My Stories

The Curse of the Sinner


It is around the start of 1800, and in a little town where witches and superstition is a natural part of the day, something horrifying is happening.

Young women is found murdered brutaly, and the police stands with no evidence in the case. A young boy named Mikal seems to be the murderes obsession, and in between witches, werewolves, humans and vampires, who can Mikal trust?

A fairy-tale like story where nothing or no one is what they seem.



A 18 year old boy with a mysterious sickness, that makes him weak and forces him to keep bed most of the time. He lives with his father and his wife, while his mother is a witch and temptress living alone in the forest.

He does not expect to live a long life, but it all changes when the kind and mysterious doctor Gabriel comes to be his new doctor.

~ Dr. Gabriel Moore~

A young looking doctor that claims to be a distant relative of Count Richard. He seems like a nice and competent doctor, but there is still something not right. He is over 50 years old, but still looks at the start of his twenties, and his hair is long and snow white.

He takes Mikal under his care, and Mikal soon becomes reliant of his new doctor.

Gabriel does not want to tell anything of his past, but it catches up with him, in the form of his twice as mysterious caretaker: Raphael.

~ Raphael~

Gabriel’s caretaker, who is supposedly twice as old as him, but who still looks as young as him.

While Gabriel is a serious person, Raphael is carefree and warm man. He is an old friend of Mikal’s mother May, and tries to overlook her affection for him as he himself has only eyes for one person.

Raphael might end up to be a even greater mystery than Gabriel.


The son and heir of Count Richard, and Mikal’s half brother. He is the biggest playboy in the town, and uses his free time to either check up girls in town or make a fight at the bar.

He might seem like a classic spoiled brat, but he really cared for his family, and also for the maid Sophia.

~Count Richard~

A kind old man that does all to be a good father, husband and magistrate of the small town of Hind. He married the widow of his brother and took in her and her young daughter Sung, they then have Tiron and later he also adopts Mikal, whom May tells is his son after a one night stand.

Richard is found of his wife, but he has never gotten over his childhood love for May, so he always does his best to care for her from a distance.


Mikal’s mother and a known witch in the village of Hind. She lives alone in the forest, but sent her son to live with the Count when she understood he were too sick for her to take care of.

She uses her beauty to get what she wants, and many of the women of the village wants her gone, as she also cares nothing about if the man is married or not.

But she cares for her son, even though she hides more than one dark secret about his birth and about a childhood he does not remember much of.


A rookie policeman that is the only one to handle the cases in Hind, a nice guy that went to school with Tiron and also cares a lot for Mikal.


His real name is James, but since he is the leader of the police for Hind and the bigger town not long away, he is mostly called Boss.

A down to earth guy, who has a devoted wife, but still miss having a son or daughter. A childhood friend of May and Richard.


A famous detective who helps where he is needed. He comes to Hind to help, but for some reason he keeps Gabriel as the head suspect.

Lost his daughter and wife years ago, as his wife for some reason went crazy and killed their child, before she killed herself.


Mikal’s cousin and childhood friend, their equal innocence makes them a perfect match, if any of them has the courage to take the step out.


A young boy that looks at Mikal and Gabriel as his parents, there is more to him than meets the eyes, and he also says that his name changes after his father’s sadness.


A name that appears everywhere. What could Lilith have done that was so bad that all her decendants is cursed to suffer? And how come the legend of the demon king Dies stopped the day the curse of Lilith started?


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