Just having fun ^-^

I have done a lot of different stuff for one vacation. I have given out a lot of job applications, and also took a course for computers free through NAV, of course I am good enough in computers from before, but now I have the driver licence in computer XD.

If I haven’t gotten a job before the end of this month I will start on a new course, and that will last until December if I get in ^-^.

But other than that I have just sown a lot! And written a lot! There has been two NaNoWri camps. I am on the second now, and were a winner at the first one, and hope to sail this in as well! I have a lot of ideas, and there will be everything from the world being taken over by demons and similar creatures and America taken over by zombies XD.

Back to the sowing! I have discovered the quilt and fabric designs of Jinny Beyer, and after I bought a bag pattern from a small shop named Quiltekroken, I orderd a lot of fabric from Jinny Beyer on ebay! I made a bag from start to finish, and other than the fact that I have to fix the sides now, I am proud!










Other than that I am still working on the blanket for my nephew, and I have also started on this beautiful free pattern from Jinny Beyer’s own site.

I had to order the red border print for it, but I hope it will be worth it when I am done! Now I just have to stop watching project runway XD

(This is how far I have come with the blanket right now, and if you notice it, I have made a mistake somwhere XD)

(This is the border print, it is one and a half yards long, but in width there are about two-three big borders, and four-five small, so you have a lot for the lenght actually.)

(This is the middle of the table runner, it is made up by pasting together four parts of the big border line print, and I really love the design of it! then I just paste on the colors on each side with a range of colors! I will post a picture when I get done with it, if I can hold my hand still enough XD)



School is out!!! Forever!

I am now done with school! And I have two bachelors now! I have one with game design, and one in language with specialization in Japanese XD. Right now I am just trying to relax a little, then I will start looking for work and stuff tomorrow ^-^.

I don’t know if I will get a good grade on my last exam, but I am almost sure that I will at least pass. I have read for it each day for two months, and read over 1000 pages, yet I can’t handle it when I come to exam and all the important small details just run away from my head. But I guess I am better in exams like this than I were with the Japanese grammar exams XD.

But unto stuff!

I have gotten a long way with the cross stich now, but I will probably take a small break with it, just because exams are over now. XP

I have also taken a break with the blanket I am making, but that is because I want to try and make a cubed blanket for my little nephew=) I hope it will work out, cause I sort of want to make patchwork for him and his sisters=). I also want to make a dress for my oldest niece one day, but I have to wait until I get work, since I need to have money to buy fabric that small girls would wear XD.

You don’t see the cubes in the fabric yet, but when I get going I will post more pictures of it XD I will use green, blue and brown/yellow in it=) Then if it works, I might make one with red, violet and pink for the girls=).

I will probably start posting some anime or manga reviews again this summer, or just series and movie ideas for something to watch or stuff like that=).

Oh! Be careful, I have heard from fairly accurate sources that Tom Hiddleston is taking over the world… be careful out there people…