the story of my death is greatly exaggerated

dem Xem iconI know I have been silent for at least over a year now on this account, but I will try to get into it more again now. I have had a tumblr and work year, and haven’t had time to do as many things as I did before, but it will change now. I will find a job that suits me more, and probably won’t be on tumblr as much anymore. But rping there was a lot of fun, and I have gotten a lot of new friends there! At least I have drawn a lot of Kingdom Hearts for year to come XD.

So have a chib demon Xemnas, and I might update with photos as I go, as well as some stuff from Final Fantasy XIV online, as I am also playing that now ^.^, might also post more Sound Horizon stuff, because Sound Horizon. I will try to get more done on reviewing movies, since that would be really fun ^.^ I watch a lot of horror movies, with a love for the ones from the black age to the 80s and early 90s. There are a lot of gems there people! A lot of good laughs.

Oh, I also got to use my Noin cosplay for Halloween, so I might add pictures of the awesome top hat I made out of old fabric and cupboards.