Koredemo shitsuji DEATHッ☆!


I started watching the Kuroshitsuji anime with a open and innocent mind. But my mind is beyond help now, Grell is jumping around inside my head.

I have seen a lot of Jack the Ripper versions, and the worst is that I have seen worse than Grell. But the problem is that all the worst ones came the same month!

First I watched the detective Conan movie 6 – phantom of baker street, where Jack the Ripper was a neglected mothers boy dressed in drag.

Then I saw Grell the first time, he is just the one doing the small jobs for his mistress Lady Red, but he is half of  Jack  the Ripper. But I just loved the guy! His craziness, and his countless tries on seducing the terrified Sebastian XD For a demon, he sure handles sexual harassment bad XD.

Then the worst version, that I saw at one of the Christmas specials of the crime series Jonathan Creek. The magician Adam plans on making a Jack the Ripper magic show for Christmas, and since he is a ladies man, he can’t say against his foreign sew-stress. Not even if she miss-heard Frock coat for frog-coat, something that leaves the Jack the Ripper of this story a grown man dressed in a giant frog costume.


But back to the Grell at hand! A crazy Grim reaper with love for red, and a black clothed special someone!

He starts of as the disaster spreading butler of Ciel’s aunt Madame Red. In the manga he just looks helpless and clueless in the background as his mistress makes a racket at everything. But in the anime he got more love, and episode three resolves greatly around him as he is sent to the Phantomhive to get schooled by Sebastian.


He is a bigger hazard than the guys already working there, and if he messes up, he does not see any other choice than to repent by killing himself (Hanging, stabbing.) But Sebastian stops him with the order that if he is going to die, do it outside to spare him the extra cleaning.(For some reason this makes Grell fall more in love.)


He is later forced by Ciel’s fiance Lizzie to wear a dress for the ball, and it seems he is quite embarrassed over this, as she forces him to wear a innocent white and childish dress, while he would want a passionate red with sexy cuts. He also sings while Sebastian plays violin in this episode, showing that he can at least do something right.


He then takes Lizzie home, leaving with the words that will later become more meaningful. ‘Koredemo shitsuji des!’ (I am a butler, I think)

The next time Grell come out for a big role is in episode five, and this is one of his only big roles for now in the manga, since he hasn’t returned yet after Jack the Ripper case.

But this time he isn’t as lovable and helpless as usual, as he is found at the crime scene of the last Jack the Ripper victim, Mary Jane Kelly. Covered in blood he tries to tell he is innocent, but Sebastian and Ciel watched the only way there, and he hadn’t been seen enter after the death scream of the victim.


And the next scene will scar my memories for years, I kind of liked the cute image Grell had, and then he goes and make this face!:


And before Sebastian’s eyes, Grell is quite proud over saying that he is a wonderful actress (Yes, he uses those words!) as he changes his appearance and shows up with make up for the first time.



He this time introduce himself with ‘Koredemo shitsuji DEATH!’ (I am a DEATH butler, or something like that.) He engages in battle with Sebastian, wielding a instrument not yet invented as his death schyte, a chainsaw.

He then kills his mistress Madame Red, as she couldn’t kill her nephew, and under the orders of Ciel, Sebastian almost kills the Death god with his own scythe, but Grell is saved in time, by his fellow death god, William T. Spears.

Everyone has their fun in using the defenseless Grell as punching bag, until he is brought back for his punishment for being involved with humans and killing people not on the death list.

William has appeared again in the manga, but Grell is still getting his punishment, but the anime uses the power of fillers, and has once more brought the crazy death god to the screen! This time bribed by Ciel to protect him. (He can get what he wants from Sebastian if he obeys.) So I kind of hope the anime will set him in as a butler of the Phantomhive, that would be so great! I want the stupid and helpless Grell back ^.^.