12th December

Well, now I have read my entire book about old Norwegian Christmas lore! And I thought I would share some of it each day that had any importance in the past. Firstly it is the night to st. Lucy’s day, that was something entierly different in Norway. This is the dark night where all the danger in the old Norwegian Christmas starts. All big preparations should have been done by this night, and the farmers went around and made special preparations for the longest and most dangerous night of the year.

On the walls outside there would be made crosses with tar, and iron crosses would be placed in special spots around inside the house to keep all evil out.

Just what was the danger they wanted to protect from?

In Norway we had Lussi, a woman that looked like a monstrous demon, that would take away children that walked out on the night to the 13th, and she would come in and destroy the chimney if the household hadn’t done the work before christmas, then the family wouldn’t get any warmth for christmas.

It is also said that the farmer would leave the animal early this night, since this was the only night of the year that the animals could talk to each other.

A old story in Norway also said that Lussi had been the first wife of Adam, and she had tried to hide her children away from God, and thus he had cursed her children to be hidden away from humans, expect for this, the longest night of the year. One can find some similarities in this story to the story of Lilith and Adam, so maybe Lussi is just the Norwegian answer of Lilith, the mother of demons that had also been Adam’s wife, and the first real feminist :P.

But the most scary thing that could appear in this night, and also through all the nights from the 12th to the 7th of January, is Aasgardsreia, a follow of the dead, that had not in their life been moral, so they could not come to heaven, but they had never been so bad that they would be taken down to hell. Because of the name it was also believed that the old norse gods also followed in it, as it was said that Thor, the god of thunder was in the front of this follow.

They could take everything from horses to food, and they would take away the people that saw them, and opened their mouth to say anything else than the name of God or Jesus. They would come back the next day, but never again be the same. Just their souls could be taken away as well, and could only come back if the ones around them at the time called their names to call them back to their bodies.

To save yourself you could utter the name of God or Jesus, or toss yourself down in the snow and have your arms out to form a cross.

So all of you should be careful tonight ^-^


New rares in Pangya XD

Well, I didn’t win the guild contest XD But I also entered into a comic contest, and won a special set for Kooh only for the ones entering in the contest ^.^

(Kooh blood maiden set XD)

Then the entire month I have checked attendance every day, to be able to get the special school uniform for Lucia ^.^

(I will use it for a while I think XD But with other shoes and my adorable hair buns XD)

I am also getting a month attendance rare from Grand Chase, so I am looking forward to that ^.^

Getting family visit this week, looking forward to it! =)

PS: If anyone wants to get a pangya invitation for the refer a friend event, I’ll send one XD I don’t know if it works outside of America, but I am willing to try XD (since there will be gifts for new persons and their inviters XD)