ゴス・ロリ vol.15

I just finished my bachelor hand in, and I had my last japanese class for this semester. Only thing left now is to wait for feedback and then correct the bachelor, and a exam the 19th May.

So, with my exam closing in, I know what I should do! Read all I can each day and do tasks and look over the mistakes I have done trough the year!

And of course I suddenly get the urge to do everything else XD

But the 4th of may is my birthday, so I am going to take it easy until then and just relax a little. I have a presentation about the yokai Kuchisake-Onna for class on monday, but that won’t be so har since it is my bachelor and I have already written 11 pages about her.

So I were at Outland today, and saw the newest vol. of Goth Loli, and I really didn’t think about buying it since it is expencive! But when you think about it the deal is great, there is about 10 patterns in it for the price of maybe 2!

I saw at least two patterns in it that I loved! And one of them were even one of the three that has full size patterns to follow! Lucky!

So I bought it XD. I know I have my Noin costume to do too, but I almost got blisters from working on it because it is more expensive fabric, so I will wait until I get home for the summer since my mom has fixed her sewing machine, and I might ask my brother’s wife if I can borrow hers if mom’s break again.

The first pattern I liked were one of a dress, or more like a top with a skirt attached to it XD I don’t like wearing dresses, so if I make it I will just make it a top and use it with pants I think ^-^.

I love the de-attached arms a lot, and also the de-attached skirt XD It is adorable!

The other pattern is the one that I plan on starting on now. I guess it is one of those I really can’t use outside, but I really liked it! More clothes for Noin!! *runs exited in circles*.

I decided to take other colors than the ones here, and I bought 2 meters to get started with it ^-^ (I’ll soon be poor again…) It is thinner fabric this time, since I can’t get my needles trough the other fabric now to save my life! I wonder if I will make the shorts too? It would be nice to have shorts for the summer XD Maybe I could use it all if I decided to go for Desucon this year? It would be really fun to go as Noin! And the best thing is that since he is a original character I can use what clothes I like! XD

I hope the colors won’t be too bad, if so I will just buy black or grey and then sew it on as the front and this color can be the inside lining instead XD. I have found out now that I love different tones of violet and purple XD

I love the back and the half skirt around the sides! I’m not sure about the arms, and I might change them a little. Maybe I should try and use the same arms as the top over? Not all of it, but the lower part XD.

Well, before I can do any of it I have to clean my room a little, had visit trough easter, and then I had bachelor and kanji test XD, so this place is a mess! I also have had fun bidding on cross stitch sewing kits on the net, and I might post some pictures of them too later!=)

And Pangya has launched the new season! I got 101.000 pang from the last hole on the special shuffle course!! *LA* I also won a lot of rares before it, and won a lot from the rally. I have elf ears for Nell now, and I have both the wedding dress for Hana, and the magical set for Lucia! Also the other cuts for some of them ^-^

Baka_brigade is back=)

I made the guild now XD And it wasn’t cheap! a guild creator was 200,000 pang! I feel so broke now!

Well, if anyone want to join the name is baka_brigade, and we take anyone! ^.^ If you found the guild from this blog don’t hesitate to leave a mention of it in the application ^.^

Well, looking forward to the Halloween stuff, but the only thing so far is the new Gacha rares for the girl. I really want some of them, but there is no burning need for it XD But I really want the kitsune mask! I am going to try for that one!

Other than that I am a little dissapointed with the birthdays now, I liked the ones with bigger stuff happening, like Hana, Kooh and Lucia. The others didn’t get much. I hope there will be a lot of fun for Kaz’s birthday, but it don’t seem like they do much for the boys… seriously! Just check out the gacha rares in the cauldron…

New rares in Pangya XD

Well, I didn’t win the guild contest XD But I also entered into a comic contest, and won a special set for Kooh only for the ones entering in the contest ^.^

(Kooh blood maiden set XD)

Then the entire month I have checked attendance every day, to be able to get the special school uniform for Lucia ^.^

(I will use it for a while I think XD But with other shoes and my adorable hair buns XD)

I am also getting a month attendance rare from Grand Chase, so I am looking forward to that ^.^

Getting family visit this week, looking forward to it! =)

PS: If anyone wants to get a pangya invitation for the refer a friend event, I’ll send one XD I don’t know if it works outside of America, but I am willing to try XD (since there will be gifts for new persons and their inviters XD)

New event to hit Pangya!

Well, it seems that the Guild system will once more hit Pangya soon! (About time…) I really want to make a guild, but I don’t know if I have enough people with me to really make a good one. But I would love to make one to just hang out with equal minded people. To relax together, and help each other trough the events ^.^

You can read about the contest here, but this is for the american server, so if you haven’t like me, been there for such a long time so you got trough the regional ban, you won’t be able to make a new account there.

I think I will try to go for the contest… just what could I lose from it? XD

A little dissapointed…

The dog days are over at Pangya now, and I sort of hoped that when it was over a new event would start. (I had to end this event after I got too much from it XD)

But I woke up on the day with hope in my eyes… only to find out that there was no new happening in Pangya. I could feel my heart sink in my chest over this. I had ready soda and candy for at least a half day of event fun, but it was just not meant to be.

Well, I’ll just have to continue having fun with the Grand Chase updates instead for now, my Dio is so cute! And if I log inn for each day this month I will get a special permanent item XD

But I think the Guild system will come soon on Pangya, so that will be a little fun =) Anyone interested in joining a guild XD?

Oh! And I am looking forward to Halloween! Pangya is always fun and they have so many cool clothes for halloween=)

Gacha win in Pangya XD

I won the punky waiter set for Kaz in Pangya XD I will not say how many Gacha I bought to win this XD

I am a little dissapointed, since I saw the pictures they have on the site about this set, and Kaz had different hair, so I thought the style would follow, but it didn’t… But hey, I love the glasses XD

Pangya fun!!!

The Pangya Island tour is on again for this year! I have already cleared it once, and I won the swimsuit for Hana. I am still going, and plan on winning a lot more! (Need the pang I will get from selling them XD)

My Hana in her new swimsuit XD

And I also bought more points, I used most of it on Lucia and Nuri, since I wanted some stuff for them, but the main reason I bought it was because I wanted the new hair style for Kaz! I love it!!!

My Kaz in his japanese clothes =) So cute with his new hair!

The old halloween clothes fits the new hair well, I like it=)

And I leave you with this! A testament to my awsome!!!!:

Enter ‘the baka brigade’

I am now the official Guild leader of a fantastic group named ‘the baka brigade’ on Pangya (Albatross18).

We have had our first get together, not everyone showed up, but we had fun, before we went and had a private torney together ^.^. Later we will arrange for a guild battle, and see if we can get some good ranks=)

We took some pictures, and I thought I would post some of them here:

Making a guild in Pangya

I have played Pangya for almost a week, and I have since yesterday played like crazy to get the gift boxes from the holes, I have gotten almost 300,ooo pang from it… so I had enough to make a guild for myself and my friends that I have corrupted with this game.

the guild costs 10 000 pang, and I have called my almighty guild made of win… :

the Baka Brigade! (The idiot brigade XD)

But it won’t be a real guild before I have gotten more than eight members, we are at least four, so just four more before we are official=)

Had a screenshot mania today=) Took pictures of myself and the others ^.^

friend-picture.jpg picture-2.jpgalbatross18_010.jpgalbatross18_023.jpg

Playing Pangya ^.^

I am a Pangya player, or Albatross18 as it seems to be called at the site itself. I haven’t played more than a month or two, but I am getting better ^.^ even gotten to become a ‘Beginner E’

I have three characters, the one I started with ‘Hana’ and one my bother bought for me for helping him collect hearts for a special item event, and the third one I bought myself for hard earned pang=).

1. Hana


2. Kaz


3. Kooh


If you are a player too, don’t hesitate to invite me for a game ^.^ And if you aren’t a player already, here is the link to the site, it is free and a lots of fun when you get into it=)