2nd presentation

As I understood, this time we are going to show our work for the group, then the group have ten minutes to say something about it, before I have five minutes to protect my work. To make it go fast I will post links to all my pictures here, together with the names of the work.


The world

Castle of memories

1st try on Cian and Ryuunosuke




Cian falling

The end of the world, and you stand alone

Cian portrait

3d studio max:

Finished body

Face start

This is what I have gotten done so far, but I also plan on make a lot more drawings, and I will do my best in setting the story together before the task is done.


Working on Cian in 3D studio Max – part 2

I have worked a lot on this since last, but it has gone a little slow since I have a lot of other stuff too do too, but I have gotten the body done, and have started on the head. What might take a while later is to acctually be able to make good hair, since we have only before learned to set up really low polygon hair, and I have decided to try and make belivable hair for this one.

5. I started on trying to make the part of the shirt that stands out under, I made it the same way I made the vest, just that I tried to make it have some clothes form to it.

6. When I made the hands I started with fitting them into the vest, so you won’t see that they are not connected to any body if you watch from the side. They became a little chubby at some places, and I might not have made the joints right, but that can be arranged later. After I were done with one hand, I mirrored the other and put it on the other side of the body to make some less work.

And thus I were done with the body, and have now started on the head!

7. When making the head you start out in a new scene, and build it just like with the body, just that you only need two pictures, one of the side and one from the front. Then you make a box that covers the face both in front and from the side, before you cut away half of it, and mirror the box. this way you don’t have to do everything two times and use much time to get the head to look alike from both sides. (Even thou the human head isn’t symetrical) Then you build up the form of the head, so it ready to be molded into the face you want.

I will soon be done with the head if I work fast, so I can try and show the figure for the second presentation in May. But I don’t think I will be able to make the skeleton for the body before we are going to deliver the task.

But I will also use a lot of time to make more pictures, maybe try to draw the town of the faceless ones, and also I will have to draw a paiting of Cain, as he is as important to the story as Cian.

Working on Cian in 3D studio Max – part 1

So I am soon done with the paiting, and have started on character rigging in 3d studio max 8.

I have from before had two years with 3d studio at school, and I have made a human before, but that is with nothing inside that can make it move, so this will be my first time trying advanced character rigging. I also plan on doing realistic hair, since I just added plates and used a messy texture the last time.

Well, I will post my progress so far ^.^

1. Setting up the stage for the making of the character calls for at least three reference images, I didn’t care about the face for now, since I will make that in it’s own stage later and just add it together in the end:


2. I start on the shoes, I make one of them first, then just mirror the other so I won’t have to spend more time than I have to on something that is supposed to look the same:

(Notice that the pictures aren’t the best, rendered them quick for now, and the colors are just like that so I can see what is what when I work.)


3. Then I started with the pants, and once again I made one side first, before using mirror. You might notice that it isn’t quite done yet, since I am going to make the pants longer so they will fold over the shoes, I just have to think over how to do that, I will probably pull the sides down and fold them and cut and patch everything up a little ^.^


4. Then today I started on the vest, and I got it finished about a hour ago XD. If you see the picture I drew of Cian, he had a few details around his collar and down to his chest, I will have to arrange the rest of them for later, since I have to have something like a blouse under and a folded scarf thing over his chest. I let it be a little over his lower part, since the blouse will stick out there and cover the extra space.


Know that I haven’t used smooth on any of this yet, so it will all look better when I smoot it up and add some texture =) I’ll try to work fast so I can start on making the skeleton, I sure hope I can make it work, I will feel really proud of myself then, since I haven’t learned it at school ^.^