Painting Cian. part 2

I haven’t posted much in a while, but that is because I have had much to do lately, and haven’t had the time to post the things I have done.

I am almost done with the painting, I only have some coloring of the face left, and I seem to have some problems placing the eye.

But when I am done with that, the picture will be complete=)

When it comes to the colors everything went perfect, but I used some time to try to decide the hair color. I thought about having it white or a king of grey, but that would make the hair fade against the skin and the light from behind. Then I went trough the possibilites, black would be wrong, since it would be too much black in the picture, but then I decided to go for black with a shade of blue, to make it look a little shiny.

The skin color was a problem from the first brush stroke, since I wanted to have it really pale, but the shadows got a little pulled out, and before I knew it I had too dark skin on him, I am still working on making it paler, and to get down the strong color on the mouth and the nose.

The last things I have to fix before adding the eye is to close the hair around the eye a little, since it seems one part of the hair is pulled too long up towards the top, making him look really long in the face.


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