1st December!

Ok! Now it is the 1st of December, and I am free! I know I haven’t updated for a while, but that is because after Halloween ended, I had a month of deep study and ebil exams! (But hey, history reading is easier in the long run than Japanese…)

Just finished the last one yesterday, and you know what that means? This whole December, I have vacation!!! I am staying in Bergen until monday, then I will start on the nine hour trip back home to my hometown and be with my family until school starts again=) My mom and little brother have moved now, but at least now we have our own net, so that won’t be a problem this year! I thought about making a post each day till Christmas, with one Christmas related thing each day=). (I’m just bored and need to make someone suffer with my Christmas expectationsXD)

But what a start of December XD I just saw lightning and there was a big bang XD Was a real thunder clap above the place when I had my exam as well, and then all of us inside the gym just suddenly heard the rain hit down XD It was massive! I’ll clean my room later today, and I think it is stupid that I don’t have any decorations right now… would be nice to put up, but that would be so stupid since I just stay here a few days and then leave.

Oh! I am also making clothes for Christmas! I feel really proud! I found the holy place of fabric here in Begen, a shop called Stoff og Stil. It was so big!! And some of the fabrics were so cheap! Some of them went all the way down to 11 kr for the meter! (1.9 in dollars).

I bought fabric for about 300 kr worth, but I don’t regret anything! I bought four different fabric, one gradianted blue that I think might be quilted or something, I got three meters of it because it was the cheapest and I wanted to make a smal over jacket for the cold Christmas XD I am soon done with it now, I just have to sew the sides in and also get a blue thread to line around it, and I might have to add some extra around because I have a fair bossom XD somthing the japanese pattern books does not take into account.

This is the form of it, but I am not going to cut it up like that XD I am going to wear it for Christmas after all, if it looks weird, I will not be allowed XD.

Then I bought two meters of a black fabric with stretch, that I will make a black blouse off, that I can wear this over! And if I don’t want to use this over it, I used the two other fabrics I bought and made myself a vest! And I love it! It became so beautiful!

You don’t really see the nice pattern on the blue or the way I put together the striped black and red here, but at least you can see how it ended up=) I am not entierly done with it, since I have to make the holes for the buttons, but I don’t have a sewing machine, so I am asking my mom to borrow her’s when I get home since this blue fabric will fall apart the second you cut into it, so did the other fabric, so by the time I were going to sew in the sides, most of the threads had fallen out, and I couldn’t even get most of it together in a nice way T.T. At least it is on the inside that the worst parts are, and no one will see them XD.

Then I will leave you with the 1st December Christmas memories! In Norway we have a long tradition of Christmas calenders on the children TV, most adults still watch some of them today! I am one of those, and this year it seems I will be watching Christmas on blue mountain once more XD But these clips are from one of the oldest ones, and because of running time that is less than the others and maybe because children just don’t like these sort of stuff anymore, it won’t be sent again on TV, but that won’t stop me crying over the opening melody each year! I love this series, and I don’t care about the fact that now most of it seems to be parodied as one big pedo joke! This is childhood and Christmas for me!!!


The great flood of 2011 :P

Here in Gubrandsdalen we have just had a terrible rainstorm, it has cleared up today, but the roads and campings are under water around here. At Otta, the water has even reached the shopping mall!

I am at Dombås today, and me and my mother drove here trough the storm last night and it was really scary! I have never been in a car when you almost can’t see a thing because of the rain! It was slippery and the trucks that drove past hit us with all the water they had!

But now we might be stranded here in Dombås, since the river is blocking all the bridges over to the other side XD.

I took a few pictures, and I will post some of them here ^-^