Generator Gawl

I was still in high school when I got hooked on this one, but the weirdest thing is that I don’t think I even watched the anime for at least two years later or something XD.

It was the time before the great and gracious network appeared for us normal poor mortals, and I just saw this clip on one of my brother’s DVD’s, I think it was Neon genesis XD. I went to the library to find information because I thought the anime looked cool! And I got together some information on it. But it was also then that I started a really weird hobby XD I couldn’t get the anime, and really wanted to know what happened, so I decided to write it myself!! I have around four five note books stacked away somewhere that I wrote this thing in XD.

I knew so little about characters and everything that I could probably just change the names and it would easily sell as an entirely new series all together XD. The only other time I have done this is with Kingdom Hearts, I were looking so forward to the game that I wrote my own story while I waited. I even read it to my little brother as goodnight storiesXD I felt so proud each time he started crying because he thought it was sad. That just means I did something right! Later I put on the Destati song together with the reading and he complained to our mother because it became too scary for him ^-^.

But each summer I go to Oslo to shop and use all my money on anime and manga! (That was before, now I live in Bergen and have a Outland where I can spend money all the time XD) And I acctually found the entire series there, that was made up of four vol. (I bought three first, and found out later it was one in between, but then it was in the sales bin, so: lucky!)

And I could finally watch it myself! Woho! Time travel mind fuck all over the place!

It is about three friends. (I don’t remember if they are brothers, but without spoiling the ending I will say that they probably are at least half brothers XD) that has been exerimented on by a evil company that creates things called Generators, humans that can change into giant monsters. The three of them want to stop this from happening, as they themselves has been made into generators. There is a few twists as the story goes on, and I still wonder about the fact that since they are sure that if that company had never been created, they would never have been born. So if they destroy that company before they are born, wouldn’t it just end up being a impossible circle? They travel back in time and destroy it, and thus they can never themselves be created, but then, who will travel back in time and stop the company XD?

It is a long time since I saw it last, but I remember that I didn’t understand the ending at all! XD My DVD’s are back home, so maybe I will watch it again when I get back there after exams?=)


2 thoughts on “Generator Gawl

  1. I am tempted to say that anime have lost part of its soul since going digital in production. Just can not put my finger on why…

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