A world bound by fear, and destroyed by memories

“The oldest and strongest emotion of mankind is fear, and the oldest and strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown.”
H. P. Lovecraft.


Fear is a power that is can be stronger than any other human emotion, when we stand before something we fear, we can be unable to move, unable to even breath. Hearts can be stopped by fear and people can change into someone entierly different.

We go to movies to be scared, it is a fear that most of us can handle, some of us even like it, finding amusment when others are scared. We feel mighty when someone is scared of something we aren’t scared of. If you have a friend afraid of spiders, you might even use that to scare that person, not thinking much about what fear can do to people that feel it.

Some people might even be so afraid that they can’t move out of their house, they might not know just what they are afraid of, it is just something in their mind that won’t let them face the outside world. They can’t handle their fear…

But there is a fear that most of us share, that is with us all our life:

The fear of dying.

We see movies and read books about people who fear dying, we hear about people who wish to stay young forever, afraid of becoming old and to whiter away.

Then imagine, if someone could be consumed with this fear, forgetting everything around as it grew to something greater, a power enough to consume your own life and all those close to you.

But to never die is just an illusion, you will be safe for a little while, then when you are consumed in the darkness, slowly forgetting why you came there in the first place, you will soon forget your fear, and as you do, the darkness will be lifted and the world you created for yourself will fade.


This is the idea I have for the ‘Gravity Unlimited’ game I am going to make the concept for. A world created by the fear of dying, a gravity field pulling it hard apart as the person who feared death starts forgetting who he is and why he once feared it.

Fear keeps the world together, real or not, it is able to keep the creatures there alive, but as you go trough the game, and the lead character remembers who he once were, the world starts to crumble and fade.

The field that eats the world apart is the bridge that makes up the path to the other side where the character have to go to find out about himself. There he is lead to a strange castle by a woman dressed in a kimono (Japanese clothing). Inside the castle he stumbles upon rooms where the next is worse than the one before, each of them designed and molded to the memories that each room will grant him before he advances to the next floor.


One of the last rooms in the castle, the woman in kimono following slowly after the lead character as he advances to the next floor. This room shows suffering, the bodies that makes up some of the trees, the hand and foot in the water and the head trying to hold unto the branches of the tree. And from above, the eye of the past keeping an eye of all that is happening, the last source of the terrible fear not able to look away from the past.



Hehe, Hope I am not going to much away from the main point of the name ‘gravity unlimited’. It is just so fun to make stories with some of the story more in the mind than on the body.








I look at myself as a person that can take anything, I love horror movies, and as long as there is a good story and things like that, I can even watch the worst B movies. I don’t scare easy anymore, and I love ghost movies with a facination, but there is one thing that still scares the shit out of me:

The bad american remakes!

When I first watched ‘the Ring’ I thought it was a good movie, since I didn’t know better. But after watching the original ‘Ringu’ I understood how much better it was, the story had a more eerie feeling to it, and I felt more facinated by it all. I quickly watched the second and third ‘Ringu’ movie, and it got even better, in the third movie, that is called ‘Ringu 0 – birthday’, you get to see how Sadako herself became one of the most feared ghosts in Japan. (I cheered for her, not the stupid people that were mean to her).

But another thing that bothers me with ‘the Ring’ is that they probably didn’t even read the book before they started, they just copied the japanese movie, they could have made their own version with the elements of the book, the truth about Sadako that even the japanese movies didn’t put in, or to set the right cast. (In the book, the lead character is male, and his wife is stupid enough to set on the movie for herself and their daughter.)

I am also quite pissed over the second american movie… (If you haven’t see it, don’t read past this) Why does the americans have to make a end where they can even find ways to get writh of ghosts? At least the japanese movies pointed out that humans can’t kill spirits, and isn’t the movies called Ring because it is never ending?

Then over to the next remake! Dark water… another of Koji Suzuki’s wonderful books (He is the author of the ‘Ringu’ books.) I watched the original long before the american version came, and it is a movie that makes me want to cry at times, and at the same time it is wonderfully creepy. And what did the americans do to it? They made it into a dramatic nightmare, not even the ghost seemed to have screen time here. It was just a horrible movie that didn’t even leave an expression.

Then we come to one movie that they acctually did right, I loved ‘the grudge’ and also how they managed to keep the Japanese feeling of it all. It was smart to film it in Japan, and to keep the old director =) even the ghosts are the same, Kayako and her little Bake-neko son. ‘Ju-on’ started as a mini series for TV, and since it was so well recieved, they made it into two Japanese movies. The america came and made two more, the first is a remake of the first japanese movie, but the second is a continuation that the japanese didn’t have, but I think it was ok, even with american actors you can still just look at it as another movie where Kayako kicks ass=)

I’m not done yet! Now we come to the movie ‘Kairo’ that had it’s american remake too, ‘Pulse’. The japanese version is set up so we follow two person’s stories, and they meet at the end and try to leave together. I don’t really remember how the american went… but I know that they rely to much on the scary monster effect, just like with Sadako (Or Samara…) they showed a grizzly face that had rottet… the japanese director knows that what you don’t see is scarier… like how Sadako always hides her face behind her hair, and all you can see is the creepy eye looking at you… In kairo you don’t see much of the ghosts, and you never really know where they came from. But in the american movie they made a lot of special effects to scare people, but they went to far away from the original concept, and I don’t think they had the same terrifying ending as the japanese.

Then we come to the end for now, as I am getting over my rage for a little while. (Only until they come with the remake of the scary chinese movie ‘the eye’.)

One missed call or Chakushin Ari, I am a fan of the movies and the TV serie that was made for it a little while ago (10 ep) But I just watched the american version… I wanted to cry… out of frustration. It didn’t even make any sense! People see ghosts all over the place when they have the call, why the hell do they do that? They should just see Mimiko or her mother… and the call tone is to dead, it didn’t even frighten me, at least the old one made me remember it!

I could go on forever, but instead I will stop here, and wait with fear for the remake of the eye, and the dreaded American movie version of the ‘fatal frame’ games…


I got bored in the weekend, and decided to watch a lot of anime, I started with finishing Code Geass… and I will hate myself forever for doing that! (Watch and understand…) after that I didn’t really know what to do, I were downloading other animes, but couldn’t quite find something really interesting to watch.

Then, after I had tried to start on Onegai twins (Continuation of Onegai Teacher) I tried Mononoke (Not the Ghibli movie! That is Princess Mononoke) I love japanese ghost stories and all their wonderful creatures, so I loved the anime, and I loved the art style, as it is a mix of a stylized feudal Japan, and Art Nouveau styles.

Anyway, Mononoke is a spin-off of the “Bakeneko” arc from the anthology series Ayakashi, a anime that based on various Japanese ghost stories, the anime Mononoke is mostly the same, it unfolds around a medicine seller, who seems to mysteriously appear anywhere there is a Mononoke (Japanese demon or ghost) with a grudge against humans.

He carries with him a case he claims to hold medicines, but he also have a great amount of children toy weights (He uses them to know where the Mononoke is) many things you really can’t see what is, and some old and questionable japanese books. His most treasured belonging is a sword, that he can only use when he knows three things about the Mononoke, the shape (Katachi), truth (Makoto) and regret (Kotowari) behind why it has gone from a ghost to a demon. When he has all these, he can fight them, changing into another and stronger being.

Bakeneko is the first creature he fights in the Ayakashi, it is a cat monster that has grown into something that can kill because the woman that had taken care of it had been brutally killed by a man that kidnaped her before her wedding. When it comes to Japanese ghosts and spirits, the feeling they have when they die can decided what is to come for them, if they die with a terrible rage, that rage can turn into a curse against all humans in general, or just the people that caused the rage. Mononoke is creatures that feed on these human emotions, from living or dead humans, they can use it to get stronger.

If you want to know more about Japanese ghosts and spirits, this site has a lot :


And I can’t talk about interesting anime design without showing pictures, here is some pictures I took from the anime, nothing of this belongs to me, it was made by Toei animation and Kenji Nakamura.

The medicine seller:
medicineseller2 medicineseller3 medicineseller1

With sword released:

release1 release2 release3

I could of course post pictures of the scenery too, but there is too much weird sceneries to choose from…

Another thing with this anime that is really gnawing at my nerves… You never get to know anything about the medicine seller, just that he sells medicines and has a morbid sense of humor… not even his name is given though the anime. But one thing is quite clear, even thou he can be seen by humans and appear human, he clearly isn’t human. He has long elf like ears, fangs and at the three last episodes of the series, a great time has gone by, yet he hasn’t aged at all.

I recomend this anime to everyone=) And I also post a picture I drew today, I will try to color it on photoshop later.


Youtube user

I am a person that likes to make music videos when I have the material and the chance for it, and like many others, my domain is Anime music videos.

http://www.youtube.com/user/ankichan is my site on youtube, and you won’t find anything else than music videos there. Some of the series that I have made of is xxxholic and Tsubasa by clamp, Trinity blood, bleach and a lot of Kingdom hearts…

Series: Bleach

Song: Soul Society – Kamelot

this is the first one I posted, it was a few years ago and I really never had any special thoughts about the video. But it seems to be one of the most popular I have…

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stats never lie… peopled loved it more than me.

Series: Trinity Blood

Song: Amazing – Aerosmith

I love the anime Trinity Blood, the series are based on a science fiction book series. It involves vampires and it is 900 years after armageddon. The humans and vampires share earth, but they don’t get along, and at the Vatican side of the fight, there is a being that feeds on the blood of vampires. If you don’t like anime, at least get the books=) They are comming out in english now.

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Series: xxxholic

Song: Time is running out – Muse

I love this one, the song so match the half mad personality of Watanuki (The one with glasses and a frustrated face) It is from both the movie and the anime, and I so look forward to the second season of the anime, and I hope they will have in the main story this time=)

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