About Anki-chan

My name is Ann Kristin, but I have been called Anki by friends for as long as I can remember now, and since I love japanese anime and manga, I ended up making the call name ‘Anki-chan’ for myself=)

I have bachelors in Game design and japanese(no surprise to anyone), and I am currently looking for a job after a year in a job I didn’t feel fitted me.

The things I was best in was web design, animation and drawing, but I decided to continue with something new, so now I am trying to learn Japanese instead.

I live together with my cousin, and we pass the days with fun and nerdy stuff like playing online games together. The fun stuff we do involve: watching dr.Who, IT crowd, various anime like Bleach and Baccano! Our life mission is to see the entire series of Dark Shadows(the old supernatural soap opera), and we also watch series like Ghost hunters, Sleepy Hollow and a lot of those sort of horror movies that are so bad that they are genius.

I do a lot else on my free time to, like drawing, writing and a lot else! So I will post a lot of my work on this blog, so people I don’t know, people that follows me on youtube or deviantart or people that know me, can see what I do.


9 thoughts on “About Anki-chan

  1. i remeber that bleach video you did a while back and it was one of my favorites. you are right it was your mose popular one too, but you got suspended, dang. but you do have an interestring art style, X3

  2. Hi, I just found your page and I love your work. I was also wondering if you would send me the Bleach Doujinshi by Uzi-ie code that you have translated, or at least a link. I have a lot of them but only 2 were translated. I’m taking Japanese but 1 year isn’t enough to translate the Doujinshi….. If you could send them or link them to be that would be amazing! If you aren’t putting them up yet please tell me when you are so I can wait for them! Thank you so much!

  3. That was you who translated that one? I just went back to the website and check and it was you…… Thank you so much for translating that one! It was one of the first ones i found, thank again! If its ok with you could you send me an email if you ever get more done? I’m not trying to push you so don’t feel pushed, what you did there was amazing! Which others do you have from them by the way? Thank you!

    • Most of the doujinshies I have posted lately that is translated is done by me if it don’t says anything else ^-^ I guess that I just decided that I have to use my bachelor in Japanese for somethin XD
      I will send you a mail, but like I said, I don’t know when it will be done, since I am translating it together with my friend, and she seems to be a little stuck…
      If you check my site you will see which ones I have, there are some with everyone as animals, and then I have one with christmas and new years celebration, and then one with some of their older ones collected ^-^

  4. Thank you I did, i love them all! (^w^) It doesn’t matter when you translated them, I know I will check back every now and again! I only wish I knew enough Japanese to translate them….. But still thank you so much!

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