My new Wacom Intuos4 M!!

So I decided to scrap the idea of buying a Cintiq for a lot of money, and bought a Intuos for a lot less money=)

And I am in such a soon Christmas mood now that I keep wanting to draw a lot of christmas pictures! I have also ordered a few cross stitches I will stitch for christmas XD. I will post pictures of them when I finally get done with the one I am doing now.

I am planning a big picture I will draw for christmas! It will be little Noin, Mana and also Todd! I hope I can draw what I imagine it to look like ^-^.







It is a great update from the one I had. It is bigger, with the usage area around a A5 side, and the pen has pressure support, and also a lot more pen nips for different sorts of pressure=). It has a lot of express keys, and also a touch circle for zooming! I also got to choose from three programs when I installed it, either one from autodesk, from photoshop or from corel, I took the sketchbook program from Corel=).

I am also working on coloring a picture of Mana, but it might be on hold a little while XD