Art changes in D.Gray-Man

I mentioned in an earlier post that the drawing style of D.Gray-Man changes a lot in the later volumes of the manga, and I thought I should make a post to show some of the changes better. I will focus on the ones that I noticed best as I read the manga ^-^.

Allen Walker

In the start Allen did look a lot meeker, and also quite adorable. In the manga Zone, that was seen as the pitch manga for D.Gray-man, the lead character Robin were the original concept for Allen. But the story behind them were quite different, since Robin was a akuma, made by the soul of a young boy’s sister. So the original Allen were acctually a girl XD. Robin had longer hair, and the curse was a seal to hold the akuman inside at bay, and his/her arm were given from Cross, who gave his own arm to Robin. The only other characters in the short story were Linalee, the millenium earl and Marian Cross.


But I still love Allen most XD I am happy that they went with the name D.Gray-man for the series and not Robin. And I feel like his past with Mana is a wonderful story for him, and I doubt he would ever have been allowed into the Black Order if they found out he were one of the Akuma that had been modified by Cross. They had a hard time warming up to Chomnosuke after all.

Then, when he lost his arm he did suddenly look a little buffer, but I have a feeling that can be because he suddenly walked around only in a tank top and you saw just how well trained the brat was.

He combed his hair into place, and it also seems like he cut it, and he suddenly looks a lot older. He also looks older in the new uniform as the old one was a long coat and he looked really small and adorable in it. The new one is a jacket and pants. And I love the Crowned Clown! (Yeah XD I am a sucker for capes and masks XD)

And this page is wrong translated I think, another scanlation had it down as: ‘That is the Pierrot that you failed to turn into a Akuma’ I think that sounded more right XD





And then we have the awsome zombie arc where Allen gets long hair XD I love that arc, and it has the darkest ending ever! Poor Bak that has to save everyone, It is stupid that we didn’t get to see anything of his trials XD.

But after that the drawing style really changed. Most of it is seen on Allen, and I wonder if it is the Noah inside him that is the reason for him getting curlier hair in the new chapters, or if it just the change of art?


Howard Link

Well, with such a heavy image upload of Allen I will make Link short XD. I wonder if he might not have been supposed to stay as a character but then was left there anyway and the artist decided that it was a better idea to make him a bishie too? In the start he just sort of seems like a younger version of the Secretary, but his character grows after the story continues, and I love him! I remember I were so pissed when the manga went on hold the last time, since it was in the middle of a situation where it really didn’t seem like he would survive. And now he is in a new situation where it might seem like he won’t survive!

I can explain it so that at least Doctor Who fans can understand: He is D.gray-man’s version of Rory… just that he is not cute and cuddly XD

Link is known as two spots, but what I noticed first was more the bowl cut on his head XD It looks horrible! XD

But then time went by, and I guess he decided to let his hair grow out a little, and he went the same way as Allen and got a split down the middle XD

There has also been some pictures from he were a kid, and he looked adorable.

It looks like Link’s new life time job is to stalk Allen to the day he dies, and I don’t know if he really have a problem with it in the end, he even starts trying to make sure that Allen eats right ^.^. They share room, they brush their teeth together, and it has come to the point where Link were the first one Allen talked about Mana too because he felt more like Link were a part of the room’s furniture XD.

And we also have the most amusing scene ever when Link gets possessed by a kid and his entire character’s honor is broken down XD It ends with Allen stabbing him, I think it was getting too ugly for him XD. Then Allen gets possessed and Link just stands there and complains about him being a sissy for crying over just a hit to the head :P.

There is a few other changes too in the same way as Allen, like Kanda, who sort of looked like a doll in the start, and then became manlier as time went by. And also that the Earl has put on weight, but I guess that Tyki already gave a answer to that one XD.

(Isn’t it cute XD?)

D.gray-man makes me depressed now…

Since I started to watch the anime and manga up again, I have noticed a few things that is really depressiv when you think about it, the entire deal with Suman Dark, and also the end of the anime, that sort of said: Yeah, the Millenium Earl can fuck you all over when he wants to. Hope you can sleep at night now.

But after I now read the novel and got Allen’s backstory from the age of 8 and up I think, since he don’t know how old he is, and he has no name or memory from before he was sold to a circus. It is said that he was sold by his parents because of his deformed arm, but I bet there is something else to it XD.

Love this song, should be matched with sad scenes and hope killed in instant…

It starts with a young boy Red that does odd jobs at the Circus. He is hated by everyone, and he has never in his life had friends. Worst is the Ringmaster and the clown Cosmos that keeps beating him. A new clown named Mana comes along with a trained dog named Allen, and Red and Allen become friends. But then Cosmos gets jealous of the new clown’s fame and kills Allen.

Mana and Red talks for the first time by Allen’s grave, and Red quickly understands that something is really, REALLY wrong with Mana. He says that he is looking for his little brother that is gone, and that he is really seventeen but that he just suddenly woke up in a new middle aged body. It is explained later that Mana went crazy when his brother was killed by the Earl, and he probably just forgot most of his life.

The circus is attacked by the Earl that is after Mana (I think there is some jealousy out going there… can explain why the Earl makes his human look like Mana? Or do they look like each other from before? Or is it true that Mana just woke up in a new body, and the Earl is just a happy sadist?), and Red is saved by Cross, that seems to blame everything that happens to Mana on Red, (I guess it is either because Mana spent so much time there with him, or that he already realized that Red held the memory of the 14th. Or that Red beat the shit out of Mana for not hating the man that killed his dog…) Cross is about to shot Red (Taste of things to come kid… taste of things to come…) when Timcanpy saves him, something that probably means that he recognized him.

When Red finds Mana again, Mana has forgotten all about his brother, and seems worse of than ever. And here is where the first blow in the gut comes! When you read the manga it seems like Allen is afraid that Mana just took care of him because he knew he held the memories of his brother. But why is that the worst he fears?! When he already knew that Mana was crazy, and took him in because he thinks he is his dead dog?! He takes the name Allen, and takes care of Mana because he feels guilty over Cross saying it was all his fault that Mana was like he was.

But it seems Allen did love his time with Mana, and it was probably the best time in his life.

And then, if the fact that his happiest time in life was being mistaken as a dead dog wasn’t bad enough, Mana dies. And Allen is fooled by the Millenium Earl to call Mana back and make him into a demon. Allen is then cursed by the man he loves as a father, and his arm suddenly turns into a anti-demon weapon and starts attacking Mana without Allen being able to control it. It is heartbreaking to see a scene where a little boy is crying for his father to get away, while his giant monstrous arm is pulling him over the ground and kills his father, who leaves him with the duying words: I love you, Allen! (We will never know if it is to the boy, the dog, or if the 14ths name was Allen as some think.)

Then he is taken in by Cross, and when the boy you take in would rather go back to live with a crazy clown than be with you, you fail at parenting!

He train with Cross for three years, (Helps him get money for drinking and womanizing) before his master hits him with a hammer and leave him passed out in India to find the black order headquarters by himself…

Allen is able to find his way, and he for the first time in his life gets steady friends, and a place he can call home, where people welcome him home when he gets back from missions, and he can finally talk with people without being too respectful.

Then it all goes downhill, it starts with the heartbreaking deal with Suman Dark, a exorcist who betrayed his comrades to the Noah since he wanted to be able to return home to his daughter. His innocence (Anti-demon weapon) has turned into a giant monster, and is draining his life as it starts attacking villages around. Allen promises Lenalee to save him, and even if his arm won’t work anymore, Allen uses the last of his powers to pull Suman free from his innocence and as he wakes up at the ground, he sees that Suman were safe together with him. But Suman is comatose, and just sits there and drools as he had no mind left. But Allen keeps thinking positive, and as long as Suman is alive, there is still hope for the future!

Then Tyki comes and lets his tease butterflies eat Suman up…

It is one thing to read about this, but when you watch the anime and see all the work and hope in this episode, and Allen that makes Suman believe he will save him and that everything will be ok, your heart will break!

And then Allen’s does… Evil mean Tyki-poh makes the tease eat a hole in his heart, after he tears his arm off and breaks it into dust. And Allen lies there alone to die a terrible death. Well, he would if his innocence hadn’t patched his heart together again and he is saved by the Asian branch of the order.

There Allen trains to get his weapon back, and we hear him say that he sees himself as not a human, but a weapon, and that he needs to back and fight for the demons. Then he gets the true form of his innocence, and it is fitting a clown 😛 But I love the crowned Clown!!

It gets a little scarier later when he takes off his entire arm and uses it as a sword O.o. I am still amuses that the sword is the same as the Earl’s just inverted XD.

Then he starts loosing his home too, as he for some reason is able to control the ark that only the Noah should be able to control. Back at the order it seems that everyone exept for his friends starts spreading rumors that he is with the Millenium Earl and he is put under surveilance by Howard Link, (I didn’t like him in the starts, but I grew to love the stalker with the worst bedside manners ever XD) And then the HQ is attacked and even one of Allen’s friends is killed. But there is no rest for Allen, as Cross reveals that Allen is not as everyone thought, a piece left behind by the 14th, but the 14th himself, and he tells Allen that when he loses his mind and become the 14th, he will kill people he loves. After that Cross is assasinated, and Allen has lost both his adoptive fathers.

Allen makes a promise to his friends that the time when they have to fight him will not come, as he will fight against the 14th’s memory inside him with all he can. But he also knows that the 14th was Mana’s brother, and he starts to wonder if he ever decided anything himself in his life, or if the 14th decided all he did and that Mana knew who he was and took him in because of that. (Don’t worry Allen! He thinks you were his dog, not his little brother! <3!)

He remains with the order under strickt guard, but when he fights a demon and has to stab his sword trough the demon and himself, the hate for the innocence from the Noah inside him wakes the 14th up to send a message for the Earl. He is able to get back control this time, but when he is later stabbed by the raging Kanda, is seems like the Earl’s plan on waking the 14th up has succeded. Inside his own mind Allen meets Neah, the 14th, that tells him that the Earl is crazy and has forgotten everything, and that he as Allen is a broken doll. (Hey… could the Earl and Mana be the same? I know they appeared at the same time in the novel… but since the Earl’s apperance is just a shield it might work couldn’t it? Man… that would be really sad for Allen wouldn’t it?)

Tim comes to the rescue and a vision of Mana wakes Allen up in time to reveal the heartbreaking truth about Kanda and Alma. (Hoshino Katsura-sama… you make the sadest outcomes ever… can’t we have one happy moment?!)

But Allen has lost his home now, as the order sees him as a Noah, and keeps him imprisoned for helping Kanda and Alma. The entire HQ is full of hate against him, and his friends is even picked on because they keep protecting him.

He is then attacked by the guardian of the Heart, and finds out that it was the innocence that killed his master, and he is saved by Tyki and Road that had been sent by the Earl to save him.

He don’t want to escape with them, but Road gets hurt while protecting him, and after he blows up on Tyki, Tyki tells him that yes, the Noah is bad, but so is the innocence, and Allen has both of those two evils inside him, and because he keeps running away from his problems, chaos and sadness follows him.

Allen leaves the order and the Noah behind, after a tearfull farewell with Lenalee, that knows that if he leaves they will have to fight when they meet again, since Allen has been marked as a Noah after his escape.












And that was the story so far -.- ‘….

Allen keeps smiling and being so nice all the time, so I think he, like Mana, has cracked. If he hasn’t yet, he should!

Right now I am full supporter of Allen joining the Noah and blowing the world up -.-.

Gah… feel depressed, I want the next chapter so I can see what happens… only the Noah can cheer me up now… and they dared put my Link into danger again! If he don’t survive this and remember that Allen or the Noah didn’t attack him, I will rage!!!

I used scans from others in this post, and I claim no ownage of any of it, the only thing I made was the gif and the text in it XD But Allen was so adorable in that chapter… I understand why Link is so pissed, since Allen just blames himself and not the others that did stop him from saving the third exorcists.