A little dissapointed…

The dog days are over at Pangya now, and I sort of hoped that when it was over a new event would start. (I had to end this event after I got too much from it XD)

But I woke up on the day with hope in my eyes… only to find out that there was no new happening in Pangya. I could feel my heart sink in my chest over this. I had ready soda and candy for at least a half day of event fun, but it was just not meant to be.

Well, I’ll just have to continue having fun with the Grand Chase updates instead for now, my Dio is so cute! And if I log inn for each day this month I will get a special permanent item XD

But I think the Guild system will come soon on Pangya, so that will be a little fun =) Anyone interested in joining a guild XD?

Oh! And I am looking forward to Halloween! Pangya is always fun and they have so many cool clothes for halloween=)

Enter ‘the baka brigade’

I am now the official Guild leader of a fantastic group named ‘the baka brigade’ on Pangya (Albatross18).

We have had our first get together, not everyone showed up, but we had fun, before we went and had a private torney together ^.^. Later we will arrange for a guild battle, and see if we can get some good ranks=)

We took some pictures, and I thought I would post some of them here:

Making a guild in Pangya

I have played Pangya for almost a week, and I have since yesterday played like crazy to get the gift boxes from the holes, I have gotten almost 300,ooo pang from it… so I had enough to make a guild for myself and my friends that I have corrupted with this game.

the guild costs 10 000 pang, and I have called my almighty guild made of win… :

the Baka Brigade! (The idiot brigade XD)

But it won’t be a real guild before I have gotten more than eight members, we are at least four, so just four more before we are official=)

Had a screenshot mania today=) Took pictures of myself and the others ^.^

friend-picture.jpg picture-2.jpgalbatross18_010.jpgalbatross18_023.jpg