Making a guild in Pangya

I have played Pangya for almost a week, and I have since yesterday played like crazy to get the gift boxes from the holes, I have gotten almost 300,ooo pang from it… so I had enough to make a guild for myself and my friends that I have corrupted with this game.

the guild costs 10 000 pang, and I have called my almighty guild made of win… :

the Baka Brigade! (The idiot brigade XD)

But it won’t be a real guild before I have gotten more than eight members, we are at least four, so just four more before we are official=)

Had a screenshot mania today=) Took pictures of myself and the others ^.^

friend-picture.jpg picture-2.jpgalbatross18_010.jpgalbatross18_023.jpg

Playing Pangya ^.^

I am a Pangya player, or Albatross18 as it seems to be called at the site itself. I haven’t played more than a month or two, but I am getting better ^.^ even gotten to become a ‘Beginner E’

I have three characters, the one I started with ‘Hana’ and one my bother bought for me for helping him collect hearts for a special item event, and the third one I bought myself for hard earned pang=).

1. Hana


2. Kaz


3. Kooh


If you are a player too, don’t hesitate to invite me for a game ^.^ And if you aren’t a player already, here is the link to the site, it is free and a lots of fun when you get into it=)

the .hack//G.U – trilogy movie *Drool*

I have been a fan of the games, and I am a fan of the animes. I am still pissed that I have to wait for eternity to get the G.U games, but it will be worth it in the end to get Haseo and Endrance to marry XD.

Now I have watched the movie, I got a little worried about the fact that they have tossed out a lot of the characters, even adorable-stalker-gamer Endrance with a Mia complex. But even thou it was little messy I can forgive them, since they have put three games into a 1 and a half hour movie.

I don’t really know if anyone that haven’t seen the anime .hack//roots can understand much of it, but I have and I know what happens even before I have watched it subbed XD.

I won’t spoil anything for people by telling what happens, but I will post a few beautiful and shiny screenshots I took when watching the movie=)


For those who don’t know what I am talking about here, I can give a quick description of .hack:

The story unfolds in ‘the world’ an online game where the players go into a virtual reality to play away in a epic world with knights and magicians. It all starts in the anime .hack//Sign when the character Tsukasa meets with a tragic end in a quest, but the problem is that he can’t log out. He feels pain in the game and can’t feel his body in the outside world. With the help of people he meet he resolves his problems, both in the game and in real life, waking up from the coma the game had caused. But this is just the start, as the games start, fours games where we follow the rookie gamer Kite who is trying to wake his friend Orca from a coma.

I can go on forever with this story, it is a complex one, telling the story of the game’s designer that fell in love with a strong minded woman that died young. He didn’t want to feel like he had lost her, so in the game he created a AI called Aura, that became his and his dear Emma’s daughter. But he also created Morgana to guard her untill she woke up. Tsukasa was choosen to wake her up, so Morgana tried to stop him, since Aura waking up would lead to her destruction. But Tsukasa succeded, and in the four games Aura is a real existence in ‘the world’, and also it’s goddess. But the remnants of Morgana is still alive, creating deadly foes that Kite must fight with the powers Aura granted him in the form of a bracelet, before she gets schattered around in the game by ‘the terror of death’ Skeith, the first of Morgana’s creatures, that later fuse with Haseo in G.U.

After the end of both the games and the two anime series ‘Sign’ and ‘Liminality’ everyone that had fallen into coma wakes up again, and the company tries their best in covering the entire deal, Kite and his partners becoming known as the legendary hackers, that was the only ones able to clear the game.

Then, many years later, ‘the world’ is upgraded at comes back in a whole new package, everything thinking it is back to normal. And this is where the ‘Roots’ anime start off.

A rookie is almost Pk’ed(Player Killer) on his first day playing, but a mysterious man named Ovan saves him, letting the anti social Haseo join his guild ‘the twillight brigade’ that looks for the mythical item that is only said to have been owned by Kite in the past, in the form of the twillight bracelet. But as Haseo join, things happens.

Ovan dissapears, the groups is loosing fate in him, exept from Haseo, and the female cleric Shino, that both believe he has a reason for cutting contact with them all.

Haseo shows affection for Shino, as she is the only one that can make him calm down, but then he finds her cut down by the mysterious ‘tri-edge’ that seems like a zombie form of the legendary player Kite. And as Haseo dispairs, Shino is the first of many victims of the second wave of comas.

Haseo loose all reason and seeks all the power he can get as he goes after ‘tri-edge’ to avenge his loved one, and he change into a beast like form that allows him more power than before, and he becomes a PKK (Player Killer Killer) killing all he can in the search for clues of where his enemy is, and this is where both the game and the movie start off. ^.^

Oh god I need to get a life… all this is from memory. But you can get to know more from here if you wish, since .hack// has it’s own wiki site:

Well, that is all for this post… I only meant to write a little about the movie XD.

Working on Cian in 3D studio Max – part 1

So I am soon done with the paiting, and have started on character rigging in 3d studio max 8.

I have from before had two years with 3d studio at school, and I have made a human before, but that is with nothing inside that can make it move, so this will be my first time trying advanced character rigging. I also plan on doing realistic hair, since I just added plates and used a messy texture the last time.

Well, I will post my progress so far ^.^

1. Setting up the stage for the making of the character calls for at least three reference images, I didn’t care about the face for now, since I will make that in it’s own stage later and just add it together in the end:


2. I start on the shoes, I make one of them first, then just mirror the other so I won’t have to spend more time than I have to on something that is supposed to look the same:

(Notice that the pictures aren’t the best, rendered them quick for now, and the colors are just like that so I can see what is what when I work.)


3. Then I started with the pants, and once again I made one side first, before using mirror. You might notice that it isn’t quite done yet, since I am going to make the pants longer so they will fold over the shoes, I just have to think over how to do that, I will probably pull the sides down and fold them and cut and patch everything up a little ^.^


4. Then today I started on the vest, and I got it finished about a hour ago XD. If you see the picture I drew of Cian, he had a few details around his collar and down to his chest, I will have to arrange the rest of them for later, since I have to have something like a blouse under and a folded scarf thing over his chest. I let it be a little over his lower part, since the blouse will stick out there and cover the extra space.


Know that I haven’t used smooth on any of this yet, so it will all look better when I smoot it up and add some texture =) I’ll try to work fast so I can start on making the skeleton, I sure hope I can make it work, I will feel really proud of myself then, since I haven’t learned it at school ^.^

playing Final Fantasy 7 again

So once more I became too weak, I started on one of my old saves on ff7, and I am for the moment training up my adorable gold chocobo Faye=)

I have soon done most of the extra things for now I think, I have gotten a super fast gold chocobo, gotten the ‘Omnislash’ and ‘W-summon’ from the battle station, and I am soon off to get the extra things with the golden chocobo.

I have the last weapons on my entire team, Cloud, Yuffie and Vincent, and I plan on trying on the Ruby later… (I don’t even think I can take on the one underwater… I am unworthy…)

I think I have done the most important quests, but if I have left out something, please tell me ^.^

1st presentation

It is time for our first presentation of our work so far, and I just thought I would post my overview of the presentation here so I will know just what to talk about and in what order.

1. My idea, concept, genre and what is inspiring me to make what I am.

2. How I will work on this and what I have been working.

3. My sketches so far and explanation for each:

The falling world

Castle of memories (last room)

Cian (The ancient one)

Ryuunosuke (The faceless one)

Cian (painting)

4. Problems I might have with picking up all the pieces of the puzzle inside the story and making it into something understandable.

5. What I plan on showing forth for the exam.



Just uploading some progress^.^ gotten to the hair on the painting, but have decided to spare the screenshot to I am finished, but I will post a picture of Cian here to show that I am working all I can on this task=) It is so fun XD


Other than this I am working on the idea of multiple endings. There is three options, two of them is the two original endings, while there is a perfect clear ending that will end in a happy! happy! ending. I have already written down the cut scene for the original ending, and I am thinking about making a story board for one of the scenes if I have time and it fits into the task=)