Baka_brigade is back=)

I made the guild now XD And it wasn’t cheap! a guild creator was 200,000 pang! I feel so broke now!

Well, if anyone want to join the name is baka_brigade, and we take anyone! ^.^ If you found the guild from this blog don’t hesitate to leave a mention of it in the application ^.^

Well, looking forward to the Halloween stuff, but the only thing so far is the new Gacha rares for the girl. I really want some of them, but there is no burning need for it XD But I really want the kitsune mask! I am going to try for that one!

Other than that I am a little dissapointed with the birthdays now, I liked the ones with bigger stuff happening, like Hana, Kooh and Lucia. The others didn’t get much. I hope there will be a lot of fun for Kaz’s birthday, but it don’t seem like they do much for the boys… seriously! Just check out the gacha rares in the cauldron…


New event to hit Pangya!

Well, it seems that the Guild system will once more hit Pangya soon! (About time…) I really want to make a guild, but I don’t know if I have enough people with me to really make a good one. But I would love to make one to just hang out with equal minded people. To relax together, and help each other trough the events ^.^

You can read about the contest here, but this is for the american server, so if you haven’t like me, been there for such a long time so you got trough the regional ban, you won’t be able to make a new account there.

I think I will try to go for the contest… just what could I lose from it? XD