Kuroshitsuji musical 2 – the most beautiful DEATH in the world DVD

A little late update I know, but been busy with studies lately XD

I got the DVD for the musical!! Yay!

The case it was in, it is really nice and I love the color ^.^ There is also a folder paper wrapped around it with a picture of Sebastian and Ciel on the back =)

The back and front cover is origianl art from Yana Toboso, and I love both pictures! I love the one with the shinigamies the most XD Alan and Eric is ok, but I love how Grell is hanging over William’s shoulder ^.^ I am a fan girl to the end!

I bought the limited press version, so I got a disc with the musical, and one with behind the stage stuff, it is all really fun! =) And I also got a one page comic about how to act at the opera I think XD a few fliers with “that guy that should be locked away” and a small book with the information about actors and other stuff =)

I really love the musical! The story is good (almost made me cry T.T) and the music makes me put it on to listen over and over again! I think Sebastian is mean here thou… but the shinigamies are great! They really steals the show! Grell in both a dress and sexy night lingeries XD William just being cool, Ronald being a overhyper youth and the two new characters Alan and Eric being all emo and bringing plot to this.

If you can get a hold of it you should watch it! A lot of the songs are probably out on youtube already and also subbed ^.^

Here is my favorite songs from this thing ^.^

The first song, and it really sets the mood for the rest. I love the song, but why do I always think that it is fun with Sebastian pretending to be Dracula XD?

I want to learn that damned dance and dance it before people who will just look at me and think: what the fuck XD I still think that they are really mean to Grell in this one… poor guy… I wonder if he is waiting for someone to invent help groups for bullying at the job?

I love this song! My favorite! And it is so short T.T Sebastian is mean…



Updates! DEATHッ☆!

First, the first OVA is supposed to come out today, so it will only be a matter of time before I can see Grell as the Chessire cat XD (And Undertaker as the mad hatter! Best… casting… EVER!) I will tell when it comes out and add some screenshots ^.^

And on the note of Undertaker, it seems his character songs came out today, together with Lau’s (Not listened to yet XD All the awsome that is Undertaker pulled me away XD)

Undertaker (Junichi Suwabe)

This guy is great, and I remember watching Kuroshitsuji, and each time I read his name I kept thinking that I had read it before, in a role I was quite found of… then my friend mentioned it for me: this guy is Grimmjow Jeagerjaques from Bleach! Talk about going from one kind of crazy to another! (Hm, what would Grimmy think XD? To go from a Espada to a Grim Reaper XD)

But I think almost all voice actors have been in bleach at least once by now XD I think all my favorites have been there ^.^ Grell’s, William’s, Undertaker’s and a lot more! Only one not I think is the woman who voice Bakura XD She is my voice actor GOD!

1.Taisou Gakyouku

2.Yokoso Sougiya E

The next two is once more just the instrumentals.

Hm, I like both the songs on this one. But that is because of the awsome! The melody sound like something from nightmare before Christmas, and Undertaker is at least three degrees crazier than anything Tim Burton can toss at us. And that is what makes these songs really funny to listen to.

The first one slow, and sets a good mood, while the other one has more pace to it. Hm… these two will really be good for halloween XD Yay! Updated halloween music score!

Other than that I have a little money again now! So I have ordered myself two newdoujinshies: Bloom and Opera.

Both are Grell and William doujinshies. (With hinted Sebastian and Ciel, but I overlook the bad…) And I really like the artwork from this artist, her site should be checked out. If not for the art, then her sims pictures or just her undress Grell ping pong game XD


And then I bought something a little more expencive …. but it won’t come before after halloween I think.

Kuroshitsuji Musical -The Most Beautiful DEATH in The World

I just had to buy it! And the reason it is expencive is that I bought the limited edition with artwork and two DVD’s… but I regret nothing! It has William, Grell and Ronald in it! What is there to regret?!

Oh, and on other notes, the 10th character CD will be: New Shinigami Ronald Knox! voiced by Kenn! I know from before that he has a wonderful singing voice! He had the voice for Judai and had one of the endings in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX! I can’t wait for this! ^.^

Damn Filler material animes!!

I haven’t posted for a little now, have a free week. Just wanted to say it so people don’t think I have fallen prey to a army of spiders.

Well, first to mention what is awsome! The Grell scenes in the anime is always glorious! But Sebastian is getting meaner! (I think he felt bad and set up some tea… but still mean!)

But it was really mean of him this time! He got Grell’s hope up, and then thrashed them! First Sebastian is acctually really nice and arranges some afternoon tea for Grell.

(Of course he puts salt in it! I am happy he did, or I would suspect that Sebastian had hit his head or something bad…)

It seems that Grell has started taking photo’s so the rest of the episode is a angry Sebastian doing fanservice for Grell in order for him to take things he can not.

Then in the next episode, Sebastian is too cruel! Don’t take your hate out on innocent bystanders!!!

First, Sebastian pulls in Grell closer:

(Wah! I just can’t come over how cute Grell looks in this picture! The look on his face is adorable!)

Then he lifts him up bridal style!:

(Note how Sebastian’s face says: Yeah, I know I am good, I always get this reaction from people.)

Ok, by this point we all know what is going to happen, but Grell don’t! And he looks so happy! Wah!!! Stupid Sebastian then does this!:

He throws him trough a exploding door! T-T It is all so mean…

On other notes, the last episode came out last night, and is already subbed. I won’t spoil what happens, but I think that the anime script writing has been taken over by a Sebastian and Ciel fangirl…

But I am looking forward to the OVA at least… and the last ep did have a few seconds long scene with Sebastian giving the three shinigami’s tea…

Poor Grell is bored XD But I really hope there is no salt in the tea…

And other than that I drew a picture ^.^ Of woman Grell XD Yay!

Poor William XD

This one is a little late, since the episode came at least three weeks ago. But I think it was so cute XD

I’m not sure if it is all the Death Gods, or just William who has this problem, but it greatly amuses me ^.^ and don’t forget! The first apperance of Ronald Knox in the anime! Wah! He has Judai’s voice! I miss Judai XD

So far, from what I have seen in the manga and anime, I love this guy XD He is like what would happen if William and Grell had a child (Hm, Grell would love the idea…) He is like William against working overtime, and he seems to honor his apperance more like him, but he is easygoing and really just want to party. And he is also respectful to Grell, since he calls him Sutcliff-senpai ^.^ But  it seems the search for a catchphrase continues. DIE did not work for him XD

And also, he seem to have gone the same way with his schyte as Grell, but he got his one approved ^.^

(god this thing is scary! How does he fight with it?!)

But the most funny thing with this episode (Which was needed…) Was that Sebastian finally has William’s weakness (And maybe the weakness of all reapers, who knows?)

The truth is…

(me neither Ronald… me neither…)

William can not see a thing without his glasses…

I know it is mean of me, but I find this too amusing XD But I also imagine what if all the shinigamis are like this? Would Grell run into something the second his glasses went off XD?

Well, that is all for now… I love the shinigami moments, but that is mostly all I watch for XD it isn’t that I don’t like the other characters or anything, I love all of them! But I would enjoy more of the manga story… so I will watch the anime, but I love the manga more ^.^ Even though I still wait for the return of Grell.

And I will leave you with a gift:

(Grell: >-< Kyah!!!)

AH! Kono DVD ga Hoshii DEATHッ☆!

(Not my picture, this is from the musical’s own website, check it out.)

I have watched the Kuroshitsuji musical a lot lately, mostly on Youtube of course, and I almost can’t wait for the second one to be released out on the net! But I really want the new one! The title: The most beautiful DEATH in the world is fantastic! And I think it is mostly about the shinigami’s.

I watched for some info on the musical page, and I found some pictures of the cast and I also found preorder on YES ASIA. (If you love me buy me for Christmas XD)

The roles for Sebastian and Grell are the same, for the servants too I think. One of the biggest changes are the role for Ciel, so it will be interesting to see if the new Ciel will do a good role ^.^

And then we get to the shinigami’s, I really look forward to this! I hope William sings as good as he looks ;P.

If you want info for the staff you can go to this page. And you can also check out the actors’ blogs there too ^.^

I just love this guy! DEATHッ☆!

Well, the new character CDs from Kuroshitsuji II have hit the market, and the choosen ones this time was Grell Sutcliffe and William T. Spears (My two favorites XD)

William T. Spears (Sugiyama Noriaki)

When I listen to this guy I just think Ishida right away XD The curse of being a all time Bleach fan ^.^

But I liked the second song of this, the first one was a little… not William I think, it was also sort of boring. But the second song was ok, so it makes up a little for the first one.

1.Shinigami No Kintai Kanri

2.Kairitsu No Dorei

the next two songs are just the instrumentals.

Grell Sutcliffe (Fukuyama Jun)

I just love this voice! I first heard him in Bleach, and really didn’t think more over it, then I started with XXXholic, and this voice has since been most familliar to me as Watanuki XD I love the loud voiced screaming guy ^.^

Then I saw him as Grell, and right when he understands he is going to be beaten by Sebastian and starts to scream I still think :Watanuki!! But I love him as Grell as much as I love him as Watanuki XD

Well, back to the cd, the second song was a little too slow, but the first one… I love it!!!!! my new favorite song for a while. I was sold at the moment he screamed out DEATH!

1.Shinku (Deep Crimson)

2. Kill★In The Heaven

The last two ones are once more the instrumentals XD I have a feeling all japanese singles work this way XD

Well, I will leave it like this, and enjoy this extra thing:

PS: Anyone else looking forward to the new musical? The most beautiful DEATH in the world! I love the casting for William and Ronald, I just hope they are good at singing too XD

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

Ciel Phantomhive is a twelve year old Count, who took on the family business at a young age after his parents died.But the life of a Count is not easy, something he is quite prepared for.

His staff is made up of a old caretaker that does nothing but drink tea, a chief with no ability to make dinner, a gartner that destroys instead of taking care of the garden and a maid that pour the drink at the table instead the cups.

But at the top of his staff, is Sebastian, a handsome butler with many skills. This mysterious man does anything his lord orders, after all, he is one hell of a butler.

The first episode starts off with what looks like a normal day at the household, the butler Sebastian does his best with making the day easy for his young Lord, while the others mess up.

And on top of all the chaos, the guest that they greet with a perfect welcome has plans of his own, planning to ask for money for his factory, that he has already sold, and then run off with the money.

But in the Phantomhive household, there is darker secret that the Count and his butler shares, as Sebastian set out to take revenge on anyone who angers his Lord, prepared to take any means necessary.

After all, he is a demon of a butler.

vlcsnap-975853 vlcsnap-976089 vlcsnap-995050 vlcsnap-9889581 vlcsnap-989353 vlcsnap-989597 vlcsnap-990093 vlcsnap-990751 vlcsnap-991197 vlcsnap-992149 vlcsnap-992811 vlcsnap-993412 vlcsnap-993500 vlcsnap-993757

At first I thought this would be one of those serious series whit no laughs at all, but after the intro credits was over, I started understanding that there was some elements of humor present. This anime is based on the manga with the same name, but the anime also added a few fillers to fill out the episode, something that wasn’t really a problem as the first chapter of the manga really didn’t have a conclusion.

I have seen six episodes until now, and I think it is a good anime. Let us hope that it gets better ^.^