A new Christmas gone by

I am back in Bergen now, and I’m sorry that I didn’t continue with the posts all the way till Christmas. Suddenly we got a lot of visits from friends and family ^.^, so I just didn’t have time to write anything, and after that I thought I should write a big post about it all, but then I got sick T.T. I am back in Bergen now, but I still have a bad cough and a really runny nose…

But I don’t care about that, this was still a wonderful Christmas, and I raise my cup of soda for many happy Christmases to come!

(This year’s tree, it is a little naked at the top, but still beautiful^-^)

Each year when I take the nine hour bus trip home for Christmas it is pitch dark outside, so all I can see most of the time is the lights from houses and other cars. So I have started to put extra notice on the Christmas decorations that have been put up by the time I travel home. Each year it builds my expectations and hopes for Christmas! I don’t really hope much for my own self anymore when it comes to gifts, since most of my family don’t really know what to give me. But I just look forward to give gifts away, since I love to see people happy! I can spend so much money on a gift for a close one and I will sneak around when people open their gifts just to see if they will become happy and I got the right gift for them.

For me Christmas is not about anything else than being with my close family, to sit in the coach most of the day and watch things on TV, while we just enjoy each other’s company. That is all that is needed, just the small peaceful traditions of being together, and when I had to travel back to Bergen again, I just felt that I didn’t want to go, I didn’t want to go and be alone again. But as I traveled, I kept looking out into the dark again, and each time I saw a house with Christmas decorations still up, I remembered back to when I were going home, and my expectations for the holiday, and then I asked myself:

“Was my expectations answered?”

And I just had to smile a little, as I already knew the answer to that. Yes, all my expectations were answered, and even better than I dared to hope. There was no reason to look behind, because the times when I return will always come in the end, and I can be with them again. All I just have to be sure to do is to spend each time with them with no regret, so I can live on the memories to the next meeting, then everything will be fine till then ^-^.

Well, back home now, and after riding on the wave of diss-orientation of being awake all night on a bus I got some sleep, and then I finally found out it was awsome to be back home XD.

A happy new year to everyone, and if I have any followers at all, I am planning on doing a few things this year, and I have set my aim on not only trying to open a online shop to sell cross stitches, but also to buy the Adobe design pack for a low price while I am still a student, since this is my last year! (I’m having newer history and the history of SCIENCE!!!)

So if my shop works out, I might start selling prints or self designed cross stitches=) I will put any links here if I do get to open the shop=) Other than that I also have decided to become a good student this year, and read for each class! My first batch of books is in the post, some I found on ebooks, and the rest I have to buy at school XD. I even planned my subjects so good this year that I have two free days in the week! I am that awsome now! XD

Oh! I also might start with quilting, since my aunt gave me a lot of fabrics! I had to leave most of them at home thou, since I couldn’t get them into the bag… But I brought the prettiest ones! I am going to use some of them on my new shirt, I will post pictures later!=)