Last pictures for Gravity Unlimited

The year is over, and the task has come to an end, and I thought I should post the two last pictures I made for the task ^.^

I originally planned on making this the main poster for the idea, but I got told by Amanda that it wasn’t dynamic enough, and that I should keep working on a previous picture.

I don’t know if it turned out the best, but I am quite pleased with both of them ^.^


Well, this is it for Gravity Unlimited for now, as far as I know. I might keep working on it, and I hope we get a equally fun task next semester =)

Working on Cian in 3D studio Max – part 1

So I am soon done with the paiting, and have started on character rigging in 3d studio max 8.

I have from before had two years with 3d studio at school, and I have made a human before, but that is with nothing inside that can make it move, so this will be my first time trying advanced character rigging. I also plan on doing realistic hair, since I just added plates and used a messy texture the last time.

Well, I will post my progress so far ^.^

1. Setting up the stage for the making of the character calls for at least three reference images, I didn’t care about the face for now, since I will make that in it’s own stage later and just add it together in the end:


2. I start on the shoes, I make one of them first, then just mirror the other so I won’t have to spend more time than I have to on something that is supposed to look the same:

(Notice that the pictures aren’t the best, rendered them quick for now, and the colors are just like that so I can see what is what when I work.)


3. Then I started with the pants, and once again I made one side first, before using mirror. You might notice that it isn’t quite done yet, since I am going to make the pants longer so they will fold over the shoes, I just have to think over how to do that, I will probably pull the sides down and fold them and cut and patch everything up a little ^.^


4. Then today I started on the vest, and I got it finished about a hour ago XD. If you see the picture I drew of Cian, he had a few details around his collar and down to his chest, I will have to arrange the rest of them for later, since I have to have something like a blouse under and a folded scarf thing over his chest. I let it be a little over his lower part, since the blouse will stick out there and cover the extra space.


Know that I haven’t used smooth on any of this yet, so it will all look better when I smoot it up and add some texture =) I’ll try to work fast so I can start on making the skeleton, I sure hope I can make it work, I will feel really proud of myself then, since I haven’t learned it at school ^.^

Painting Cian. part 1

So I decided to color something, and since I guessed that most in my class colored in Photoshop, I decided to do something different.

I am taking on the task of painting my picture of Cian on real canvas, this is just a small task so I will have more to show off at the end of the year.

Just to be warned, I don’t have any camera, and I can’t scan the canvas, so I have to use my cellphone for the screenshot, so it is a little blurry, and I haven’t gotten further than the clothes yet XD.


I’m going to continue painting during the weekend ^.^ I will post the progress.

Gravity Unlimited: gameplay and story

This is also the answer on a comment from Amanda=)

Acctually I found both names on a site for baby names=)
I tend to use sites like that when comming up with names, or I just tend to use the names I have used before. I didn’t use the names for culture really, just to find names that could mean something according to the character.

The reason Ryuunosuke’s face is crumbling is that he is unlike the others, it started happening before he found Cian. While the others is content with the life they lead, Ryuunosuke is curious to know if there is more outside the barrier of their town, and it is his curiosity that leads him to find the sleeping Cian.
Ryuunosuke reaches for a identity more than the others, and the more he reach, the more it is reganied, something that makes him a outsider for the others, but not for Cian who also want to know where he came from.
And even though Cian and Ryuunosuke don’t know, their pasts are linked together.

The lord of that world is the one who feared dying, and he saw that his only way out was to retreat completely into a shell. His fear mixed with his powers created a mental prison for himself and the people around him, creating the world where none other than he himself remembers what once happened. But what is left of him is just a darkened spirit, that would rather take everyone down with himself than to die alone.
But when the crumbling world was created, he split into two, the other part contaning the purer side of him. This part is the Cian the player controls, the innocent mind that don’t remember anything of what he once were.
And as the other one tries to forget all that had happened in the past, the unknowing part tries to wake it all up again by remembering, resulting in the crumbling of the world speeding up.

There is a person in the story that can be looked at as a phenomenon, the woman that I drew in the picture of the inside of the castle. She is a mystery to even the Lord, he does not know where she is from.
But she is the giant bird that acts as that world’s sun. At day time she lights the world, and at night she wander it in the form of a woman, searching for a way in entering the castle.
She is a reaper, come to claim the soul of the lord, who has escaped it for too long, and taken so many with him into his own madness.

I look at the events of this game to be more like part for part, you start of as Ryuunosuke leaves the shield to search for answers in the old mansion outside their town. Here he will have to fight of creatures that has set up nests there, and by accident he falls trough the floor, finding the sleeping Cian. That he wakes up by making too much noise when falling.
After this there is a time with Cian slowly getting accepted into the town, people understanding that his magic powers can help them keep the creatures that now knew they were there away.
Then Cian wants to know where he is from, and curiosity drives him to the castle at the other side of the gravity force between the worlds.
It is from this point that the game gets more serious, he and Ryuunosuke is caught in the gravity field, but for some reason wakes up unhurt at the other side. From here they have to enter the castle, and each floor holds the memories of the lord, and Cian starts to slowly understand that it is his memories also.
Rooms decorated with the sins and feelings of a tyrant with no compassion for others, memories that holds nothing but pain, hate and fear.
Each room allows the player to enter a new world, living trough parts of the memories and sometimes you can make them lighter. Instead of Cian living trough what the lord once went trough, he can make his own reality, and make a bright future for himself and his new friends.
But if you don’t succeed in making things better, you might get a different ending.
In between you can also enter the small town again, and do various small quests for the village people, that will be rewarded in items, or things you can use later to clear one of the stages in a better way to gain better memories.
At the end a lot happens, Ryuunosuke’s mask is destroyed, Cian will be able to choose which memories he will keep, and the battle against the Lord is of course the last boss fight.
And how it all ends, is decided by how good memories you were able to make for Cian.

I will think over conditions for making bright memories for the next post=)

2nd try at the character designs

I have tried on the character designs for the second time. I decided to make the lead character a little older than I first intended too, since I don’t think the rest would make any sense if he were to young.

I found names for the two lead characters, and I am working on writing the story, and also on adding a bad guy. Since there is no good games without least one bad guy to help the plot thicken.

2nd try on Cian (Ancient):


Even thou I made him older, he still seems a little like a kid, but that is intended. As one is dark, a younger part can also represent the light from the older and darker self, and if you reunite the two parts, you will get a whole person, with both light and dark.

2nd try on Ryuunosuke (Dragon shell):


Ryuunosuke is one of the faceless ones, and what makes him different from the rest is that his mask is crumbling, and that is looked at as a disfigurement by the others, as they have never seen a face before. The faceless ones have masks as their face, some have of stone, some of diamond, and things like that, and most of them end up drawing on the surface, in the depths of their mind reaching out for the a identity long lost.

They live in the safest part of the crumbling world, the gravity bridge between them and the dark castle at the other side and a shield made by the lord of the castle keeping their town from getting dragged into the gravity field.

But it all slowly changes, as Ryuunosuke finds Cian, waking him up from a slumber the lord of the castle once put him into.