13th December

Today was st. Lucy’s day, and the longest night of the year is over. St. Lucy’s day was a celebration of Lucy from Sicilia, who died a martyr’s death in the year 304. Lights and fires will be lighted to keep all evil away, and after the long and dark Lucy long night, these lights will force the remaining darkness from the night away.

It was a tradition for the children to wake the parents up with breakfast on the bed, and the oldest child were supposed to be dressed as Lucy and carry the light around to keep evil away.

But acording to traditions, if girls or women wanted to know who they would marry in the future, they could find out by taking on a Lucy costume, then they peel a apple in one long tread and toss it behind their back. When she then turn around, the peeled skin is supposed to form the letter of the man she will get in the future. But if she don’t have a Lucy costume, she can instead stand before a mirror and say:

Lucia, den blide

skal fly meg at vide

hvis navn jeg skal bære,

hvis dug jeg skal brede,

hvis seng jeg skal rede,

hvis barn jeg skal have,

hvis arm jeg skal sove i.

Then, the first man she meets, is her future husband.

If you have a Rooster on your farm, it should not do any crowing during the night. Since that warns that something evil will happen. If it does happen, you have to go out right away, and check the feet of the Rooster. If they are warm, it means there will be a fire, and if they are cold, it means that someone will drown or hang themselves.

Well, that was it for today!=)

The next will be the 21st now, for Thomasmas =) But I were looking at Christmas songs on iTunes yesterday, and I found a old warm memory, so I will share that now as well =)


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