Just having fun ^-^

I have done a lot of different stuff for one vacation. I have given out a lot of job applications, and also took a course for computers free through NAV, of course I am good enough in computers from before, but now I have the driver licence in computer XD.

If I haven’t gotten a job before the end of this month I will start on a new course, and that will last until December if I get in ^-^.

But other than that I have just sown a lot! And written a lot! There has been two NaNoWri camps. I am on the second now, and were a winner at the first one, and hope to sail this in as well! I have a lot of ideas, and there will be everything from the world being taken over by demons and similar creatures and America taken over by zombies XD.

Back to the sowing! I have discovered the quilt and fabric designs of Jinny Beyer, and after I bought a bag pattern from a small shop named Quiltekroken, I orderd a lot of fabric from Jinny Beyer on ebay! I made a bag from start to finish, and other than the fact that I have to fix the sides now, I am proud!










Other than that I am still working on the blanket for my nephew, and I have also started on this beautiful free pattern from Jinny Beyer’s own site.

I had to order the red border print for it, but I hope it will be worth it when I am done! Now I just have to stop watching project runway XD

(This is how far I have come with the blanket right now, and if you notice it, I have made a mistake somwhere XD)

(This is the border print, it is one and a half yards long, but in width there are about two-three big borders, and four-five small, so you have a lot for the lenght actually.)

(This is the middle of the table runner, it is made up by pasting together four parts of the big border line print, and I really love the design of it! then I just paste on the colors on each side with a range of colors! I will post a picture when I get done with it, if I can hold my hand still enough XD)




My halloween is saved and NaNoWriMo is around the corner!

I got money again this week, did the smart thing and paid my bills, then I ordered some of the last books I need to read before my exams, and after school this friday I were just going to walk around and window shop a little (bet chance!). I then went to Outland to see if they had gotten in the first vol of Nurarihyon no mago, but they had instead just gotten the third vol… -.-, then I went to the sale corner, where they put stuff that they don’t have first parts of and stuff like that, and I found out that they have put down the price of 3-4 season of All allo to 100 kr!! (17 in american dollars). Then I walk to the shop Play.com (weird name, I know), and there is find a box with 50 classical horror movies for 200 kr!! And then I see that they have three different horror collections! One for classical, one for chillers, and one for pure terror… I couldn’t decide! So I just bought all three of them… I feel shame… But I iz so happy!!

This is together 150 movies (a lot of which has been slaughtered by the cinema snob), and almost 300 hours of pure camp! (fan girl squeal!!)

So now I have funny, amusing and hillarious things to watch! And also Allo allo XD

Other than that it is just some weeks left before National Novel Writing Month! I were able to claim a win last year, and I want to try it again this year! But I have a little problem with deciding what I want to write about.

My first idea was to continue with the characters from last year, just to set it in a dark post apokalyptic future where the creatures from fairytales and mythology has taken over the world (My iPad story from earlier is in the same continuation as this). But then I started to think about a pitch I made for a story on Thumblr, and I sort of want to try that as well. It is a story that is lighter than I usually does, and all that happens takes place in one coffe house. The door for it can appear on any corner of any town in the world, and if you go in, you will meet a kind owner that will give you a free coffe if you tell him of your dreams and hopes for the future or just problems in your life.

It won’t be a suspenceful story, but I hope to make it a story about something I have never written much about… just a story of human life, a story about how it is to be born and how it is to live.

My third idea for a story is a mysterious slasher story set in a old town in Japan where people keep dissapearing XD.