Back on Bleach XD

Well, I ended up getting back on Bleach the past few weeks XD I have no idea how that happened right now XD I think it had something to do with my room mate, and that I started to scan some doujinshies again and decided that I wanted to catch up on the manga again as Ichigo was about to be awsome again. (for the record, he didn’t get awsome again, he started whailing like a little girl and his Rukia came and cheered him up again!)

Then I finally finished my small bleach doujinshi on my devianart, and I felt really proud over being able to finish it! Then I also started to write more on the fanfiction it is based off, and my favorites on grew a lot, together with my watches on my doujinshi blog XD. You really hook people in with porn don’t you?

Then I bought three doujinshies! All of them are crack doujinshies from the circle Uzi-ie code, and are mostly about the Arrancars=) (Ulquiorra main … don’t look at me like that!!! T.T). I am working on translating and editing the scans together with my awsome new scanlation group of Hanne and Lena=) We are…: Hyakkunen keki!!!

I just love this doujinshi XD this is the first page that is about the Arrancars new year XD Aizen is a real dick to all of them XD. The second part is the shinigamis christmas XD We are still working hard on this, but we hope to get out at least one doujinshi XD

And… other than that… I… I bought a Ulquiorra plush …. -.-‘….