New stuff!

And I still suck at posting! Well, a really long time since I posted here last! But I will try to post more this time around.

I am currently back home for the vacation, and since I am a little bored I decided to start up my blog a little again.

This will also be my first blog post from my new iPod! Yay!

I have some real fun this thing! I have writing apps and all I need on one small machine I can take with me everywhere!

I have Manuscript for writing, and msn for chatting. Twitter and facebook! And also a lot of games and apps for learning japanese ^.^

Well, for now I will leave you with a preview picture of the character art for my new project: a visuel novel game based on my curse of the sinner story.

Info on the story can be found on my pages, and as I get more done I will add a own page for the game.

And if people don’t know what a visual novel is, it kind of lies in the name: it is called a game, but it is mostly a book set to images and sound. Some can change story pending on the players choices (hentai games is a good example) and some just follows a straight pattern (umineko and higurashi series).