Kyou Kara Maoh!

From the moment Yuri is flushed by bullies down the toilet and enters a new world, his life will never be the same.

Kyou Kara Maoh! (Demon king from today!) is a mirrored take on the classical weak and normal guy gets sent to a new world, figures out there is a great destiny waiting for him there and so on and so on. It is such a cliche that even the lead hero Yuri starts mocking it in the end. But where Kyou kara Maoh changes all this, is with the fact that Yuri is not going to be a hero for justice that is going to save humankind. He is the destined new demon king, that has been sent from another world to help them lead the war against the humans.

He can’t get home, and he does his best to do what they exspect of him. He tries to learn magic, understand politics, and the weird differences that world has to his own. But the sons of the previous Maou is not all pleased with having him there. Konrad, the middle brother who is also half human, adores Yuri, and seems to already have a special bond with him. The oldest brother Gwendal, that has to handle the politics for him, wants to see a stronger resolve from his new leader(I love Gwendal! He is my favorite just because of his small dirty secrets XD), and the youngest brother Wolfram, who detests humans and thinks that Gwendal is the best for the position of Maou. It all turns hillarious when he gets into a real fight with Yuri over the fact that Yuri’s mother is a human, and it all ends with Yuri proposing to him and then accepting a duel by picking up a knife XD.

The anime is based on a series of Novels, and with a lot of time to build up the characters you will fall in love with most of them. It sort of ends up like the typical harem set up, just with a lot of men instead. But all of it is sweet, and we also see the real struggle Yuri has as he decides that he don’t want to rule a land living in constant fear of humans or demons attacking. So his resolve is to make a world with peace, where humans and demons can live side by side with no worries.

Out on his own, or with his trusted friends on the side, Yuri is able to win over the hearts and trust of anyone he meets, and if there comes troubles their way, it always helps that he harbours a demon king inside with awsome powers but bad taste XD.

I haven’t watched all of the third season yet, but I will when I have time this summer! There is also a pc dating sim game, that is really innocent and allows you to as Yuri get better to know one of the other characters.

PS: This anime has the most awsome demon sword ever!!! And it is a pervert XD Mufu XD