Started up a new blog XD

This will be really fun! It is basicly a blog for the characters from my destiny reapers story, and it will be updated each time that I plot something new for them XD I got some help from some of the characters themselves to write and comment, so Noin won’t have to do all of it alone XD

Noin will draw a lot of things to not leave the blog too boring, and he is really hoping for some comments ^.^


Need… to… blog… something XD

Haven’t blogged for a little while now, and I just want to update with something XD Well, I have a iPad, and also a pogo stylus now! It is really easy to use for kanji practice on the ipad, but it is still a little hard to use it for drawing, but it works better than using my finger XD

It was a lot smaller than I had thought it would be, but that just makes it easier to hold.

I also found out that I can use it on my phone, so that was a little fun XD

I have drawn a little with it since I bought it, but not much really, but I will add some pictures drawn on the iPad since I got it ^.^


This picture I drew before I got the pogo stylus, and I am really proud of it! I never really draw people with that kind of hair, but it was fun XD I think I drew a really cool woman XD










The next picture was the first I made with the pogo, and I were trying out the layers and colors a little. It is really easy and fun to play around on the sketchbook pro program, if you have a iPad I do urge you to try it out if you like to draw ^.^

This picture I made yesterday, after I have started on writing my story with Noin as the main again I just keep remembering that he is not always such a nice guy XD He can be really scary if it is asked off him. I will try to draw more of Noin in the future! And maybe start on the reapers comic again, as well as maybe put up some of the chapters here ^.^ I got the Manuscript program on iPad too, and it is really easy to use, I just have some problems with importing and exporting between ipad and computer XD








I really like the things you can do on this. You can make pitches and also arrange a lot of character cards and stuff that is good to have when you do want to plan what you are going to write, and you can just send it over mail to yourself when you want to store it, and everything auto saves!!

Next month I will buy something to put my ipad in, so I can take it to use in school, and I might also buy the keyboard for it in the near future ^.^

In other news I have started to buy a lot of Shiki doujinshies XD I post them on the other blog as I get them, but my collection is growing so much that I had to buy new folders to put more in XD

I and my roommate took a almost two hour walk one day, and we took a lot of nice pictures! It was really fun, and I can’t wait for the spring to come so we can walk around a lot more!

I have been playing some pangya lately, but I will update with that here later, so I won’t say much now ^.^

And the most important news in the end! I have become a aunt again! My brother and his girlfriend just got their third adorable little heartbreaker! Now they have one boy (the oldest) and two girls! I regret not being able to spend much time with any of them when they grew up, since I lived away when the two first were born, and now I only see them around the biggest vacations… but I really love them all a lot! ^-^