School is out!!! Forever!

I am now done with school! And I have two bachelors now! I have one with game design, and one in language with specialization in Japanese XD. Right now I am just trying to relax a little, then I will start looking for work and stuff tomorrow ^-^.

I don’t know if I will get a good grade on my last exam, but I am almost sure that I will at least pass. I have read for it each day for two months, and read over 1000 pages, yet I can’t handle it when I come to exam and all the important small details just run away from my head. But I guess I am better in exams like this than I were with the Japanese grammar exams XD.

But unto stuff!

I have gotten a long way with the cross stich now, but I will probably take a small break with it, just because exams are over now. XP

I have also taken a break with the blanket I am making, but that is because I want to try and make a cubed blanket for my little nephew=) I hope it will work out, cause I sort of want to make patchwork for him and his sisters=). I also want to make a dress for my oldest niece one day, but I have to wait until I get work, since I need to have money to buy fabric that small girls would wear XD.

You don’t see the cubes in the fabric yet, but when I get going I will post more pictures of it XD I will use green, blue and brown/yellow in it=) Then if it works, I might make one with red, violet and pink for the girls=).

I will probably start posting some anime or manga reviews again this summer, or just series and movie ideas for something to watch or stuff like that=).

Oh! Be careful, I have heard from fairly accurate sources that Tom Hiddleston is taking over the world… be careful out there people…


Tired XD

I’m tired nowadays XD I have my final exams in one week now, and I have been reading non stop for exams for about one month more or less. I have had to read, and have to read, around 50-60 pages each day for exams to finish in time. But right now it seems like I will be able to do it=) I have read all I have to for the first exam, and just have two books left for the second one=)

Other than that I have my own sewing machine now=) My awsome and kind mother bought it for my birthday=)

It is a Singer Promise, and it is just a basic machine, but I don’t really need anything else than that=) This far I haven’t used it much, but I have learned the skill of setting the machine XD And I have used it for the aida in cross stitching and I have also started on a shirt from the newest Burda style magazines:

But since it is exam times, and I am supposed to study, I have started to do everything else once again, so I am also working on other stuff!XD I have started to do more patchwork, and I am working on my first log cabin blanket!:

It is in a lot of colors, with violet stars in the middle, and color teams on the side=) I am still a newbie, and I suck at making it all become the same size XD I’m not good at being accurate XD

I still work on cross stitches as well, and I have gotten longer on my beautiful Halloween cross stitch:

But since it isn’t halloween times anymore, and I wanted to have a summer cross stitch, I brought this to work with for the time before exams XD.

I really love this cross stitch, and it remind me a lot of some Norwegian fairytales, as well as the crime book written by Andre Bjerke “Lake of the dead”. So this is perfect for my summer XD.

Other than that I am now a proud scanlator and loved on the net XD. Waiting for any releases here? Keep waiting XD Since I post none-worksafe doujinshies most of the time, so I won’t share it, so haha XD. I have translated around four Bleach doujishies now, and because of exams I have to wait a little before I can translate more.

I also draw still, and am working on coloring a character from my story, and I hope that I for once will get done with one of my coloring jobs XD.

I am also wondering about starting to work on my visual novel again, and wondering if the smartest thing would be to get someone to do the drawings for me? then I could focus on doing the scripting? But the best thing would be if I also got someone to do the sound and music, but I still want to do this without putting money into it XD I just want to have fun with this and make it happen, I have time, not money XD.

Also, saw the Avengers XD I sort of want to see it again just for all the fun and epic XD. You have to have done a movie franchise well, when I, the nut over norse mythology actually overlooks the faults you have in your mythology XD. No world, Loki and Thor is not brothers, Loki and Odin IS brothers through blood mixing :P. But still love it all XD And I have a fun game for all of you: look through all the Marvel movies leading up to this movie and see if you find a wild Stan Lee XD We did, and found him in all of them,

Screw moderating hobbies and just focusing on school!!!

PS: Would anyone read if I put up any chapters of my stories on this blog?

Quilting, Epla shop and new drawing equipment!

First off, I have opened a Epla shop XD I have two products for sale, but so far my profit plan does not look like it is going well XD. Well, maybe someone will buy something later? Or I might have to do more with the products? I think I might be able to sell one of them if I make it into a children pillow or something? My shop is located here. I might be able to sell better if I put on a frame too, but I thought it was less hassle with sending it if it wasn’t there XD.

Then I decided that I wanted to try drawing with soft pastel again! I haven’t done that since art school! And I think I were really good at it. It was really fun to draw colorful pictures on black sheets! I bought a basic kit with 12 colors, and a black colored sketch book! I also had to buy a fixation spray later, since the pictures fades easy by touch.

The first one isn’t done yet, since it was not smart to make a portrait when there is no real ability to make a good skin color in the kit. I have bought two colors now that I will use, so I might get it done later=) But the second picture I am really proud of! I used a picture on deviant-art for inspiration, but since it was just a test draw I allow myself the weakness XD. I wonder if I would be able to sell pictures like this? Maybe people would buy then XD?

Like I have told before, I got a big case load of quilting fabric from my aunt. I really didn’t think I could start with it yet, since I couldn’t even get more than 10 fabrics or something with me on the buss back to Bergen. But my mom sent me some of it in the post! So I have half of this now, and I have also bought some stuff from the Stoff & stil shop in Bergen! So now I have the scariest cutting blade ever (got my finger the first time XD) and a big ruler and big cutting board=) I went to fretex as well, and found two really good books on quilting! So I started on a starpillow, and I have worked hard on it in between school work=)

First there is four triangles, that are laid together into one Quadrilateral with the open sides up. (the Quadrilaterals that makes up the triangles is 7×4 cm, and around 0.6 cm on the top is pressed down before it is made into a trinagle.)

Then make eight ones, and put them out like on the picture above. (try a little more accurate than me XD)

Then eight more, for two more rounds.

After that make 16, and put out this way.

And 16 more once more XD. Yeah I know, I should really have been done before starting to make a sorry excuse for a tutorial XD.

Other than that I also found a Quilt store in Bergen! And even thou it is expensive, I will return there in the future, cause they have a lot of nice fabric! And also cheap sewing machine, something I really think I might need in the future now…

I also want to make a dress for a special little girl, but I just need to get this pillow done first, and wait till I get money to buy colorful happy fabric!=)

Cross stitch done!

(I suck at taking pictures XD)

I am finally done with the cross stitch I started with this summer! I feel really proud! I even used some time today to learn how to make french knots for the roses XD I am awsome=)

I have been so posessed to finish this lately so I haven’t been able to do anything else XD Now that I am done I will start to write and draw a little again. I have three more cross stitches lying around, but I don’t think I will start with them yet, one of them I might give to my mother, and another I already plan to start on this christmas. It will be so fun to sit in the living room, watch TV with my family, and just relax while working on it!=)

And under here is the one I am going to make for this Christmas=)

My fingers hurts a little XD

I have been sewing like crazy XD I have the start of the jacket done now, but I can’t continue until I figure out how to expand it a little, since I were stupid enough to make it too small XD I will just cut up the back and add some more there, and then try and splice in more at the front XD

Don’t look that great yet, but I am really proud of the seams this far=) I have even made it look good on the inside now=)

But since I have to get more on the front, I have to take of the red ribbon I used, but I wonder if I should take a trip into town tomorrow (since it is comic day on outland) and buy some smaller ribbons at the fabric store.

I also started on the newest cross stitch yesterday, and it is so adorable! XD

I just love the colors on this! I haven’t made anything with this many colors before! It is also small, so it won’t that that much time, I just want to sit and work on it between exam work.

I have finished my bachelor about Kuchisake-Onna now, and I just have to get in this semester’s grammar before my exam XD

Wish me luck!

Cross Stitch frenzy!!

I love cross stitches! I have done them since I were young, and my mother has also done a lot of them. I even snuck myself to stitch on hers when I were to young to even understand how to follow the patterns XD

I watched movies when I were young and I stitched and just had fun! I even watched horror movies to relax when I did it XD. But I prefer to either watch crime or to listen to mystery theater from the radio when I do it, I have some old CBS mystery theater, and a lot of NRK radioteateret from Norway to listen to!

I am working on making a christmas calender now, but I don’t feel like doing it when it isn’t winter. And since easter was a time for crime and murder, I had to get some stitching done! I won four bidding rounds on ebay, with 1 dollar for each kit and then between 7-18 dollars for the shipping. But since none of them would arrive before easter was over, I had to go and buy here in Bergen. And I found out that the shop where I buy here has half price on the winter kits! I bought one that I worked on in the easter, and my friend got one of my old ones that were too confusing and small for me XD

Because of school work I didn’t get done, but I will try to do the rest soon ^-^ I have to try and make my jacket first now XD.

Then today I got the three things I won from one seller! The last one hasn’t come yet, but that was from another seller, and since it was cheaper I guess I didn’t pay for fast shipping XD But it is a really cute japanese girl, so I thought I could make it for one of my little nieces for christmas ^-^

I won’t get to start with them for a while, since I have the other one to do and I want to sew a little clothes too. But I have summer vacation in a month, and then I will do a lot! I wonder about asking my mother if she wants one too ^.^ She has done a lot of kniting lately, so since these ones have really big color patterns maybe she could do it ^-^

I even got a gift for buying these! So it was cheap, came fast, and I got a gift! It is butterfly magnets for my fridge!! *LA* love them!

Put them up earlier together with a pig I do not know how got to be on out fridge at all XD.

Today I will just relax and have fun! Will start sewing, since I had to use yesterday to figure out what parts went to each pattern from the book, and then I had to use my writing paper to make copies since I can’t cut them out from the book XD

And also, went to Bergen Akvarie a while back, and I bought a small kitty for my Kadaj plush! I have no name for him yet, but I am just waiting for the right one!