Sound Horizon – Roman

Before I say anything more about this album, I just want to say this: This is my favorite album of all time! Märchen is slowly comming up to a standstill, but this is still the Sound Horizon album that I have listened to the most! It has a lot of stories, and you feel like there is real love and thought put behind this from the singers and also Revo who wrote it all.

Not all is ever made clear, and fans still try to figure out just how all of it can fit together. This Album is in my eyes, a masterpiece! It even had a manga made out of it! And that manga makes me cry for each chapter! Some of the stories are not big, but they are told with such a feeling that we feel with the characters in the songs. The young girl that is loosing her sight, the man that lost an arm in the war and is tossing his life away for revenge and we also see different possibilities in life, a woman that looses her child in birth, children that looses their mother in birth, and also how the father’s left will deal with it. Will he hate the child that took his loved one away? Or will he embrace it as the last gift his wife left him with?

Bravery, cowardice, hate and love, Roman dwells into all of this, and gives us stories that in some ways, are all linked together in this, the 5th horizon.

I couldn’t find all the songs translated, that is why I will link to the White Crow site, where you can find most lyrics of Sound Horizon in english! But I will post all the songs here anyway, and the ones that is not translated will just be the live, since Sound Horizon lives are awsome!

I will on some of them also add link to the manga online, since nothing will help better in understanding the songs than that ^.^

Asa to Yoru no Monogatari – The story of the morning and the night (Eng)

Hiver Laurant is a being that died before he was born. (That will be explained a little in the next song) and since he can’t leave the border between life and death, he sends out his two servants to see if there somewhere in the world is a story of him comming to life. Since he is dead I guess they can’t mean the story of him dying, so it seems that all the stories has some connection to Hiver. Either it is all bound together by the name Hiver or Laurant, or it is different realities and they search for the ones where he were able to be born.

In the manga he says that he is comming to the world, so they might have been sent out to look for the story where he can be born also.

I will add the manga link here. But the first chapter is about the two first songs.

Honoo – Flame (Eng)

A woman is chased out of her town as it is raged by was, and this might once more be a referance to the wars in the second chronicle. In the manga it is told that the men protected the town long enough to let the women escape, and the woman’s husband or boyfriend probably died then.

By the strain she ends up loosing her unborn child, and the rest of the song is his funeral. She tries her best to keep happy, as death and life is a never ending repeating circle. In the manga, I think it is her aunt that says that she can one day try again, but in the end she finally breaks down as she knows that even if she one day can try again, it would not be with her loved one.

She bury him with twin dolls to keep him company in death, swaying with joy is Violette and wet with sadness is Hortense. So for those who still have not understood it, the still born child is Hiver Laurant, who died before he was born. I acctually didn’t hear before that he sings in the background of the song, but it just makes this song more touching. But is he supposed to be Hiver? Or is he supposed to be his father singing with his mother?

The last few lines and the new melody that starts there makes me wonder if it is like in the manga, and that Hiver recognizes his mother’s voice, as he watches the stories sent from the two dolls.

Miezaru Ude – The Phantom limb (Eng) (Manga)

A man served under the general Albers Alvarez in one of the wars from the second Chronicle. His name is Leon Laurant, and he comes into a fight with a man named Flambeau Laurant. Leon looses his arm, and starts drinking to chase away the memories and nightmares of what happened. In the end his lover leaves him, as she is afraid he will end up killing her and their unborn child if he goes into a new drunken rage. After this he uses all his money and power to find the man that took his hand, and soon he hear news of him.

He goes to kill the demon that has haunted his nightmares for years, and he is shocked to see just what has happened to him. The Laurant with flaming hair sits in the bar, drunk, fat and repulsive. With one eye and one hand, he had become a drunk man that disgraced himself before everyone. Leon sees that he even has a lover by his side that he keeps hitting, and he thinks back to how he had acted towards his own lover.

In a few seconds he is overpowered, as he sees before him just how he himself had almost become. He can’t even lift the sword to kill this man that was far from as glorious as he had remembered.

Then a new man comes in, Lauracin attacks and kills the red Laurant, and as the red Laurant’s son runs off to revenge his drunken father, Leon is left alone there to think over what he had tossed his life away on. He hated a man that attacked him in war, but that man had himself been attacked, and had lost both his hand and eye, that man had also wronged Lauracin, who hated him even more than Leon. And then the hate continues, as the red Laurant’s son runs after to kill his father’s killer.

Leon want’s to stop the hate, but how will he continue now that his life is left with no meaning?

Norowareshi Houseki – The Cursed Jewel (Eng)

Other than the names, one of the red threads trough this album, and also into a lot of the other songs, is the red jewel that brings death to it’s owners, even the reaper fell to it (If it is Alvarez or the red Laurant is not certain) and it might even have belonged to the woman from their Stardust song.

It seems that the man that found it first were a kind man, and when he found it he just wanted to use it for his dear sister. But the owner of the mine kills him, and his sister waits for him. It also says that she is not married, but I don’t know if it was just at the time, or if she never did marry. There is also a manga chapter of this, but it has not been translated yet. If she never married, did that mean that she loved her brother?

But it seems she is a doll maker, and it might have been her that made the dolls for Hiver? I also think that Hiver had the jewel, as he has a broach with a red jewel in it.

Hoshikuzu no Kawahimo (A Leash of Stardust) (Eng) (Manga)

Etoile is born with bad sight, and as she gets older her sight will fade. She live alone with her father, as her mother probably died in childbirth. It is not said right out, but her father is one armed, so in the manga at least, Leon Laurant is her father, and it shows that he returned to his lover and even though she died, he has shaped up and found a new reason for living.

One day he finds a big dog to take care of his daughter the day she goes blind, and the two of them soon becomes inseperable.

But she hates her name, since she can’t understand why she should be named Etoile (star) when she have never seen one. But her mother meant her name in another way, that Etoile would be a warm and gentle light for her father.

Then one day, Pleut, her dog dies, and in the end of the song the voice that sings as Pleut is also the same voice as her mother singing in the beginning of the song. Does this mean that Pleut were her mother reborn to come and take care of her and her father?

A puppy is born from Pleut, and Etoile takes care of it as she did it’s mother.

Hiiro no fuusha – Scarlet Windmill (Eng)

A town is attacked, and a boy grabs the hand of the girl he loves or care for. I am not sure of the relationship between them, she could have been his sister. They escape trough the forest as the attackers comes after them. Then she is grabbed and pulled up by a warrior on horse, and in fear, the boy escapes and leaves her. He regrets this, and if he were reborn and went trough this again, he would stay and die together with her.

This boy is also thought to be the boy in the single that came out before Roman, and also the killer that killed the red Laurant. If so, then the red Laurant was the man that took the girl away, and in the manga his son is also the son of that girl, and it is not known if it was rape or if she did fall in love with him.

Tenshi no Chouzou – Sculpture of an Angel (Eng) (Manga)

This song tells of the sculptor Auguste Laurant, who lost his wife in childbirth, and after that he keeps working each day for the rest of his life to make a sculpture of an angel in the image of his late wife. He has not once seen the face of his son, as he started to hate the life that his wife had given birth to at the cost of her own life. He dies in the end, as he is able to finish his angel, and he dies before the smiling statue.

Unlike the story with Leon Laurant, who also loses his wife, Auguste can’t see the child as a good thing. In his eyes it is the son that took his wife away, and he never wanted anything else than her. In the manga she was already sick, but she wanted to give birth to their child, since it was his and hers.

It is a short song, and not with much story, but it is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard. Jimang does a wonderful work, and all the feelings goes trough to the ones listening to this song.

Utsukushiki mono – Beautiful things (Eng)

This one is one of my favorites, but that is just because I am a big sister, and my little brother is one of the most important persons for me. If anything were to happen to him, I would be desolated. So I feel the sorrow of this song, a girl that lost her little brother early to sickness, and she keeps playing the song he liked. How this is linked to the other songs is that the little brother’s name was Laurant.

Yorokobi to Kanashimi no Budoushu – The wine of Happiness and Sadness (Manga)

Sorry that I couldn’t find a translation on this, but there is a manga chapter for it! ^.^

Loraine de Saint-Laurent is from a rich family, and she gets her own wine field when she is old enough. With that wine field she also have a man and his son serving there, and she falls in love with him over the years. Her mother dies, and her father marries again with a spoiled woman that just wants him to buy her things. Loraine is in dispair as she finds out he has used up all his money on his new wife and wants to marry her away since he either can’t or don’t want to take care of her anymore.

She runs away with her lover, but her father hire a assassin to kill him, and she is soon brought back and she finds out her father ordered the murder of her lover. She then leaves again, and as she sees the assassin that took her love away one day, she kills him, before she travel back to the wine field that both she and her lover had loved. She never marries, and spend the rest of her life making wine there. The wine also makes a cameo in the phantom pain, as Leon uses the last of his money to order the best wine they have, and he calms down as he tastes the wine named Loraine.

This is a sad song too, and in the end, there really is not a happy end. The assassin also seems to be the man that goes trough some of the songs in Elysion, and maybe also the assassin that killed Alvarez, but we can’t be sure about that.

Tasogare no Kenja – The sage at dusk

I love this song!! It is my happy song! Savant is cheering up a woman that seems down, and it seems his way of cheering her up is just to say that: hey! Your life is bad, but you are a hundred times better off than the people in the other songs! XD

I don’t know if this links in to the other songs with other than them being mentioned, but no one knows who Savant is, and the girl might be one of the ones earlier. And in the end there seems that someone has just found Savant, and recognizes him as Christophe. I read somwhere that this could be a man from one of the earlier albums, but I don’t remember where I read it…

Man that guy can move XD In his special own weird way XD

11-moji no Dengon – the 11 lettered message

As the stories starts, so they end. And with Rikki once more singing as the mother of Hiver, but this time she died, and the child lives. She sings her last encouragment for her child, and wishes that he has a happy life. And in the text there are numerals written that when decoded will show the hidden message of the 5th story:

Become Happy

Gift:Sound Horizon – Märchen (limited edition first release)

I got the gift from my great and cool big brother and his wife today, and I got the awsome first press release of the newest Sound Horizon CD Märchen, that is based on German fairytales like snow white and sleeping beauty ^.^

I love fairytales from before, and have loved manga like Ludwig Kakumei because of the use of Grimm fairytales (And Yuki Kaori’s ability to make even the worst sort of persons at least a little likeable).

I love Disney’s versions of Sleeping beauty, Cinderella and Snow White, but I love the original and darker stories a lot more! Like how Snow White made  her stephmother dance to her death in iron shoes right from the fires.

But enough about that for now, let us start looking at what I got in this limited first press edition!

I had first decided to go for the normal edition, because I did like the cover more, and really didn’t think that the extra stuff really could be that special. So I sent my brother a link to the normal edition cd, and thought I would get that one, but then he goes out of his way to buy this for me, and I have to say that I am happy he did! This box set has a lot of awsome things in it!

First when you take it out of the box and open it out, you see great illustrations of each of the fairytales. All of them are done great, and I really love the dark and eerie look it all gives.

I will go into what sort of songs is on the Cd in a little, just go trough a little more pictures first, and of course we have the main attraction!:

The first press has a illustrated fairytale book in it, it is japanese, and it has the lyrics for all the texts. It is really nicely made, and it will be fun when I can read a little more of it XD I rule in Hiragana and Katakana but not so much in kanji yet ^.^

Now for a little overlook over the songs, with my badly taken pictures from the box:

The Song of Dawn

The Witch at the Stake

The Dark Landlady’s Inn

The Girl That Sleeps in the Coffin of Glass

The Old and Unused Well of the Boundary That Separates Life and Death

The Girl That Sleeps in the Tower of Roses

The Blue Marquis’ Castle

The Cruxified Saint

The Song of Dusk

The first and the last song are both original stories that continues from the single “Ido e itaru Mori e itaru Ido “, that was a prolouge single to this album. I loved the first song “The fairytale of light and darkness” that they also made a wonderful PV for, but for some reason, what I love the most is the ending of the song “The reason why she became a witch” I’m not sure what happens, but a woman lost her child, and I am not sure if it is the same woman from the first song whose son falls down the well, when she is captured by two men. But the end of the song when she is on the stake is really gripping:

“To honour the lord we must show him our affection! The heretics must be punsihed! Now my folks, watch as we bring the hammer of punishment upon the witch!”

Look! Yes, look at this comedy…
If this is how it’s going to be,
then I will turn into a real witch cursing the world…

I’m not sure about everything, but I think the boy who fell down the well in Ido is the same as the man that tells the stories and that the doll he has is just a object to hold his memories of the girl Elizabeth that he cared for when he was alive, and when he finds her later, both he and the doll crumbles. (Not sure, my japanese sucks…) Trough the songs he searches for a princess, and in the end he finds the one that is his, but I don’t think she wishes for revenge, and she dies instead.(The Cruxified Saint)

I love this CD, and I have listened to it a lot of times already since I found it when it was leaked on the net, and I listened for it on a 9 hour bus ride… my favorite songs are the first one, song of dawn, then the song of dusk where it all ends. I love Elizabeth’s song, and the song for Snow White is great! It is a little fun that the voice and art for the prince in this one is the same as the one in Sleeping beauty XD The guy is getting around 😛

The song “the witch at the stake” Is acctually Hanzel and Gretel in disguise, and the girl voicing Gretel is adorable! And the song “The Blue Marquis’ Castle” I think is the story about Bluebeard, the man with a ugly blue beard that killed all his wives and then kept them while he waited for a new wife to kill. His last wife came there with her sister, and were able to get saved by their brothers and the late Bluebears’ wife inherited the entire fortune that she shared with her family.

The singing voice for Elize(the doll) is given by Miku the vocaloid and it works well with Revo, who always does great! ^.^I think it was too little from Jimang, who had three roles and one singing. He was the evil stephmother’s mirror, the hunter that was sent after Snow White, and a old singing lady that sounded a lot like a old man Grell XD But he was good anyway=)

The only problem with this CD is that one person screams at each song not counting the first and last, and it can get a little too loud at times, but the creepy atmosphere and gothic feeling makes this CD one of my favorites beside Roman, which I am still trying to fit together all the plot points still.

A good buy if you want something epic, and now I am just going to wait for the concert DVD to come out so I can find out if I guessed the things that happened right ^.^