Once upon a time – chapter 1

This is the story that I mentiones earlier that I write on my iPad, I will post more if people like it ^.^ It is a little slow start, but it will start up a little in the next chapter XD The prologue is first, then follow the cut for the 1st chapter.




What was the first fairytale you ever read or heard? All parents tell them to their children when they grow up.

It is mostly brutal stories.  Some of them have moral, while some just tell of how cruel life can be. What is really amusing is that some of the fairytales can get twice as brutal as the things kids see on TV and in games these days, but it seems that parents finds it ok as long as it is considered culture.

It was in late winter that it all started to change, and the countdown to the day the world’s view of fairytales would change forever started.

Enter the small town of Noelle, a small town a long way from everything else. Most of the stuff that happened first happened here. Not to say that weird stuff didn’t happened other places at this time, but if all of it should be covered in this story and to the same detail, we would never get this over with.

Noelle has an elementary school, but above that the children have to leave the town to get to their schools, but at least they had some good contact with the outside world.

This story starts off in the late of winter, just some time after Christmas. The weather had been really bad for a long time already, and the people of the town were trying to cope with it as good as they could.

First the temperature dropped to a low that had never been witnessed in that town since it was founded in the early 1880s. Then the snow came, and even school was cancelled for the time being. People had to stay inside, and there was an increase in deaths of the elderly that was unable to get protected enough from the cold outside.

Then it all happened. Over one night the entire town’s fate was changed as it for one night completely faded away.

For one night the town was gone from our world. A family that had been out of town for the night and just came back could swear that it had been gone when they came back. In panic they alerted the next town, but when the police finally listened to them and came to inspect it, the town was there again.

The people in the town had been sleeping and it seemed that all of them had fallen asleep at the same time, and woken up at the same time.

But some things were not the same.

Some people were still missing, while some of the ones still there could vaguely remember things that happened when they were asleep.

And the only thing to show that the town had been gone was that the houses looked thorn and old when they returned. And even though the town was in the deep snow and in the biting cold, roses had started growing over the entire town, like it had been in a warmer place for a long time.

The mysteries of this day are hidden from all of them, and many people left the town after this for their own safety. But the ones that remained to figure out the mysteries of this day, will not be disappointed.

But the truth might change their lives even further than living in Noelle already has.

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