Horror Anime Review: Another (2012)

In 1972, Yomiyama North Middle School’s class 3-3 student Misaki, died unexpected in the middle of the school year. Misaki’s class mates and teachers, not wanting to deal with the loss, pretend Misaki never died and even go together to pretend Misaki is still there until the school year is over and they have all graduated. The rumours even

Now, many years later, a boy named Kōichi Sakakibara ends up in the same class, and as he starts late in the year, he is confused to find a girl named Misaki Mei, that no one in class seems to see or react to. As he makes contact with her, no student in their class is safe, neither is their families, as the curse from 1972 still haunts the students of class 3-3, where the dead were once invited.

As Ringu, this is also a story based on a novel, this one by the author Yukito Ayatsuji, who is married to the author of the Shiki books, Fuyumi Ono. It has also been made into a manga series and in 2012 a live action movie. So far I have only had a relationship to the anime and I really enjoyed the atmosphere it built up. In the first few episodes, not much happens, but like the Shiki anime, it starts building. It gives you just enough to make you want to continue, because you want to know what is happening, and as the action starts, you need to continue, because you need to know how it is all going to end.

As the twists here are quite good, I will not give the story away, and I think everyone should check this short 12 episode series out if they like anime and good horror. I will also say that it does get gory, so it isn’t just the normal ghost scares that never leaves you with any blood. In the end you will sit and just wait for the next horrible death, and wonder, much like in Final Destination, which instrument is going to do the people in in the end.

So, go to a streaming site, lean back, and enjoy this series now that the nights are getting colder, but as you get longer into the series, you should start wondering, if you are really sure you know who is dead or not around you.

Character study: Ulquiorra Schiffer


Ulquiorra Schiffer is one of the longest running personal enemies for Kurosaki Ichigo in the manga Bleach. He is the 4th Espada in Aizen Sousuke’s army, and his aspect of death is Nihilism. He has been one of my favorite Bleach characters for a while now, and I don’t really know why… I think it is the same thing as with Kadaj from Final Fantasy, I just think they need a hug! (Ulquiorra would certainly kill me before I had the chance…)

If you watch the anime or manga, you probably know how Ulquiorra’s sad end came about, and it was certainly sad. Not only did he fade after a victory that Ichigo saw as un-fair, but he also in the end thought he had found what he had looked for his entire existence: the heart.

I decided myself that Ulquiorra was not dead, I decided that since he never got a flashback scene, he just withered away to dust for so to materialize again later (Mayuri became water and escaped!! I so call that Ulquiorra can blow away and materialize!!). But alas, I have now found out that he does have a flashback scene, just that it is a extra chapter in the character guide UNmasked… MY ULQUIORRA IS DEAD!!!! NO!!!! (I now live on for more awsome Ichigo and a hope for a Grimmjow return T.T)

But I am happy that we got a background on him! Since it does explain a little of how he has become like he is.

In the chapter he says that he was born in a deep hole where there was no light, and he were together with hollows like himself. I don’t really know how this works since I guess he were a adjuncas at this point? And that both he and his clan had been born from the same Gillian? I am not sure XD But he is adorable XD

But he is different from his fellow hollows, as they are deep black, and has mouths to feed with, while he has nothing than his eyes  and is completely white beside his eyes, hair and wings. He then kills all of them with no remorse, probably because they decided to turn against him. as hollows are mostly canibalistic.

He keeps wandering alone. He can only see. He can not feel, he can’t hear anything or eat anything. His only sense is that of his sight, and all he learned in his early life was to trust his sight. If he didn’t see something, it didn’t exist at all for him, and this is a fact that he believed in until the end. And another sad fact was that because he had no other sense to help him understand things with, the things he saw made no sense to him.

He had no companions, and because he could not count on any other sense than his eyes, he could not rest at all, since he knew he would be eaten by other hollows.

Then he comes to the place that is the source for the crystal like trees in Hueco Mundo. He is captivated by the energy, but also the emptiness of the trees. They are just there, and they don’t need to interact with others or think about anything. He sees it as the closest thing to a void he had ever seen, and the sad fact is that he explains it as one of the only things he can be able to comprehend himself: With no colour, no sound, no scent, it only exists there.

In the end he lets himself fall into the source, and his mask is broken off as he falls into it. Then he is captured inside it, and as he loses all sight as well, he for the first time in his life feels happiness. He felt that his happiness was in this instant that he had nothing, and he could lose nothing, thus for him, total nothingness was happiness.

Firstly, it seems that Ulquiorra is a exeption to most of the rules of hollows. He is strong, yet he should not have been able to have eaten anything in the start, yet he killed off his entire clan, something that means he must have been really strong to begin with. He is also so far the only Vasto Lord class known that has been able to take off his mask himself, and not with Aizen’s help, another proof of his strenght. But since he is never shown to have eaten another hollow, it might be that he gained a lot of strenght from lying at the source for the crystal trees.

It is still not known how he met Aizen, but we can sort of understand why he had such a high position and did most of the work for Aizen, since a person with no desire at all have to be a wonderful person to trust. He does not desire more powers as the others did, he follows reason, and he had no reason to dissobey Aizen at all.

But with this past revealed, there is another important thing to point out: Ulquiorra’s despair. His first release is the form close to the one he had when he was a Vasto Lord, but the last form, that he tells Ichigo is the true form of Despair, looks a lot like his kin. Does Ulquiorra see despair as becoming like his kin then? And if he does, is it because he saw them as normal hollows and wanted desperately to be like them? Or that he feared to become like them and that was his despair? Their blackness must have seemed like a complete void to him, yet to become like them frightens him? Might this also be a reason he left the void he felt happiness in in the end? Even if he longed for that emptiness, maybe it frightened him as well in the end? And emptiness is his one true despair, no matter how much he longed for it.

In the end it seems that falling into the void and seeing nothing, and also the fascination he has with Ichigo and Orihime all comes back to the fact that he wants to pull himself from the one sense he has always had. He wants to find something his eyes can not see, and know that it is still there. He can not see the thing called feelings, but he links them to the heart that he neither can see, and he keeps longing for it without even knowing enough about life to know that the longing for an answer is a feeling. I think he understands this in the end, as he reaches for Orihime. He did not understand what a heart is, but he understand that there was a feeling in him, that made him reach for her. He understood that he felt longing, and as he pulls his hand back and laments having to die as he finally felt some interest for someone, he for the first time seems like he is sad, as he knows he is about to die, and will never be able to figure out these two people that is so different from him. Orihime who feels so much love for everyone, and Ichigo who lives on to protect, while he himself wishes for nothing to protect or worry about at all.

Hearts, you say? You Humans are always so quick to speak of such things. As though you carry your hearts in the very palms of your hands. But this eye of mine perceives all. There is nothing that it overlooks. If this eye cannot see a thing, then it does not exist. That is the assumption under which I have always fought. What is this “heart”? If I tear open that chest of yours, will I see it there? If I smash open that skull of yours, will I see it there?”

Ulquiorra to Orihime before the fight with Ichigo

Ulquiorra’s real despair in the end, might have been that he never fitted in. His true form was that of his kin that he killed without ever being able to understand, and in his life, he might just have wanted to understand the sensations that his eyes were never able to tell him what was. He says that Nihility is having nothing, and having nothing to lose, he sees this as true happiness, yet he still follows Aizen? Why follow a man and take orders from him if that goes against all his views of true happiness? He protected their home when Aizen was away, and he followed his orders. Might this be a sign that Ulquiorra really did try to find some meaning? And he followed Aizen because he helped him on the way to be able to look for that meaning? In the end, he faded before he knew any real meaning in life…

I see. This. Yes. This thing in my hand is the heart?

Ulquiorra’s last words

Generator Gawl

I was still in high school when I got hooked on this one, but the weirdest thing is that I don’t think I even watched the anime for at least two years later or something XD.

It was the time before the great and gracious network appeared for us normal poor mortals, and I just saw this clip on one of my brother’s DVD’s, I think it was Neon genesis XD. I went to the library to find information because I thought the anime looked cool! And I got together some information on it. But it was also then that I started a really weird hobby XD I couldn’t get the anime, and really wanted to know what happened, so I decided to write it myself!! I have around four five note books stacked away somewhere that I wrote this thing in XD.

I knew so little about characters and everything that I could probably just change the names and it would easily sell as an entirely new series all together XD. The only other time I have done this is with Kingdom Hearts, I were looking so forward to the game that I wrote my own story while I waited. I even read it to my little brother as goodnight storiesXD I felt so proud each time he started crying because he thought it was sad. That just means I did something right! Later I put on the Destati song together with the reading and he complained to our mother because it became too scary for him ^-^.

But each summer I go to Oslo to shop and use all my money on anime and manga! (That was before, now I live in Bergen and have a Outland where I can spend money all the time XD) And I acctually found the entire series there, that was made up of four vol. (I bought three first, and found out later it was one in between, but then it was in the sales bin, so: lucky!)

And I could finally watch it myself! Woho! Time travel mind fuck all over the place!

It is about three friends. (I don’t remember if they are brothers, but without spoiling the ending I will say that they probably are at least half brothers XD) that has been exerimented on by a evil company that creates things called Generators, humans that can change into giant monsters. The three of them want to stop this from happening, as they themselves has been made into generators. There is a few twists as the story goes on, and I still wonder about the fact that since they are sure that if that company had never been created, they would never have been born. So if they destroy that company before they are born, wouldn’t it just end up being a impossible circle? They travel back in time and destroy it, and thus they can never themselves be created, but then, who will travel back in time and stop the company XD?

It is a long time since I saw it last, but I remember that I didn’t understand the ending at all! XD My DVD’s are back home, so maybe I will watch it again when I get back there after exams?=)

Kyou Kara Maoh!

From the moment Yuri is flushed by bullies down the toilet and enters a new world, his life will never be the same.

Kyou Kara Maoh! (Demon king from today!) is a mirrored take on the classical weak and normal guy gets sent to a new world, figures out there is a great destiny waiting for him there and so on and so on. It is such a cliche that even the lead hero Yuri starts mocking it in the end. But where Kyou kara Maoh changes all this, is with the fact that Yuri is not going to be a hero for justice that is going to save humankind. He is the destined new demon king, that has been sent from another world to help them lead the war against the humans.

He can’t get home, and he does his best to do what they exspect of him. He tries to learn magic, understand politics, and the weird differences that world has to his own. But the sons of the previous Maou is not all pleased with having him there. Konrad, the middle brother who is also half human, adores Yuri, and seems to already have a special bond with him. The oldest brother Gwendal, that has to handle the politics for him, wants to see a stronger resolve from his new leader(I love Gwendal! He is my favorite just because of his small dirty secrets XD), and the youngest brother Wolfram, who detests humans and thinks that Gwendal is the best for the position of Maou. It all turns hillarious when he gets into a real fight with Yuri over the fact that Yuri’s mother is a human, and it all ends with Yuri proposing to him and then accepting a duel by picking up a knife XD.

The anime is based on a series of Novels, and with a lot of time to build up the characters you will fall in love with most of them. It sort of ends up like the typical harem set up, just with a lot of men instead. But all of it is sweet, and we also see the real struggle Yuri has as he decides that he don’t want to rule a land living in constant fear of humans or demons attacking. So his resolve is to make a world with peace, where humans and demons can live side by side with no worries.

Out on his own, or with his trusted friends on the side, Yuri is able to win over the hearts and trust of anyone he meets, and if there comes troubles their way, it always helps that he harbours a demon king inside with awsome powers but bad taste XD.

I haven’t watched all of the third season yet, but I will when I have time this summer! There is also a pc dating sim game, that is really innocent and allows you to as Yuri get better to know one of the other characters.

PS: This anime has the most awsome demon sword ever!!! And it is a pervert XD Mufu XD

The (miss)fashion of Shiki

Yeah! I am pointing at you Tatsumi!!

I loved the Shiki anime, even the ending wasn’t a problem for me(Like it was for my brother) I liked it, and I still think for myself that dynamite isn’t as strong as it looked like!

But since Shiki is such a brutal anime, I guess that they wanted to have a sort of childish drawing style, like with the hair and stuff like that. To illustrate that, I will add this picture to show it:

Like you can see from this… the hairstyles of Shiki is really something. But I have a feeling that after a little they knew people would get used to it, so they had to put in something in the slaughter and terrible murders to make people laugh again. In my case, I cried more than laughed! Each time I looked at Tatsumi in the last episodes I felt like I died inside!

Let us start! First we have Megumi, but her fashion sense is acctually a little normal if you think about the modern fashion in the big cities now, she is just in the wrong place.

Then we have Sunako, but she just looks cute, so I won’t complain about that. I will let Chizuru be too, since she is less dressed and more barely covered. And I like her too XD

Then we get to Natsuno, he was normally dressed in the start, and I swear that somewhere I have the same pair of pants as he had in one episode XD But… *spolier alert* after his almost death and return as a Werewolf, his fashion suddenly changes. *spoiler end*

First we have the clothes he has first, and I love them! But they were more colorfull in the anime than in the original manga it seems, I thought the jacket would be more… bluish or brown XD

You don’t see it in the picture, but he has pink tight and also pink shoes XD I love this guy!

One of my theories of these clothes that Natsuno suddenly has, is that he has a dark past in the big city or something like that XD And he and his family had to move to give him a new start or something. I can imagine Natsuno as a gang leader or something XD.

Then later, he has some new clothes, that looked a little worse in the artwork. But I think the design was only made for a event, and was never in the manga, but when the anime was made, they wanted to put those clothes on him:

I love these clothes!! The pants was worse in the artwork, and it did look like he needed to empty them soon… but they sized them down for the anime, and I love these clothes!! ^.^

After this Natsuno uses normal clothes, and that is it for his weird clothes ride.

I wonder what reason you had for biting Seishiro, Natsuno 😛

Then we are starting on Tatsumi… this is the big one people… the big fashion scandal of this century! And I don’t even think of fashion! This change in Tatsumi’s clothes acctaully hurt me mentally! I watched it again yesterday, and even then I cried over it!

First we have these clothes, what we saw him in the first night when he came there and looked really cute, nervous and innocent:

Then he had normal clothes for a while, and also a butler outfit for serving in the castle. But when commander Tatsumi starts to command his ranks of Shiki, he is going one piece and Hell’s angels on us!

But it all goes downhill from there… first we have him stalking Natsuno in his biker black biker clothes, and I swear! When he saw Natsuno in his new clothes, he wanted to match him or something, so when he then comes back to talk to him, he looks like this:

O.o <— me first time I saw this…

Not enough with the fact that from here his glasses looks like they are heartshaped, but he … he… God! Did he raid Chizuru’s closet?! I swear that with that cleavege it can be her clothes! It is not nice to raid your mistress’ closet you werewolf bastard! Next time you raid it jump into the closet yourself!! (For the record… I love Tatsumi XD And I shipp Tatsumi and Natsuno XP)

I saw this and really didn’t think it could get worse… oh… I were so wrong… so wrong! the next episode, we have this:


The first time I saw this I just saw the top, and it looked ok, then I looked down, and I saw his legs O.o… oh God, did we have to see his legs and other parts of his body in really tight hot pants? Was there ever a fanbase out there that demanded this?! And I swear that this is still something from poor Shizuru’s closet!!

So, for two weeks now we kept getting worse and worse clothes on him, first we had the biker one piece from color hell, and then we had the tight hot pants from stripper heaven for old middle aged women… what could we get next?

I want to die now… what the hell is wrong with your fashion Tatsumi?! Did you think that these clothes would give you a advantage in a get-away?! you fail in camoflage!!! And thus you will fail at life! A Magnenta colored barbeque suit?! Seriously?!

Gah! Thank God that they probably burned up all the closets the castle had!

You and your fashion sense must die!!!

Sigh… I want more Shiki…

update: Should I make a support group for characters from Shiki with impossible hair cuts and bad fashion sense? Would anyone join?

Anime Review: Shiki ep 1 – First blood

In a small Japanese village away from the world a summer will leave its mark on the villagers forever, as a plague seems to haunt them.  A dear one dies, and in the next days their families dies one after the other.

But a teenager newly moved into the village from the big city starts to suspect something else than a sickness, as a girl that has stalked him since he moved there stills follows him, even after her death.

Above the village there is a castle inhabited by a family that never comes out into the light, and as the corpse covered summer comes to a end, the battle for survival begins. Who will be alive and who will be dead in the end?

Continue reading

Kuroshitsuji (Black Butler)

Ciel Phantomhive is a twelve year old Count, who took on the family business at a young age after his parents died.But the life of a Count is not easy, something he is quite prepared for.

His staff is made up of a old caretaker that does nothing but drink tea, a chief with no ability to make dinner, a gartner that destroys instead of taking care of the garden and a maid that pour the drink at the table instead the cups.

But at the top of his staff, is Sebastian, a handsome butler with many skills. This mysterious man does anything his lord orders, after all, he is one hell of a butler.

The first episode starts off with what looks like a normal day at the household, the butler Sebastian does his best with making the day easy for his young Lord, while the others mess up.

And on top of all the chaos, the guest that they greet with a perfect welcome has plans of his own, planning to ask for money for his factory, that he has already sold, and then run off with the money.

But in the Phantomhive household, there is darker secret that the Count and his butler shares, as Sebastian set out to take revenge on anyone who angers his Lord, prepared to take any means necessary.

After all, he is a demon of a butler.

vlcsnap-975853 vlcsnap-976089 vlcsnap-995050 vlcsnap-9889581 vlcsnap-989353 vlcsnap-989597 vlcsnap-990093 vlcsnap-990751 vlcsnap-991197 vlcsnap-992149 vlcsnap-992811 vlcsnap-993412 vlcsnap-993500 vlcsnap-993757

At first I thought this would be one of those serious series whit no laughs at all, but after the intro credits was over, I started understanding that there was some elements of humor present. This anime is based on the manga with the same name, but the anime also added a few fillers to fill out the episode, something that wasn’t really a problem as the first chapter of the manga really didn’t have a conclusion.

I have seen six episodes until now, and I think it is a good anime. Let us hope that it gets better ^.^