What I am doing now?

Well, I am still just doing all I can to have fun when I should really just be reading japanese grammar each passing second -.-

I don’t know if I mentioned it earlier, but I fell and hit my knee… T.T It was owie… I would share a picture with you, but I am not evil -.- I had to spend almost a entire week home because my knee burned, and my other foot was not good to walk on.

But i am better now, and doing stupid things again ^.^

I am working harder on my japanese now, since I have applied for a japanese University for the next two semesters. But I didn’t get my first choice so I am a little nervous, since Hokkaido that I came into the line for, has the classes in japanese… But I really hope I can go! Together with my roommate!

But it all is a little scarier now, and the day I got the call that I was in line for Hokkaido was the same day that the earthquake and tsunami hit… It has all seemed a little dark after that, and I hope it will go well for Japan, and the ones in my class that was supposed to leave this month and the next but are not allowed.


I also bought a keyboard for my iPad! It is really useful! But now I have the problem that when I start to write on my computer I always push my finger at the screen afterward and hope it will work XD I have the manuscript on this, and I have started a whole new story to write on the iPad! It is a story set in a small town in a mordern world, but the backdrop of it is old fairy tales with some extreme dark twists! (I mean it… my hanzel and Grethel didn’t seem that bad until I wrote down for my friend what just happened O.o…)

The story starts off as the town of Noelle suddenly one day dissapears. For one entire day the whole town and the people that lived there were gone. The next day the town is back, and also most of the people living in it. But some are gone, and the lives of the ones that returned will never again be the same. No one remembers what happened, and the town itself suddenly looked like it had been gone for a lot more time than one day. And all around the town, blood red roses grows trough the cold snow.

So far I have three chapters, and the first one starts off around 4-6 years later, as most of the people have gone back to their own lives. First chapter is just a little start off, and the main characters are introduced.

Second chapter is Hanzel and Grethel, and the third is little red riding hood. I have also plans of having Sleeping beauty, and I want a Bluebeard version where Bluebeard wins in the end XD (Or sort of XD) I will also use other fairytales as I go, and if there is any good ideas out there I want to know! Please tell me your favorite fairy tale! Just be warned that I am a sick sick person and it might be turned darker than your wildest imagination XD


Other than that… WAI!!!!!!!!! The trailer for the DVD release of Marchen has come!! WA!!! I want it so much and I want it now!!!

Oh God I will die laughing off the scene where Jimang is dressed up as a woman XD There is just something about that image that is priceless ^-^

But when the movie is done in the 3d theaters in Japan and finally is released, I will buy it! And I will post about it! ^-^

——————-spoilers for Kuroshitsuji manga beyond here!——————————

And the last I want to write about now… OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG

I just read chapter 55 of Kuroshitsuji, that just came out, and if it wasn’t awsome enough with Ronald, Lizzie’s family, Snake and a Titanic like ship with zombie and Undertaker on, guess what just jumped on from a iceberg!

*Tries to find words to express the awsome that just made Anki’s head implode on itself*

Wah!! Grell is back!! And the real one this time!! Not the comic relief Grell clone that the anime made us look forward to!! I have a reason to live again!! (Other than waiting for the Grell and Will OVA… if it hasn’t come out yet…?) What I am looking forward to now is to see Grell being awsome! I am already happily suprised to see that Ronald as not as stupid as he seemed in the anime, this Ronald is awsome! And he kicks zombie butts like there is no tomorrow! And he has extra weapons! And he can mock Sebastian too!

I’m so happy now T.T

And I don’t own any of the scans here, they are scanlated over at the Bleach Asylum I think, go there and download if you want to read it all ^.^

And I am looking forward to see how all will go, how Grell and Ronald interact, and also how Sebastian and Ciel will take it if they do meet Grell again XD But since Lizzie is there it might go a little like the anime and they agree to work together since Ciel would work with anyone if he could protect Lizzie ^.^

Well… school tomorrow, and long post is long XP

Need… to… blog… something XD

Haven’t blogged for a little while now, and I just want to update with something XD Well, I have a iPad, and also a pogo stylus now! It is really easy to use for kanji practice on the ipad, but it is still a little hard to use it for drawing, but it works better than using my finger XD

It was a lot smaller than I had thought it would be, but that just makes it easier to hold.

I also found out that I can use it on my phone, so that was a little fun XD

I have drawn a little with it since I bought it, but not much really, but I will add some pictures drawn on the iPad since I got it ^.^


This picture I drew before I got the pogo stylus, and I am really proud of it! I never really draw people with that kind of hair, but it was fun XD I think I drew a really cool woman XD










The next picture was the first I made with the pogo, and I were trying out the layers and colors a little. It is really easy and fun to play around on the sketchbook pro program, if you have a iPad I do urge you to try it out if you like to draw ^.^

This picture I made yesterday, after I have started on writing my story with Noin as the main again I just keep remembering that he is not always such a nice guy XD He can be really scary if it is asked off him. I will try to draw more of Noin in the future! And maybe start on the reapers comic again, as well as maybe put up some of the chapters here ^.^ I got the Manuscript program on iPad too, and it is really easy to use, I just have some problems with importing and exporting between ipad and computer XD








I really like the things you can do on this. You can make pitches and also arrange a lot of character cards and stuff that is good to have when you do want to plan what you are going to write, and you can just send it over mail to yourself when you want to store it, and everything auto saves!!

Next month I will buy something to put my ipad in, so I can take it to use in school, and I might also buy the keyboard for it in the near future ^.^

In other news I have started to buy a lot of Shiki doujinshies XD I post them on the other blog as I get them, but my collection is growing so much that I had to buy new folders to put more in XD

I and my roommate took a almost two hour walk one day, and we took a lot of nice pictures! It was really fun, and I can’t wait for the spring to come so we can walk around a lot more!

I have been playing some pangya lately, but I will update with that here later, so I won’t say much now ^.^

And the most important news in the end! I have become a aunt again! My brother and his girlfriend just got their third adorable little heartbreaker! Now they have one boy (the oldest) and two girls! I regret not being able to spend much time with any of them when they grew up, since I lived away when the two first were born, and now I only see them around the biggest vacations… but I really love them all a lot! ^-^

iPad! ^-^ and my first death threat XD

Well, I should feel ashamed over this, but I am not! I just think of it as money well spent that one day will result in a funny story to tell XD (Not talking about buying the iPad! Will come to it later XD)

I thought that for 40 NKR extra I would get a inscription, so I looked over the net to look for a good quote or something to use. I ended up with a quote from Good Omens said by Death: DON’T THINK OF IT AS DYING, said Death. JUST THINK OF IT AS LEAVING EARLY TO AVOID THE RUSH.

For a quote on the back of the iPad I thought it would be really good looking, but I wasn’t sure, so either I would get it on the iPad, or I would get the best death threath EVER!





I got the best Death threath ever XD I want to see the face of the people that put all this together! A gift wrapping of a iPad with a really scary quote that can suggest that someone is dying before a lot of others XD I hope I won’t get special squads at my door or something XD

I have acctually never seen a iPad in real life, so I didn’t think it was this big XD I love it! I saw the size on the outside of the box, and with shaking hands I pulled it up and hoped it would be as big as it looked!

And It was!! Yay ^-^. I will use this thing for so much! Read (normal and rated XD) I will write on it! Draw when I get my pogo stylus from ebay. I will try a few games on it, but I think I will mostly listen to music and play games on the iPod still ^.^And I will try to find good ways of study my Japanese on it ^.^

Everything is fun now!! Just have to restart my computer so I can start putting things over on it ^.^

Back in Bergen!

Got back to Bergen last evening. I had to sit in a train for almost 13 hours from home to Bergen, it was a long… long trip!

Then I got home and could hug Hanne again! ^-^ All is well that ends well XD

Today I got a sudden urge to clean my room and stuff, but I had to go to the shop, and each time I want to clean and then do something else, I loose the drive to do it. But I did something smart this time! I took all in one of my bookshelves out and threw it unto the floor! Then I had to clean it XD

So now my room is cleaned, and I even looked through my manga and movies! Now I have in my shelves, and everything is ok ^.^


Other than that I have now ordered a iPad XD It is a little weird, I am really happy and am looking forward to it arriving, but when I got my Ipod, I were just really happy, and now that I am waiting for a Ipad, I acctually feel a little guilty XD I feel my dignity die a little each time I buy a apple product XP.

I also ordered a pongo stylus, and will use it to draw on my new ipad when it comes ^.^ I will buy a Dagi Stylus and try that when I get more money again XD Now I am taking good care of the rest of my money ^-^

First school day tomorrow, but just a information meeting, after that I won’t start before monday, so I will try my best again from then =)

Oh, if I didn’t do it wrong, I will have a inscription on the back of my iPad XD I’ll screencap it later XD