Gravity Unlimited

We got a task at school, where from the title ‘Gravity unlimited’, we was to make the concept art for a product, I decided that I wanted to make a fantasy game about a world with low gravity and flying creatures.

I started thinkning about the idea in class, and as Amanda, our teacher, asked me to explain a little about my idea, I started imagening more about it, and when she  questioned me, I started trying to draw what I imagined. I know it isn’t the final outcast for the world, but it is a start, I imagine a kind of floating world, maybe some stones or something flying up from under, as the world slowly decaes from the other side.

Of course there is something that holds the world where it is, like a giant mirror or crystal that serves as a portal to the real world. The word isn’t big, maybe just a hill with a castle on, and some forest or something around, the story will start in the castle.

1st. outcast to the ‘gravity unlimited’ world:

1st.the world of ‘Gravity unlimited’


But even thou the world is important, the characters are as important, I didn’t really think much over the characters before I got this crazy idea last night, I kind of imagined a kid sitting on a robot’s shoulder. The robot being the only thing that kept the young boy from flying off, I wondered about how this robot could do that at first, it could be because of it being made of metal and by that being heavier than the boy, or I could think of something that held him to the ground, I decided to give the robot claws, that he could claw unto the ground with.

1st. outcast to the character design:

1st.character design


One of the things I am going to put weight on in this task is the story of the game, the game starts in the dungeons of the castle, where the boy is kept imprisoned, he don’t know why he is there, or who he is. He is wealthy dressed, and for some reason he knows of magic.

The story starts as he somehow gains the trust of one of the guards, a robot creature that is almost broken, and looked down at by the other creatures in the castle. His feet is claws, his hands are blades and one of his wings are thorn off, but the most special about him is the mask on his face, it cracks more and more, what will happen if it crack?

You use the robot to get around, fighting close combat with his swords and you can use the boys magic to fight creatures that fly. The robot can fly a little with his one wing, but if he let go of the ground for too long, he can be pulled away.

A curse is put on that world, so everything is pulled up towards something hidden in the darkness above them, only the flying creatures there able to keep from getting sucked into it.

Well, this is what I have planned so far, will probably write a story for it later=)


My first ever blog=)

I haven’t written a blog before, and my english might suck… but I will do my best in posting my work here, and writing down my crazy ideas about everything and nothing.

I like drawing, but I also love writing a lot, so I might post some of my stories here if I feel like it.

I’m a big fan of anime and manga, so expect a lot of reviews of the series I watch, maybe people want to talk about anime and manga with me if we share the same favorite series=)

Anyway, please be nice to me ^.^