Productive Christmas season

I have started on Christmas presents already, and I have made a lot so far ^-^. I usually buy gifts, but this year I will try to make most of them =) Of course some people will get bought gifts, as I doubt small kids often likes soft packages XD


Painted a CLAMP picture of the Mokonas’. It is really bright and I sort of like it, so I might keep it myself XD


Two more Mokona pictures for two people =) I will add some text over the middle =)


A table runner I don’t even know who will get yet XD


Made an adorable Tilda doll. It was the new toys that came out this season, and it looks adorable =)


made a small filt maskot for a friend =) It was actually really fun, so now I am working on making more for other friends =)

Well, that is a few things I am making for Christmas =) Will try to make some other stuff as well, and if you wonder about the patterns to any of these small things, just ask. I don’t think I can put out the pattern to the Tilda doll, but the bunny and the table runner should be ok =)

Painting Cian. part 1

So I decided to color something, and since I guessed that most in my class colored in Photoshop, I decided to do something different.

I am taking on the task of painting my picture of Cian on real canvas, this is just a small task so I will have more to show off at the end of the year.

Just to be warned, I don’t have any camera, and I can’t scan the canvas, so I have to use my cellphone for the screenshot, so it is a little blurry, and I haven’t gotten further than the clothes yet XD.


I’m going to continue painting during the weekend ^.^ I will post the progress.