Mail goodies!!

First off, I did not go to Japan, I got into Hokkaido, but I didn’t go because of different reasons. I have mixed feelings about it, I am happy that I didn’t have to go trough all the things I needed to do for the travel and move, but on the other side I am sad that I won’t be going, even thou I know that there would be little chance of me acctually being able to get trough a year with classes only in Japanese. Now I am taking the one year course in history to get my free study points and I am trying to find a job so I can get more money for when I am done here! But other than that:

Yay! I got my first package today! I have ordered a few things when I got money again! (But since I want a Cintiq 12, I were also smart and have put a lot of money into a savings account, and I hope that I will have enough to buy one for myself for christmas and also have money to spare for the time after school is over!)

I ordered two really cheap cross stitch kits from a chinese seller on ebay, and I think I might get them next week or something. (Which means I have one week to at least finish the one I am working on now XD) I will show you pictures of them when they come=)

I also have ordered a school book, that I really need XD I et my first hand in task tomorrow XD

Other than that I have become a member of Sylvanian families fanclub in Norway, and am waiting for the member gift ^-^. (I’m a kid at heart! That is my excuse!)

But today I got my first packet! It was the Sound Horizon Marchen DVD!!! I were too late to get the limited edition, but that is ok ^-^. And since it was cheaper than buying from Outland, I also ordered the newest magazine of “ゴス・ロリ”(Gothic lolita), since I had so much fun with the Noin jacket I were making, I decided to just start collecting them. It has a lot of inspiration, and also, for that many patterns for unique clothes, under 18 dollars are really cheap.

I have made a lot of manly costumes, but I wonder if I should try and make a dress one day? The good thing with Noin is that he is quite flexible XD

The Marchen DVD comes with two disks, one with one type of sound and the other with another type of sound (I am so smart!) Most of it is written in german so I don’t know a thing of what stands there XD.

It comes with japanese subtitles, but it only appears when they speak german.

If you have downloaded the consert, you can go to the international sound horizon fan page, white crow, and you can get the subtitles in english! It was really helpful!

Other than that I am hurt again, I have walked too much in bad shoes and my foot went owie… But I am using creme on it and walk as much as I can to get to school, then it goes owie on the way back home (*Random adorable crying eyes begging for attention and love*). I might have to get to the doctor next week if it don’t get better.

I am almost done with my Noin costume, and I will make a blog post with the details of my awsome sewing work soon, and I will also make a post with what I think about the Marchen consert, and also the new things I found out thanks to it! I think I understand the deal with Elizabeth and why she had to call her brother for father.

I will come back to that soon=) I’ll just leave you with a little tease:





ゴス・ロリ vol.15

I just finished my bachelor hand in, and I had my last japanese class for this semester. Only thing left now is to wait for feedback and then correct the bachelor, and a exam the 19th May.

So, with my exam closing in, I know what I should do! Read all I can each day and do tasks and look over the mistakes I have done trough the year!

And of course I suddenly get the urge to do everything else XD

But the 4th of may is my birthday, so I am going to take it easy until then and just relax a little. I have a presentation about the yokai Kuchisake-Onna for class on monday, but that won’t be so har since it is my bachelor and I have already written 11 pages about her.

So I were at Outland today, and saw the newest vol. of Goth Loli, and I really didn’t think about buying it since it is expencive! But when you think about it the deal is great, there is about 10 patterns in it for the price of maybe 2!

I saw at least two patterns in it that I loved! And one of them were even one of the three that has full size patterns to follow! Lucky!

So I bought it XD. I know I have my Noin costume to do too, but I almost got blisters from working on it because it is more expensive fabric, so I will wait until I get home for the summer since my mom has fixed her sewing machine, and I might ask my brother’s wife if I can borrow hers if mom’s break again.

The first pattern I liked were one of a dress, or more like a top with a skirt attached to it XD I don’t like wearing dresses, so if I make it I will just make it a top and use it with pants I think ^-^.

I love the de-attached arms a lot, and also the de-attached skirt XD It is adorable!

The other pattern is the one that I plan on starting on now. I guess it is one of those I really can’t use outside, but I really liked it! More clothes for Noin!! *runs exited in circles*.

I decided to take other colors than the ones here, and I bought 2 meters to get started with it ^-^ (I’ll soon be poor again…) It is thinner fabric this time, since I can’t get my needles trough the other fabric now to save my life! I wonder if I will make the shorts too? It would be nice to have shorts for the summer XD Maybe I could use it all if I decided to go for Desucon this year? It would be really fun to go as Noin! And the best thing is that since he is a original character I can use what clothes I like! XD

I hope the colors won’t be too bad, if so I will just buy black or grey and then sew it on as the front and this color can be the inside lining instead XD. I have found out now that I love different tones of violet and purple XD

I love the back and the half skirt around the sides! I’m not sure about the arms, and I might change them a little. Maybe I should try and use the same arms as the top over? Not all of it, but the lower part XD.

Well, before I can do any of it I have to clean my room a little, had visit trough easter, and then I had bachelor and kanji test XD, so this place is a mess! I also have had fun bidding on cross stitch sewing kits on the net, and I might post some pictures of them too later!=)

And Pangya has launched the new season! I got 101.000 pang from the last hole on the special shuffle course!! *LA* I also won a lot of rares before it, and won a lot from the rally. I have elf ears for Nell now, and I have both the wedding dress for Hana, and the magical set for Lucia! Also the other cuts for some of them ^-^