Poor William XD

This one is a little late, since the episode came at least three weeks ago. But I think it was so cute XD

I’m not sure if it is all the Death Gods, or just William who has this problem, but it greatly amuses me ^.^ and don’t forget! The first apperance of Ronald Knox in the anime! Wah! He has Judai’s voice! I miss Judai XD

So far, from what I have seen in the manga and anime, I love this guy XD He is like what would happen if William and Grell had a child (Hm, Grell would love the idea…) He is like William against working overtime, and he seems to honor his apperance more like him, but he is easygoing and really just want to party. And he is also respectful to Grell, since he calls him Sutcliff-senpai ^.^ But  it seems the search for a catchphrase continues. DIE did not work for him XD

And also, he seem to have gone the same way with his schyte as Grell, but he got his one approved ^.^

(god this thing is scary! How does he fight with it?!)

But the most funny thing with this episode (Which was needed…) Was that Sebastian finally has William’s weakness (And maybe the weakness of all reapers, who knows?)

The truth is…

(me neither Ronald… me neither…)

William can not see a thing without his glasses…

I know it is mean of me, but I find this too amusing XD But I also imagine what if all the shinigamis are like this? Would Grell run into something the second his glasses went off XD?

Well, that is all for now… I love the shinigami moments, but that is mostly all I watch for XD it isn’t that I don’t like the other characters or anything, I love all of them! But I would enjoy more of the manga story… so I will watch the anime, but I love the manga more ^.^ Even though I still wait for the return of Grell.

And I will leave you with a gift:

(Grell: >-< Kyah!!!)


AH! Kono DVD ga Hoshii DEATHッ☆!

(Not my picture, this is from the musical’s own website, check it out.)

I have watched the Kuroshitsuji musical a lot lately, mostly on Youtube of course, and I almost can’t wait for the second one to be released out on the net! But I really want the new one! The title: The most beautiful DEATH in the world is fantastic! And I think it is mostly about the shinigami’s.

I watched for some info on the musical page, and I found some pictures of the cast and I also found preorder on YES ASIA. (If you love me buy me for Christmas XD)

The roles for Sebastian and Grell are the same, for the servants too I think. One of the biggest changes are the role for Ciel, so it will be interesting to see if the new Ciel will do a good role ^.^

And then we get to the shinigami’s, I really look forward to this! I hope William sings as good as he looks ;P.

If you want info for the staff you can go to this page. And you can also check out the actors’ blogs there too ^.^