is just a object to hold his memories of the girl Elizabeth that he cared for when he was alive, and when he finds her later, both he and the doll crumbles. (Not sure, my japanese sucks…) Trough the songs he searches for a princess, and in the end he finds the one that is his, but I don’t think she wishes for revenge, and she dies instead.(The Cruxified Saint)

I love this CD, and I have listened to it a lot of times already since I found it when it was leaked on the net, and I listened for it on a 9 hour bus ride… my favorite songs are the first one, song of dawn, then the song of dusk where it all ends. I love Elizabeth’s song, and the song for Snow White is great! It is a little fun that the voice and art for the prince in this one is the same as the one in Sleeping beauty XD The guy is getting around 😛

The song “the witch at the stake” Is acctually Hanzel and Gretel in disguise, and the girl voicing Gretel is adorable! And the song “The Blue Marquis’ Castle” I think is the story about Bluebeard, the man with a ugly blue beard that killed all his wives and then kept them while he waited for a new wife to kill. His last wife came there with her sister, and were able to get saved by their brothers and the late Bluebears’ wife inherited the entire fortune that she shared with her family.

The singing voice for Elize(the doll) is given by Miku the vocaloid and it works well with Revo, who always does great! ^.^I think it was too little from Jimang, who had three roles and one singing. He was the evil stephmother’s mirror, the hunter that was sent after Snow White, and a old singing lady that sounded a lot like a old man Grell XD But he was good anyway=)

The only problem with this CD is that one person screams at each song not counting the first and last, and it can get a little too loud at times, but the creepy atmosphere and gothic feeling makes this CD one of my favorites beside Roman, which I am still trying to fit together all the plot points still.

A good buy if you want something epic, and now I am just going to wait for the concert DVD to come out so I can find out if I guessed the things that happened right ^.^


A late Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!!!

I haven’t posted for a while now since I have had mean and evil exams, and after that I went home to my family for the Christmas for some well earned rest.

I really haven’t done much in my vacation, I usually don’t do anything when I am back in my hometown anymore. I just sit trough the days and watch TV with my mom and brother.

I’m soon going back to school, and it seems we will have to send in the application soon for going to study abroad in Japan ^.^ I just hope I have good enough grades for it, or I will study really lonely for  the last year…

I had a good Christmas. Some mess ups the 24th of December kind of derstroyed at lot, like that we weren’t able to see the kids meet Santa and stuff like that. But I guess it worked out in the end. I gave my nephew a set of hollow Ichigo masks, and he were overjoyed XD.

So I want to say to everyone: a really Merry late Christmas!

And a happy new year! For the year to come I will try to do a lot more! I will try to get better in Japanese, and I will try to do a lot more on all my small projects!

I want to make a small prototype for my Visual novel game, maybe some animated backgrounds to make screenshots off, and a lot more of the character art! I will also try to find someone to make music and sounds for me, since I aren’t able to find the music I want on the novelty free sites.

I will draw more of my comics, and also try to review some more stuff really bad like I always do XD.

I have also seen the entire Shiki anime now, and I might one day write a small review of my views of the series as a whole and the ending.

I also plan to buy more doujinshies, and a lot of Sound Horizon CD’s, and I am looking forward to the release of the newest concert! It will be great and see if the songs will play out like I imagined as I listened to them! (For nine hours XD My trip from Bergen to my home town XD I were so proud over the fact that I understood a lot of  it!)

So, see you all later in the new year!! ^.^