Damn it! >.<

Gah!!! I am invaded!!!

Vera is out, but it won’t stop other big ones from invading my room!

I’m so scared T.T What if one gets me? Wah!!

How many big spiders do we have anyway? It is a invasion!!! A Invasion I tell you!! They will take us all!!!

I screamed…

I were in my bed ready for sleep when I were about to put the blankets better on to warm my feet… then I saw under it and something giant and black came against me!

I screamed and jumped out of my bed. (I still hope I did not wake the old woman I rent the room from…) I am lucky that my room mate was awake, and she came and saved me…

I am lucky that she has a lot more fun with this than me 😛 She even sent a picture to her mom in the middle of the night XD

Well, here is some pictures of her, the famous Vera, this is the second time we have tossed her out into the cold.

Vera by my bed, she went to the floor after Hanne tossed her out of my blankets, then she ran under the bed, and up by the side of the wall.

Vera in the glass as we caught her, my finger on the side just to show how big she really is… I might never be able to sleep again…

The first story of Vera was when we moved here, and Hanne had been asleep one night, when she had heard something crawl by her. (yes, this spider is so big you can hear it come…) Hanne got her and tossed her out of her room and out into the cold. She have felt bad about it since, because the other spiders are alone and probably missed her 😛

Oh, and for Silje… my room is not safe anymore…