A new Christmas gone by

I am back in Bergen now, and I’m sorry that I didn’t continue with the posts all the way till Christmas. Suddenly we got a lot of visits from friends and family ^.^, so I just didn’t have time to write anything, and after that I thought I should write a big post about it all, but then I got sick T.T. I am back in Bergen now, but I still have a bad cough and a really runny nose…

But I don’t care about that, this was still a wonderful Christmas, and I raise my cup of soda for many happy Christmases to come!

(This year’s tree, it is a little naked at the top, but still beautiful^-^)

Each year when I take the nine hour bus trip home for Christmas it is pitch dark outside, so all I can see most of the time is the lights from houses and other cars. So I have started to put extra notice on the Christmas decorations that have been put up by the time I travel home. Each year it builds my expectations and hopes for Christmas! I don’t really hope much for my own self anymore when it comes to gifts, since most of my family don’t really know what to give me. But I just look forward to give gifts away, since I love to see people happy! I can spend so much money on a gift for a close one and I will sneak around when people open their gifts just to see if they will become happy and I got the right gift for them.

For me Christmas is not about anything else than being with my close family, to sit in the coach most of the day and watch things on TV, while we just enjoy each other’s company. That is all that is needed, just the small peaceful traditions of being together, and when I had to travel back to Bergen again, I just felt that I didn’t want to go, I didn’t want to go and be alone again. But as I traveled, I kept looking out into the dark again, and each time I saw a house with Christmas decorations still up, I remembered back to when I were going home, and my expectations for the holiday, and then I asked myself:

“Was my expectations answered?”

And I just had to smile a little, as I already knew the answer to that. Yes, all my expectations were answered, and even better than I dared to hope. There was no reason to look behind, because the times when I return will always come in the end, and I can be with them again. All I just have to be sure to do is to spend each time with them with no regret, so I can live on the memories to the next meeting, then everything will be fine till then ^-^.

Well, back home now, and after riding on the wave of diss-orientation of being awake all night on a bus I got some sleep, and then I finally found out it was awsome to be back home XD.

A happy new year to everyone, and if I have any followers at all, I am planning on doing a few things this year, and I have set my aim on not only trying to open a online shop to sell cross stitches, but also to buy the Adobe design pack for a low price while I am still a student, since this is my last year! (I’m having newer history and the history of SCIENCE!!!)

So if my shop works out, I might start selling prints or self designed cross stitches=) I will put any links here if I do get to open the shop=) Other than that I also have decided to become a good student this year, and read for each class! My first batch of books is in the post, some I found on ebooks, and the rest I have to buy at school XD. I even planned my subjects so good this year that I have two free days in the week! I am that awsome now! XD

Oh! I also might start with quilting, since my aunt gave me a lot of fabrics! I had to leave most of them at home thou, since I couldn’t get them into the bag… But I brought the prettiest ones! I am going to use some of them on my new shirt, I will post pictures later!=)

22th December

late one today XD Have visit from the worlds most adorable little nephew=)

This day is the shortest of the year, and the night before was the longest. After this day the sun turns and the days gets longer again, so today you can’t do any work that makes anything turn around. You also can’t make bread, since it will fail.

After this day the christmas peace will fall, and it will last for three weeks.

21th December

Today is the day of Thomasmass, and it is celebrated because this was supposed to be the day when Thomas, one of Jesus’ diciples went out into the world to preach.

But in Norwegian tradition this was the day when people were supposed to taste of their homemade christmas ale, and it often ended in a big party and fights, since it was normal that people went over to their friends to help taste.

Today the preparations for christmas should be done, and in some parts this should be the last chance to fill up with firewood for the season. It was also said that if it was good weather this day, it would be good weather for the rest of the winter.

The girls that still hadn’t found out who they would one day marry, they had a new chance today, first they had to say:

“Jeg underlegger med St. Thomas,

og han skal la meg få vite

hvem jeg skal leve i lag med.”

Then you have to say the Lord’s prayer three times, then lie over to your right side and say:

“Er det noen som er bestemt for meg,

så kom og gi med vin.”

Then you have to read “ave maria” three times, and the article of faith three times. If you are lucky now, then your future man will come though the door.

Well, that is it for now=) You will get a lot like this forward, since this is the start of the traditional times^-^

20th December

Soon Christmas! Woho!

Today I will share some trailers for the christmas specials of one of my favorite BBC show, Doctor who! =) They have some really funny and wonderful christmas specials XD They have had their own version of Titanic (In SPACE!!!) and last year they had a christmas carol, and this year it will be Narnia!!

And the one for this year:

19th December

More Disney! I love a christmas carol, and that is mostly thanks to this short version from disney. I had a vhs with this and some older christmas stories like “santa’s workshop”, I really miss that vhs…

If you don’t know the story for this one you need some schooling XD And for the record, I still think that Goofy is really badly cast as Marley XD At least the Muppets did that one right XD

17th December

OpsXD I sort of left out a day again XD I blame it all on my cousin for comming over to visit XD We had so much fun that before we knew it, it was not the 16th anymore 😛

Well, today I will share a trailer from a movie that I didn’t discover before a few years ago, and now it is just one of the movies I watch with my dear friends when we get together and have a christmas movie evening before we go each our way before Christmas=)

It is a movie that is more about childhood than christmas, but it also takes into account that Christmas is a big part of childhood. This is a movie that just shows how kids thinks about christmas. It is selfish, and it also shows that some kids can be cruel, but it is just how kids can be, and they don’t really mean anything bad with it.

Kids wants their gifts, and they want what they wish for, but that is just how all of us were as kids.

This movie is really great, and a old classic now, check it out if you already haven’t =)

15th December

Something older again today ^.^ Just have to ask around for songs now, this was my brother’s pick ^.^
I’ll start sharing some christmas specials tomorrow, and some ideas for christmas movies to watch now that it is soon christmas=)

13th December

Today was st. Lucy’s day, and the longest night of the year is over. St. Lucy’s day was a celebration of Lucy from Sicilia, who died a martyr’s death in the year 304. Lights and fires will be lighted to keep all evil away, and after the long and dark Lucy long night, these lights will force the remaining darkness from the night away.

It was a tradition for the children to wake the parents up with breakfast on the bed, and the oldest child were supposed to be dressed as Lucy and carry the light around to keep evil away.

But acording to traditions, if girls or women wanted to know who they would marry in the future, they could find out by taking on a Lucy costume, then they peel a apple in one long tread and toss it behind their back. When she then turn around, the peeled skin is supposed to form the letter of the man she will get in the future. But if she don’t have a Lucy costume, she can instead stand before a mirror and say:

Lucia, den blide

skal fly meg at vide

hvis navn jeg skal bære,

hvis dug jeg skal brede,

hvis seng jeg skal rede,

hvis barn jeg skal have,

hvis arm jeg skal sove i.

Then, the first man she meets, is her future husband.

If you have a Rooster on your farm, it should not do any crowing during the night. Since that warns that something evil will happen. If it does happen, you have to go out right away, and check the feet of the Rooster. If they are warm, it means there will be a fire, and if they are cold, it means that someone will drown or hang themselves.

Well, that was it for today!=)

The next will be the 21st now, for Thomasmas =) But I were looking at Christmas songs on iTunes yesterday, and I found a old warm memory, so I will share that now as well =)