Card making!


I have a lot of things I want to make for Christmas, and I now and again need pauses from all the sewing, so now I have started making some cards! This one is actually the first card I have made. It was made with the set from Panduro for the card base and the grey star background. The balls were from an old card set from there as well, and the god jul also a stamp from panduro. The sides are a tape with merry christmas in a lot of different languages.

It was really easy, and I like how it turned out.


Then I decided to try a bigger project where I had to make everything from scratch! It is a 13 X 13cm project, with a 3d card where the window is actually 1cm into the card itself.

The idea came from a Norwegian Christmas card greetings magazine I bought, and I tried to make it as good as possible without the same materials.

I will keep from saying too much about how to make it, since you can find the tutorial here. But I can add some pictures from the path to the hardest paper thing I have ever made XD.


I had a base of around 27 X 13 cm, and bended it in around 1 cm at the middle so you have a thick bend when it is closed. Then I make a 9 X 9 cm square where I want the window, and then put a second square around 0.5 cm in. Then you just mark both of them hard with a object to make a crease. Then you cut a X over the middle of both squares, and bend it all into the card like you see in the picture. Then you find a paper to use on the front, and cut it out how you want it to cover. I used the purple note and snow paper from Panduro’s nutcracker christmas collection.


After that I had a lot of small work to do. I found black thick paper to make the image in the window on. I used the square I cut out of the purple paper to see how big the image had to be, and I got a picture of santa and lightly taped it to the black, before I used white and green ink pads to make the image above. When it was done, I pulled the santa image off to leave a nice negative of santa. I added some ink on top as well, to leave an idea of clouds.

Then I cut out a window to put over the top of the card after putting the image into the holed out square. The window is sort of hard to make, but as long as you measure up what you need, and use a ruler, it works.

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Then I added it all together and got a 3D layered window card. The mix of green and white ink allowed the image to have a nice glow to it, but I am sad I didn’t have a few blue tones, as it would have fitted a night sky better.

After that it was just to add the small touches. Like some greetings on the front, and some snowflakes made with a normal die cutter. Then some stamps and phrases from various christmas sets, and I added some things inside the card to cover up the part where the card is cut in, and a page for writing a greeting to whoever gets this.

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All in all, this was a really fun thing to do. I hope I don’t get addicted, because it sort of sucks to do something this fun and then sit back with the card and feel like you can’t give it to anyone! XD

Productive Christmas season

I have started on Christmas presents already, and I have made a lot so far ^-^. I usually buy gifts, but this year I will try to make most of them =) Of course some people will get bought gifts, as I doubt small kids often likes soft packages XD


Painted a CLAMP picture of the Mokonas’. It is really bright and I sort of like it, so I might keep it myself XD


Two more Mokona pictures for two people =) I will add some text over the middle =)


A table runner I don’t even know who will get yet XD


Made an adorable Tilda doll. It was the new toys that came out this season, and it looks adorable =)


made a small filt maskot for a friend =) It was actually really fun, so now I am working on making more for other friends =)

Well, that is a few things I am making for Christmas =) Will try to make some other stuff as well, and if you wonder about the patterns to any of these small things, just ask. I don’t think I can put out the pattern to the Tilda doll, but the bunny and the table runner should be ok =)

Back home after summer ^-^

I have been visiting my mother for a while now, and have gotten back home now, and as usual, I had to clean a lot when I got back. But this time I cleaned a lot, and also packed my old computer away, as it is only collecting dust. But after taking it away, I finally got enough space to make my own working space!





I got some pictures up on the wall, and sorted my scrapbooking, sewing, quilting and drawing stuff a little. My plan is to try and make some christmas gifts now that I have the time for it, but so far I have only finished some stuff for myself.

IMG_1165 IMG_1166 IMG_1169





It is a simple tablecloth that I have been working on for a while, but I didn’t get the time to get it together before now. I also tried some stitchery from a old Norwegian series named Flåklypa, because I really really loved the christmas movie XD. I am packing it away now, and going to put it under my TV for Christmas, with some pretty christmas lights on =).

IMG_1170 IMG_1171Then I finished up a filt poncho I started before I went to stay at my moms. It is a pattern from a christmas themed Tilda book, and when I finally got it done, I decided to make a hat too, since I had a lot of filt left. I might have a small problem with that I didn’t get to iron it down inside, but I found out that ironing burns the fabric away, so it is a little bulky.

Now I am going to make dinner, and life is good =w=. Now Halloween and christmas can come.


My Scrapbooking ventures

I have done a lot of different things since I posted last, I just haven’t had the time to post much. I have had work, and I have played a lot of Final Fantasy XIV (still doing : D) but now that summer is coming, and vacation is just around the corner, I thought I should just try to post a few more things here.

First I will try to show some pictures of my adventures in Scrapbooking! I know I posted some about it earlier, but I’ll try to tell and show a little more of it now.

Some of the basic sets I bought later, because even if the book I bought with the first set was good, it was really small, one of these had a medium book, that seemed better for me to use at journaling.

Some of the basic sets I bought later, because even if the book I bought with the first set was good, it was really small, one of these had a medium book, that seemed better for me to use at journaling.

I always just thought scrapbooking looked really boring, and I mostly saw it as making pretty family albums or just more hardcore cards. But I found

I bought a set at Panduro first, with how to books, and all you needed to start, I also got a lot of things beside that, so I think I got broke the first time I started XD

I bought a set at Panduro first, with how to books, and all you needed to start, I also got a lot of things beside that, so I think I got broke the first time I started XD

out I could actually do more with it than that, when my little brother’s girlfriend started wanting to make a scrapbook journal. I raided Panduro when I got back home that summer, and got all the journaling stuff I thought looked cool. After that I realized I sadly am not one for journaling. But, on the other side, I like making stories. And what better to give a fairy tale feel with, than fantasy filled scrapbook art?

I already posted some pictures from my original story book idea that I were working on as a gift for my niece. I weren’t able to finish it for christmas because of lots of work, but I will still work on it as time goes, and hopefully it will be finished while she can still enjoy it. Someone also told me it could be a good idea for a children’s book, so who knows?

Other than that I started working on an original short fairy tale story based on my own stories. I even bought a really pretty album with a fairy tale theme, together with the background papers that came along with it. It has everything from dragons, fairy tale quotes, to really fantasy inspired designs, and I know I will get to use most of them in time. I also bought a lot of different design papers at different shops in town, and I feel quite pleased with a lot of the things I have gotten. Stamps with ABCs on them, and different stamp colors. A lot of smaller design papers to use in different ways, and also lots of pretty things to put on to make the designs even more unique.

To be able to do something smaller as well, that I can just really focus on, and then get it done without feeling like I have hundred more things to do with it, as an eventual book would do, I also started a small project. A sort of series with one picture done at a time. It will be a series of unique ideas, all linked together with it being about the characters from my books. So basically each of them gets one verse, and one page to their unique personality and story. So far I have only made one, but I really liked how it ended up.





Once upon a early start on gift season

I am usually the sort of person that uses a lot of time during Christmas to get people gifts. I enjoy getting gifts myself, but because I am over 18, I don’t get much from not close family anymore, and most of my friends lives too far away. So my satisfaction, is to give gifts to the people I care about and hope they enjoy it. I think I each year actually tell them to not open any gifts from me before I am standing before them so I can see if they like it. (I am so sorry family XD)

Last year I found out something new and fun to do, and that was to make the gifts. I have a lot of fabric, so I made table runners and decorative stuff to have for christmas. I at least hope people liked it ^-^.

This year I have started on some other projects, which I will not tell of here, since most of the people getting them know me on facebook and will then sort of know what they will get for Christmas. But there is one special gift I am making this year, that will be a challenge at least, and I am quite sure she does not have a facebook yet.

My little brother’s girlfriend started doing scrapbooking during the summer, and when I got back to Bergen, I might have raided Panduro, and then Nille…. and then hobbykjellern… and then more Panduros, and then all the Nilles…. So now, I have a really big collection of various paper and stuff to make scrapbooks. I then found a really nice album, and ordered a pretty one with lots of fairy tale papers from America.

So, since I love fairy tales, I decided to try and make a original fairy tale book, with scrapbooking and soft pastell colors on black, for my youngest niece, and about my youngest niece.

So far I have just done a little, but I hope I can get it done for Christmas ^.^

bilde 1(1) bilde 2(1) bilde

Why I write

Ever since I learned to write I can remember writing. As a kid I would cut up my drawing papers and make my own little note book where I wrote the long awaited sequal to Roald Dahl’s Witches, or I would get drawing books  from school and make lines, for then to continue the stories of Jill Valentine after the T-virus was defeated the first time.

I remember starting my own stories and letting my close friends read them ever since I entered high school. To hear them want to read more made me happy, it was like I was sharing a deep secret that only they could ever understand. I wrote adventures that I read to my little brother when I put him to bed and we felt like we were both on adventures, my brother even cried at times, as his favorite characters faced dangers it seemed they would not recover from. Those are still our stories, and we have never let anyone else read or listen to them, and I know we never will.

But as the times went by, I started to develop my writing a little, and I started writing more in english, something that had left me, if I can say so myself, quite good with understanding english. I started to dare write more dramatic, and I kept writing even harder. I felt like if I just continued, something great would come, something amazing.

Then, around 10 years ago, I started writing a really dark story, and I kept writing it when I could, adding more and more layers until I almost fell in love with my own characters. They were my babies, I had created them and I cared for them, let them grow up, and let them progress as I felt they should. But there was something not right yet, there was like something was missing, something amazing.

That amazing thing started around that same time, all those years ago, I just didn’t know it yet. I hadn’t formed it into the right thing yet. It hadn’t become amazing yet.

With my brother and my cousin I went out to try and create adventures when we found ourselves bored one summer, and we made our own characters to play. I found the name from a manga I read at the time, gave one name to my brother’s character, and the other to my own. A naive creation, a seemingly failure driven wizard, haunted with only knowledge and no luck.

iconNoin Celestine.

From an innocent and carefree start, a new universe started to expand. My old stories got new form, as I added the blue haired menace of a wizard into all the stories. As a side character or as a unseemly hero. He grew with me, I went to University with him, and he changed as I changed, for good and for bad.

I think I could let someone read my stories through the ages, and they would see how my mentality changes through my stories, through my characters and through how happiness tends to change to darkness. In the start I wrote a happy start for Noin, where he lived a good life and ended up with the Lord of Destiny, who he became apprentice for and learned magic. But as I redid the story around 10 years later, it turned dark and even his time as an apprentice had its dark sides. No longer alone with his Master, but also with a group called the Reapers, all different people with different values in life, and each their dark side.

But through all that darkness, each of them showed that they could face the light. I think I grew and learned that people are not always kind and gentle, I was no longer naive about life, but I wished so hard for kindness that I would stick to all the darkness until at least a shred of light could be salvaged. Until a smile was saved, I would not let it go.

Through hundreds of different stories, with hundreds of different characters and thousands of words, I searched for light, and it was always found. People would find each other, and people would laugh and be happy, and I would find myself smiling and being happy with them. When they cried I would now and again cry with them! But still, even if everyone else were happy, I would always somehow break Noin in the end. If he was happy he would tear everything apart, if he was happy he would break the world down and be left with nothing. In the end, he ended up as nothing but a watcher, that could only watch his loved ones be happy and be sure to keep them happy. He gave everything for his loved ones, and was left with nothing himself. We will never get anything back.

As a person that has always tried my best to do everything right, I help people, and often don’t ask for anything back. I listen to people and try to support them if I can, and through the years I have noticed that most of the time, I get nothing back, and a lot of times I seem to stand back alone, without anything to show for my time, or any sign of gratitude at all. It is like people grab a part of my being each time, and in the end only my essence stands back, and it gets more and more tiering each time. Like I am slowly fading away, and want to scream for someone to notice. I am here. This is me. Listen to me back, please.

But I thankfully have someone who listens, and lends me their strenght, and my way of thanking them is by borrowing their virtues. My cousin’s amazing personality for the villains that just wants to be evil because they can. My first roomate’s playful yet serious demeanour that fit perfect with how Noin’s Master eventually ended up after I lived with her for three years. And my second roomate’s gentle and kind personality she put into her own characters that she let me use for my Reapers.

Through the years I have understood, that Noin is me, and I am Noin. The stories and the character change with my life, and I cannot let him be really happy, because I myself still has yet to reach that. I can write the part of it well, but it will just be an illusion until someone comes along and spreads a neverending happiness in my soul. Until then I will live strong on the kindness of others and the universe of my own creation.

I write because I am nothing without it. I am a silent person normally, and my stories is my voice. It is how I try to let others see my vision and views. My entire life I have been plain, and easy to overlook. I am average at everything, and never really outstanding. I draw, but don’t really feel like I am amazing at it. I sew, but don’t feel like it is any good. I write, but the sad fact is that I have never been outstanding in it. Never once have a teacher taken out my hand ins and read it to the class, never have I even gotten a good grade on a story.

I write to let my voice out, but until I feel strong enough to scream out, no one will ever know these amazing stories as I do, no one will ever know who I am, no one will listen and when my time is over, all I want is for someone else to know who Noin is, and who his precious people are, because, then I at least know I will never be forgotten.

Because, what I have learned from my writing, is that even if a lot of people you meet on the way can suddenly stop talking to you, and even if people go away and leave you alone. Never regret the moments! Live with the memories, and never forget the fun times! All the pain is worth it then, as long as it leaves good memories, if it just leaves sad memories, it was not worth it.

Be happy, be creative! Let no one bring you down, and you can create an universe!





What can happen during a 3 hour walk?

What can happen? Firstly, you will get painful horrible blisters. I have been limping around since I got home and took the shoes off. Class act, I know XD

But besides that, I have been able to see a lot of nice scenery, found a nice place to rest and draw, and found a place to bring my family for bathing and to grill when they come to visit during easter and May if it is nice weather!

New nice bathing/hangout place:

IMG_0209 IMG_0212 IMG_0213 IMG_0217 IMG_0219 IMG_0220 IMG_0222 IMG_0211 IMG_0214 IMG_0216 IMG_0218 IMG_0221


Random places seen while walking:

IMG_0198IMG_0245  IMG_0200IMG_0239   IMG_0227IMG_0205


And I think I found a haunted house XD:

I have no idea what this building is, but it looks giant and there is no people there as far as I could see. I really want to look over all the pictures and see if I can see a ghost or something XD.

IMG_0229IMG_0235IMG_0232 IMG_0233 IMG_0234


And my drawing done in the wonderful sunlight:

The character is from a new story I started after I finsihed one I have been working on for ages. And I were quite proud of how he turned out =)


the story of my death is greatly exaggerated

dem Xem iconI know I have been silent for at least over a year now on this account, but I will try to get into it more again now. I have had a tumblr and work year, and haven’t had time to do as many things as I did before, but it will change now. I will find a job that suits me more, and probably won’t be on tumblr as much anymore. But rping there was a lot of fun, and I have gotten a lot of new friends there! At least I have drawn a lot of Kingdom Hearts for year to come XD.

So have a chib demon Xemnas, and I might update with photos as I go, as well as some stuff from Final Fantasy XIV online, as I am also playing that now ^.^, might also post more Sound Horizon stuff, because Sound Horizon. I will try to get more done on reviewing movies, since that would be really fun ^.^ I watch a lot of horror movies, with a love for the ones from the black age to the 80s and early 90s. There are a lot of gems there people! A lot of good laughs.

Oh, I also got to use my Noin cosplay for Halloween, so I might add pictures of the awesome top hat I made out of old fabric and cupboards.



OooO Kingdom heartsu yoO!


Ok, so what can I say about Kingdom Hearts? While Final Fantasy 7 was the first game I saw that made me understand how awsome games could be, it might be that Kingdom Hearts have had a bigger impact on my teenage mind. I think Square enix were genius with the marketing for this, because what everyone is probably remembering about it, is all the damned waiting!

The first final fantasy game that I bought myself, after I had gotten my own playstation 2 for christmas, was 10, and I played it proudly, but what was really special, was the DVD that followed with. It had the music video for Suteki da ne of Rikki (who is also known from Sound Horizon=)), and then there was trailers for a upcoming game. Kingdom Hearts, a weird hybrid of Disney and Final Fantasy. I think I laughed of the idea Imageat first, before I saw just who I would meet in the game: Cloud and Squall! You have to remember, this was the time before final fantasy games had continuations! Final Fantasy X-2 and Advent Children had not come out yet, so when a final fantasy game ended, you would have to replay it to see the characters again. But here, we had the promise of more Cloud! And also a lot of other characters we had missed, together with Disney! It was so stupid yet so awsome!

But then came the waiting. I think I watched the trailers over a hundred times while I waited for a year or more. This was before I had internet, so I could just check updates wagely on the net when I were visiting my friend, and I really didn’t know how to find all I wanted at the time. But I waited, and I did more… I looked at each scenes, and at each character, and I decided that I could guess what all this was about, so I wrote Kingdom hearts, or at least what I thought it would be XD.
I had soon written one entire book of what I thought would happen in Kingdom Hearts, and I read the stories to my little brother when he were going to sleep. I knew I had done well when he were either crying or terrified! But at least he was looking forward to Kingdom Hearts as much as me=).

Then, after a lot of waiting, I went to our game store one day, a day before the game were supposed to come, and to my shock, it was there! I got my mom to get me my money and I bought it there, brought it home, and put on the game to surprise my brother as he came home!
We played and played and the game were even more than we had hoped! I can give a hint of how awsome we thought it was: At the time in the game when Sora loses his heart to save Kairi, we had to put on pause, because we were going to one of the Harry Potter movies. We have never felt so pissed at a Harry Potter movie ever! We really didn’t want to go, but had to because my friends were waiting for me. And when we got home my brother had to sleep, and I had to promise both him and my mom to not play before we both came home from school. I were not pleased… -.-

But what hit me with Kingdom Hearts, were that even if I looked forward to it because of the merge of my favorite childhood things, it was the main story that remained with me. Sora, Riku and Kairi grew on me, and in the end, I were more interested in how things would go, would everything end fine? Would Riku Imagebecome friends with Sora again, would Kairi wake up, and would Sora be able to become human again? And… who were Ansem, The seeker of darkness really? But fuck that shit! This is Square Enix, and when they want to make you suffer and wait they do their damned best!
Kingdom Hearts ends with a cliffhanger that haunted my generation of gamers, and continued to do so for three years! Three years before the second game came out, and by that time, Square enix created something that would spiral the Kingdom Hearts series merciless into the heart of all fan girls.

It all started with a secret trailer that would forever change the mood of the Kingdom Hearts franchise. If you cleared everything in the game, you would get it at the end, and when a updated version of the game, final mix came, you could get a longer trailer that showed what you could expect from Kingdom Hearts 2.

O.O this trailer… it blew my mind! And remember, Disney is still in this shit! This turned into a mix of mindfuckery, final fantasy and disney, and they made you accept it all together! I went on forums where people were trying to solve all these puzzles and guess what was happening! This went on for years!

Then a game boy game, named Kingdom Hearts: Chain of memories came out, and I got that, and here it is that the fan girls would get theirs! This started to introduce the villains for Kingdom Hearts, Organization 13!


They are a group of black clad men (and women) made up of the empty bodies that has had their hearts stolen, who all search for a way of returning their hearts. And even though they are the bad guys, people loved them! I sat through chain of memories and cried for myself each time I had to kill one of them! I’m just happy I didn’t have to kill Zexion T.T He is so cute.

And then the real trailers for Kingdom Hearts 2 started coming, and people were ready for it! Soon the game came out, and I were at university now, but still played it together with my room mate who would look mad at me each time I killed a Orgy 13 member T.T, I felt evil each time.

But kingdom hearts 2 soon ended as well, and it seemed like it would all come to a end this time, as Imageeverything seemed to work out for our heroes. But after the credits it all changes, and also here there was a secret trailer, but not for kingdom hearts 3, but for a prequal game named Kingdom hearts: Birth by sleep, which tells the story of a woman named Aqua, and her friends, who would have a lot to do with both Sora and the Organization in the future!

But before that, there came a game about Roxas, the organization version of Sora, and his year in the organization before he joined together with Sora again in Kingdom hearts 2. And to sum this game up: Orgy 13 all around!!!!! But it was still sad to play a game where you knew you would soon kill everyone…

Then came the newest one, that is sort of like Chain of memories in its time, as it tries to build the bridge between the first and the second game, so dream drop distance probably is what we can expect in Imagekingdom hearts 3. And if that is true… GIVE ME!!!! We got new plot twists, and it seems that all of Orgy 13 is back! Not as their heartless selves, but once more as complete beings! Ienzo is adorable when he rants about science! And it is sort of amusing to see that he seems to bear no grudge towards Lea (Axel) who got him killed in Chain of memories. I won’t spoil Dream drop distance, since it is new, but HELL YEAH! Lea is awsome! Epic rescues of awsome and betrayal heartbreak all around!!!

There has been no reason for this blog post, I just wanted to get out my relationship with Kingdom Hearts in words. After all, I think it does define a little of me, and parts of how I can have so sudden moodswings in my writing, I learned from the best ^-^ Testuya Nomura is still my hero, and I hope he will have time to make Kingdom Hearts 3 in the future, but not before I have gotten my own ps3 to play it on=).

(Oh, and those of you who got the post name, I and the superior salutes you!)


Walking this road, without you.

To remake forgotten promises

and meet you at the roads end.

Faded memories.

Reconstructed memories.

A dream – A dream of you…

in a world without you.

The dream I see in the world without you.

A thorn dream,

like a memory from the far past.

I’d like to put it together.

With you…

Current life

Well, I know I have been silent for at least two months now, but there is a reason. I am now employed at a handcrafts shop in Bergen, and for the first time in my life, I have a steady job! =)
I have two days in the month when the paychecks comes out, and I am now halfway to financing a new super computer! I have also found out that adobe have fixed a new thing so you can just pay a fee each month for using all their programs! I am so using it when I get my new computer, then I will try and do a lot of fun stuff again=) I at least want to get used to Dreamweaver again and then make a new website for myself!

Other than that I am done with my quilted table runner! I just found out too late that I do not have any table long enough for it XD

Right now it is hanging from one of my new shelves, since my awsome mother came over and decided that since I have a job now, and will be living here for a while, I had to have a nice and clean place to live, with a lot of space! She took it upon herself to paint and buy me new furniture=)