My summer so far XD

I travelled back to my hometown the beginning of this month, and I were even smart enough to take the plane so I wouldn’t have to take a nine hours bus ride. But it didn’t go as planned, as my mother, my brother’s girlfriend and their two children got into a car accident when they were comming to get me… They were all fine, but the car was not drivable afterwards. First I waited at Gardermoen for a while, before I took the train to Eidsvoll verk, where we were supposed to take the train from. But then I find out my mother sent me to the wrong place, so we couldn’t make the train.

After that we went to my cousins place and spent the day there until the next train left, and we had a good time there so it wasn’t that bad. But the train trip was about 3-4 hours, and the kids were tired so it was a little sad to see them almost pass out on their seats, and in the start we almost had to leave my mother standing in the hallway and we sat on our luggage in the conductors room. But luckily we all got room after a little and everything was ok=).

Then I got home, and my little brother is as moody as ever XD. I have been trying to figure out something fun to do for the vacation, but I don’t think I will do anything special before after we have been spending two weeks at my brother and his girlfriends place. (We are getting tossed out by my big brother since his wife’s mother is comming over XD)

I have been taking some pictures for my visual novel, since there is a running scene in the start that I thought could be made up by real photos with some effekt on them, like Umineko.
















So, just some random XD. I will give away life signs when I have the chance ^.^


2 thoughts on “My summer so far XD

  1. Fine bilder! De minner meg faktisk litt om Higurashi, så de kommer sikkert til å passe bra inn i en visual novel XD

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