Baka_brigade is back=)

I made the guild now XD And it wasn’t cheap! a guild creator was 200,000 pang! I feel so broke now!

Well, if anyone want to join the name is baka_brigade, and we take anyone! ^.^ If you found the guild from this blog don’t hesitate to leave a mention of it in the application ^.^

Well, looking forward to the Halloween stuff, but the only thing so far is the new Gacha rares for the girl. I really want some of them, but there is no burning need for it XD But I really want the kitsune mask! I am going to try for that one!

Other than that I am a little dissapointed with the birthdays now, I liked the ones with bigger stuff happening, like Hana, Kooh and Lucia. The others didn’t get much. I hope there will be a lot of fun for Kaz’s birthday, but it don’t seem like they do much for the boys… seriously! Just check out the gacha rares in the cauldron…


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