Current life

Well, I know I have been silent for at least two months now, but there is a reason. I am now employed at a handcrafts shop in Bergen, and for the first time in my life, I have a steady job! =)
I have two days in the month when the paychecks comes out, and I am now halfway to financing a new super computer! I have also found out that adobe have fixed a new thing so you can just pay a fee each month for using all their programs! I am so using it when I get my new computer, then I will try and do a lot of fun stuff again=) I at least want to get used to Dreamweaver again and then make a new website for myself!

Other than that I am done with my quilted table runner! I just found out too late that I do not have any table long enough for it XD

Right now it is hanging from one of my new shelves, since my awsome mother came over and decided that since I have a job now, and will be living here for a while, I had to have a nice and clean place to live, with a lot of space! She took it upon herself to paint and buy me new furniture=)