17th December

OpsXD I sort of left out a day again XD I blame it all on my cousin for comming over to visit XD We had so much fun that before we knew it, it was not the 16th anymore 😛

Well, today I will share a trailer from a movie that I didn’t discover before a few years ago, and now it is just one of the movies I watch with my dear friends when we get together and have a christmas movie evening before we go each our way before Christmas=)

It is a movie that is more about childhood than christmas, but it also takes into account that Christmas is a big part of childhood. This is a movie that just shows how kids thinks about christmas. It is selfish, and it also shows that some kids can be cruel, but it is just how kids can be, and they don’t really mean anything bad with it.

Kids wants their gifts, and they want what they wish for, but that is just how all of us were as kids.

This movie is really great, and a old classic now, check it out if you already haven’t =)


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