Love my summer!

Firstly, I have gotten a cryptic message from School that said that they heard from Hokkaido that our entering letters will come in the end of July, so I take that as a: You have been accepted news!! I’m going to Japan for a year!! WOHO!!! But my mom is not as happy… I hope she will feel better before I leave…

And I am done with one of my cross stitches!! I am really proud of it =) And I got a birthday present from my mom too, she bought me a box to keep cross stitch floss in! And It even had 40 flosses in it from before! It had a picture frame on the top, so I put this into it =) Now it looks really nice=)

Other than that, since I have some flosses now and a small piece of Aida, I will make my own cross stitch pattern on a wonderful program called “Pattern maker for cross stitches”, it makes patterns out of simple pictures, and when you export it, it will have codes and all so you know what colors you need. I have made two from D.Gray-Man now, I will make the smallest one now since I have big enough Aida fabric and since it is black and white I don’t need so many colors.

You have to watch it in full to see all the things in this, and here is the shart that shows what number of DMC you have to use for it.

If this is popular I might post the other one I want to do with just Allen and Tim ^-^. But it has a lot more colors and it is really big, so I have to wait a little with it, since I don’t have enough money for the fabric and the floss T.T.