Working on Cian in 3D studio Max – part 1

So I am soon done with the paiting, and have started on character rigging in 3d studio max 8.

I have from before had two years with 3d studio at school, and I have made a human before, but that is with nothing inside that can make it move, so this will be my first time trying advanced character rigging. I also plan on doing realistic hair, since I just added plates and used a messy texture the last time.

Well, I will post my progress so far ^.^

1. Setting up the stage for the making of the character calls for at least three reference images, I didn’t care about the face for now, since I will make that in it’s own stage later and just add it together in the end:


2. I start on the shoes, I make one of them first, then just mirror the other so I won’t have to spend more time than I have to on something that is supposed to look the same:

(Notice that the pictures aren’t the best, rendered them quick for now, and the colors are just like that so I can see what is what when I work.)


3. Then I started with the pants, and once again I made one side first, before using mirror. You might notice that it isn’t quite done yet, since I am going to make the pants longer so they will fold over the shoes, I just have to think over how to do that, I will probably pull the sides down and fold them and cut and patch everything up a little ^.^


4. Then today I started on the vest, and I got it finished about a hour ago XD. If you see the picture I drew of Cian, he had a few details around his collar and down to his chest, I will have to arrange the rest of them for later, since I have to have something like a blouse under and a folded scarf thing over his chest. I let it be a little over his lower part, since the blouse will stick out there and cover the extra space.


Know that I haven’t used smooth on any of this yet, so it will all look better when I smoot it up and add some texture =) I’ll try to work fast so I can start on making the skeleton, I sure hope I can make it work, I will feel really proud of myself then, since I haven’t learned it at school ^.^