Gacha win in Pangya XD

I won the punky waiter set for Kaz in Pangya XD I will not say how many Gacha I bought to win this XD

I am a little dissapointed, since I saw the pictures they have on the site about this set, and Kaz had different hair, so I thought the style would follow, but it didn’t… But hey, I love the glasses XD

Pangya fun!!!

The Pangya Island tour is on again for this year! I have already cleared it once, and I won the swimsuit for Hana. I am still going, and plan on winning a lot more! (Need the pang I will get from selling them XD)

My Hana in her new swimsuit XD

And I also bought more points, I used most of it on Lucia and Nuri, since I wanted some stuff for them, but the main reason I bought it was because I wanted the new hair style for Kaz! I love it!!!

My Kaz in his japanese clothes =) So cute with his new hair!

The old halloween clothes fits the new hair well, I like it=)

And I leave you with this! A testament to my awsome!!!!:

Playing Pangya ^.^

I am a Pangya player, or Albatross18 as it seems to be called at the site itself. I haven’t played more than a month or two, but I am getting better ^.^ even gotten to become a ‘Beginner E’

I have three characters, the one I started with ‘Hana’ and one my bother bought for me for helping him collect hearts for a special item event, and the third one I bought myself for hard earned pang=).

1. Hana


2. Kaz


3. Kooh


If you are a player too, don’t hesitate to invite me for a game ^.^ And if you aren’t a player already, here is the link to the site, it is free and a lots of fun when you get into it=)