21th December

Today is the day of Thomasmass, and it is celebrated because this was supposed to be the day when Thomas, one of Jesus’ diciples went out into the world to preach.

But in Norwegian tradition this was the day when people were supposed to taste of their homemade christmas ale, and it often ended in a big party and fights, since it was normal that people went over to their friends to help taste.

Today the preparations for christmas should be done, and in some parts this should be the last chance to fill up with firewood for the season. It was also said that if it was good weather this day, it would be good weather for the rest of the winter.

The girls that still hadn’t found out who they would one day marry, they had a new chance today, first they had to say:

“Jeg underlegger med St. Thomas,

og han skal la meg få vite

hvem jeg skal leve i lag med.”

Then you have to say the Lord’s prayer three times, then lie over to your right side and say:

“Er det noen som er bestemt for meg,

så kom og gi med vin.”

Then you have to read “ave maria” three times, and the article of faith three times. If you are lucky now, then your future man will come though the door.

Well, that is it for now=) You will get a lot like this forward, since this is the start of the traditional times^-^


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